3 Great 4WD Adventures in Australia

There’s nothing like getting out and exploring some of the most rugged and interesting terrain that Australia has to offer. Whether you’re an avid 4WD fan or prefer to take a tour, there’s a track for every style and skill level. From driving down spotless beaches to tackling the roughest rock climbs and tough trails, Australia is the perfect destination for 4WDing. Here are 3 great 4WD adventures in Australia.

The Birdsville Track

This is one of the most iconic 4WD tracks in Australia, and provides a great way to get off road for those who haven’t had much experience but are keen for an adventure. The total length is 524km, and it is mostly made up of good gravel roads that won’t pose too much of a challenge to the beginner 4WDer. It helps to take at least a couple of days to fully explore the track without rushing. A popular stopover is the Mungerannie Roadhouse, as it is the only supply point along the track and a great place to stop for a cold drink. The best place to camp has to be at the Mungerannie Wetlands near the roadhouse for a truly unforgettable bird watching experience come sunrise.


Rainbow Beach Adventure

When you want to drive along miles of stunning beaches, a trip to Rainbow Beach is an absolute must. Set in the spectacular location of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Rainbow Beach is a great stop off point for those who are taking a few days to explore the best 4WDing tracks that the coast has to offer. With a little bit of practice, driving on the sand can be a fun experience for all abilities, with challenging dunes and thick sand sections keeping the avid 4WD fans happy, while the beginners can cruise along the harder sand along the shoreline.

Simpson Desert

Crossing the Simpson Desert is a goal for many 4WD enthusiasts. With the right preparation and a quality 4WD vehicle, the trip is one that is both challenging and rewarding for the adventurous travellers. It is recommended to take a minimum of three to four days to tackle the crossing, and you must ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the appropriate gear for a trip of this calibre. The unique beauty of the desert is one which draws many visitors to this desolate yet striking expanse of landscape, and is well worth the trip for those who are looking for the 4WD experience of a lifetime.

When you’re looking to go off road, you want to know that your vehicle is ready to take on whatever the track will throw at it. 4WD’s such as the Suzuki Grand Vitara offer the very best in 4WDing technology with an impressive level of interior comfort and smooth handling. Making sure that your vehicle is prepped and ready to tackle tough tracks is an essential part of your pre-departure preparation. When you and your vehicle are ready, check out these top tracks for a 4WDing adventure that you’ll never forget!

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