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Travel Planner

Are you gearing up for your next holiday destination, you want it to be planned and organized?  Unknown to most travelers, you can plan and organized your travel by using online tool that enables users to plan, map and manage all details of their trips including maps, itineraries and reservations.

Trips can also be shared between users or published for anyone to see. If you want to create a map for each location on your trip, use a travel planner tool  to search for Hotels, Restaurants or other Points of Interest and add them to your map, use

Advantages of Airport Parking

Now a days the most convenient way to drive to the airport is by driving your own car and using airport parking rather than hailing  and waiting for a taxi to passed by which sometimes not advisable especially during rush hour or midnight. The parking lots at airports are often very close to the main terminals so you really don’t need to worry  that you are going to be late on your flight.

Airport parking has a good level of safety and security, they are protected twenty four hours by security personnel’s, so there is no chance that your car got stolen.  It is also a best choice to left your car in airport parking rather than in your home if no one is around to look after it.

Travel to Guam

My husband is planning to fly to Guam this October if he got one more day off because he found cheap airfare online. He asked me if it is okay that he will fly alone and I am going to left here at home.  Actually he gave me two choices, travel to Guam or brand new laptop. I chose travel because I can buy a new laptop anytime and anywhere. Unlike Guam I can’t go there anymore once my husband already been there.

So right now I am just praying that I can get  a visa to Guam once he got one more day off at school.  I don’t want to be left alone at home doing nothing while he is enjoying in Guam.