3 Reasons Norway Needs to Be Top of Your Bucket List

Norway may not be winning any awards for glamour anytime soon, but ignore this vacation destination at your own peril. It largely flies under the radar as a location when people are planning their dream holidays. That’s because Norway doesn’t have the same marketing pull as other more desirable locations. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that other countries do. Why is that, you ask? Well, simply, because it doesn’t need to.

The lure of Norway is in its simplicity. It doesn’t pretend to be anything that it’s not. What you see is what you get. And what you see is one of the most visually stunning places in the world. If the essence of beauty is what drives you when planning your vacation, you should not need to look much further afield.

That isn’t to say, though, that Norway doesn’t have plenty to offer. It’s a lot more than just aesthetically pleasing. No matter what your personality, you’re sure to find an abundance of things to do and see. Don’t believe me? Take a look at a few of these ideas and see for yourself….

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Don’t be mistaken into thinking that you’re land-locked when it comes to visiting Norway. Though its picturesque landscapes are breathtaking, none quite more so than its lakes and countryside. Indeed, there is no greater evidence of this than Geirangerfjord, a 20 km ferry journey that is sure to take your breath away. Navigating around the cliffs while traveling the clear waters will leave you in awe. If photo opportunities are what you’re after, you won’t get many better Kodak moments than taking this ferry trip.

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Northern Lights

Perhaps the most sought after naturally occurring phenomena in the world, you can see the Northern Lights in Norway. The intense light show is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and should not be overlooked. As a matter of fact, if it doesn’t rank highly on your Bucket List, it may need rewriting. Travelers from all over the world visit Scandinavia to catch a glimpse of the incredible sight. And there is no guarantee that you’ll be lucky enough to witness it. The risk, though, is one worth taking.

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If an out-of-this-world experience is what you’re looking for, the city of Bergen has everything you could possibly want. The charming and quaint little city seems like one right out of a fairytale. The coastal landscape is captured on a backdrop of mountain terrain, which is perfect for a skiing holiday. The buildings are mostly crafted entirely from wood, which makes for some spectacle. Indeed, it’s a city that is flushed with history. Take the time to learn about it and you won’t be disappointed.

Next time you’re planning a vacation, it is definitely worth your time to give Norway some serious consideration. It may not have the same pull as more glamorous locations, but it can certainly rival them. No matter where you end up, you’re guaranteed to create memories that will stay with you for your entire life.

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