5 Most Beautiful Gardens in Europe

Europe is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations for many reasons, but among those reasons is that it is here where you will find some of the most beautiful gardens and parks the world has to offer. Whether you’re traveling alone, with family or with a significant other, there is much to be seen in the way of beauty when vacationing in Europe.

Tivoli Gardens – Copenhagen

If you’re looking to spend an entire day taking in the beauty and serenity of European gardens, Copenhagen is the place to be. Known for its ravishing landscape and romantic appeal, Tivoli Gardens offers a little bit of everything. From amusement park rides to the firework shows at midnight on summer evenings, arcades and more than 115,000 flowers to be found in the gardens during spring, there is an wealth of fun to be had in Copenhagen for everyone.

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Chateau de Courances – France

Perhaps one of the most lovely gardens to see while traveling in Europe is the Courances Chateau and park. The castle itself is rich with true renaissance history, dating back as far as 1872. Visitors will find many water springs, pools, a Japanese garden, statues and even mazes to wander for hours.

Isola Bella Gardens – Italy

Both an island and a park, Isola Bella sits in the center of Lake Maggiore in Italy and is a product of a vision Carlo III Borromeo had in 1630, giving the gardens a true Renaissance appeal that is unrivaled. High terraces, a palace, citrus trees, water lilies and beautiful hedges are just a few of the things you’ll find in Isola Bella Gardens.

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation – Scotland

Though it is open just one day each year, The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is truly one of the most unique and memorable places to visit if you happen to be vacationing in Europe at the right time of year. Designed by Charles Jencks and his wife back in 1989, the garden is pays tribute to science with its elegant steel sculptures that were specifically designed to encourage new perceptions and speculations.

Tarot Garden – Tuscany

Though it does not focus on botanical plants, an ideal European garden for anyone who enjoys colour and art, Tarot Gardens is home to unique sculptures as high as 15 meters covered in mosaic art and mirrors, bright colors, each of them designed to replicate the 22 different trump cards in a tarot deck.

There are many beautiful parks, landscapes and gardens to be seen in Europe during your holiday or vacation, so take your time deciding exactly where you and your guests would like to visit. Regardless which European garden you choose to visit, you can rest assured that there will be many opportunities to learn, take in the culture and rich history of the land and take beautiful photos with your loved ones. At any rate, you can be certain that you’ll return home with a lifetime of memories you’ll be happy to hold onto.

Written by Jamie Z.

Jamie is a gardening enthusiast who loves to work with clients on their backyard facelift project ranging from designing herb garden to lawn mowing in Brisbane homes. His dad and his brother are both pool cleaners in Brisbane. Like most other Aussies, Jamie loves to spend his weekends in the backyard with his beautiful wife, three boys and a golden retriever.

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