Make the Dolomites Your Winter Wonderland Destination

The Dolomites are a spectacular mountain range in northern Italy, which boast some of the most breathtaking winter scenery to be found in the world. As a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, their beauty derives from a spectacular array of vertical walls, deep valleys and soaring cliffs, as well as the pristine, snow covered vistas that entice so many visitors every year to experience a wide range of winter sport activities.

A Nature Lover’s Paradise

There are nine specific regions in the Dolomites, each with its own particular characteristics. Glacial landforms carved deep vistas in the landscape, and the area is also known for its abundance of fossils. The pale mountains form an ever present backdrop and are surrounded at ground level by an abundance of forests and meadows. It’s no wonder that the Dolomites are one of the most popular places to visit in the world for people who are looking to explore the natural beauty of our planet – whether they plan to participate in winter sports or are simply looking to relax and enjoy the unique scenery.


Winter Sports to Suit All Tastes

The Dolomites are exceptionally beautiful, but they do also afford the more daredevil traveller an opportunity to participate in activities which are a little more vigorous than simply enjoying the view. Winter sports are incredibly popular in these mountains, and there are many on offer. Skiing and snowboarding tend to be the most popular, with a range of courses to suit all abilities. Be warned though, the Dolomites may look idyllic but the temperatures here can drop fairly low and bad weather, though infrequent during peak season, may still occur. If you intend to participate in winter sports activities during your time in the Dolomites, it’s worth investing in some high quality cold weather gear before you travel. And for an outdoor look that’s hard to beat in fashion conscious Italy, an insulated body warmer will never go amiss.

Sample the Local Cuisine

Of course, a visit to the Dolomites just wouldn’t be complete without sampling the delectable local cuisine, which often includes such hearty staples as ravioli or dumplings. This hearty fare will fill you up and provide you with much needed fuel to stay warm and on your feet during a full day of coasting down the mountains or hiking the Dolomites’ magical valleys.

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Fantastic Beach Holidays to Keep the Kids Happy

Kids love the beach, so booking a fantastic beach holiday for the whole family this summer is sure to put you in their good books.

When it comes to booking beach holidays for this summer, why not check out Alcudia in Majorca, which has an amazing five mile stretch of sand? The Siesta Apartments, located just 1km from Alcudia beach, are an amazing choice that the kids are sure to love.

The large pool with mini-splash park and slides are sure to be popular, when the kids aren’t enjoying the sand, sea and beachfront attractions, and the nightly mini-disco will banish boredom as night falls.

Alternatively, if you want to head further afield, Turkey has some beautiful beaches and is a very welcoming destination for families with young children. The hotel Club Exelsior is a fantastic choice and a stay there is sure to make your kids holidays special and memorable.

This hotel has been selected as an Airtours Kidsworld hotel, which means that it’s especially great for young families. Rated 4.5 on TripAdvisor, and 95 per cent overall by Airtours customers, the Club Exelsior boasts an amazing swimming pool complex with waterslides for all ages. Kids can also enjoy the Kidsworld clubs, play area, mini disco and video games.

Of course, we can’t forget the most important aspect of a beach holiday – and the stunning, sandy Marmaris beach is only 1km away from this hotel. You could also visit the beach at Icmeler, which is wide, quiet and perfect for children, or enjoy the stunning sands at nearby Cleopatra Island.

While it’s great to let kids have the freedom of playing on the beach when you’re on holiday, it goes without saying that safety is paramount. Warn children of the dangers of the sea, don’t let them go in the water unattended, and make sure that they’re within your range of sight at all times, for a fun, but safe, beach holiday.

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Why Retirees Chose to Live in Devonshire Palm Beach Gardens

Living alone within the confines of your home while the children have a family of their own makes you feel depressed and lonely. Having reached the age of retirement especially when your spouse is gone is really a horrible thing to imagine. If you live in Florida, there is an ideal home for retirement to make your life easier and fulfilling.

At the Devonshire Palm Beach Gardens, you will truly appreciate the beauty of life which is hassle-free and convenient. Located at the PGA National in the idyllic setting of the famous Palm Beach Gardens in Florida, this retirement community is teemed with modern facilities and amenities for your comfort.

You have been working so hard for the past decades in your life and it is time to pamper yourself comfortable and stylish living. With your savings and pension funds, you ought to live in a paradise like community where you will meet fellow retirees once in a while at the clubhouse while sipping hot brewed coffee, or hitting the gym every morning.

devonshire palm beach gardens

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When you feel bored, you can enjoy sports activities such as tennis or a dip in the pool during the summer. Choosing to live in the Devonshire Palm Beach Gardens is worth your years of hardship since you are guaranteed with personal security. This luxurious life care retirement place is a community of peace loving people.

When you enter the entrance to the residential resort, you feel the serene ambiance. The smiling faces of the valets give you a feeling of security making every moment of your life secured and privileged. There is a joy every time you are greeted by the front desk personnel and they make you feel truly special.

Dubbed as the crown jewel of all retirement communities in Florida, the Devonshire Palm Beach Gardens is nestled on a 26 acre lot with a panoramic view of the city. This community was conceptualized by a reputable name in the field of senior living that is concerned about the welfare of retirees living alone in their homes. This place exudes elegance and cozy atmosphere which is a perfect interlude for those who want to stay away from the noise and pollution in the metropolis.

Palm Beach Gardens is the perfect setting for the Devonshire retirement community as the city is also home to world famous personalities like tennis professionals Venus and Serena Williams and Tony Award Best Actor Gary Beach. Living as a senior citizen should not scare you as this community caters to your needs and style and what you paid for is really worth your years of hard work.

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