5 Reasons to Visit Tahiti in 2013

Tahiti is truly a paradise on Earth. It has everything possible that vacationers could want out of a tropical paradise. There are beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, majestic mountains, great accommodations and friendly locals. For those still on the fence about visiting this magical island in French Polynesia, here are the top five reasons to find a Tahiti holiday package in 2013.

5. Get Up and Close with Marine Life

Tahiti offers some of the world’s best snorkelling and scuba diving. There are all sorts of ways to experience the marine life that surrounds the island, but perhaps the most exciting is to have an adventure feeding sharks and sting rays. There are guides who will take travellers out to one of the lagoons to try their hand at feeding the sharks and sting rays that abound in Tahiti’s waters. It is certainly an adrenaline rush, but it is perfectly safe. The guides know exactly what they are doing, and the sharks and sting rays usually keep their distance.

4. Amazing Lodging

Tahiti is famous for its thatched-roof bungalows built on stilts to sit right over the ocean. It is amazing to wake up in the mornings and step out on the deck to soak in the splendour of the amazing views of ocean, mountains and jungle. The accommodations get as luxurious as travellers wish, including Wi-Fi, Jacuzzis, gourmet room service and in-room massages.

3. Best Beaches and Pools in the World

Tahiti resorts are known for having some of the most lavish pools on Earth. Most of these pools are built right next to the ocean. Infinity-edge pools are the standard at Tahitian resorts, and most of them offer swim-up bars for guests’ enjoyment. When guests get tired of the pool, they can walk right out to some of the most gorgeous white sand beaches anywhere in the world as well as take a dip in the crystal clear turquoise waters of the ocean.

2. Spa Lovers’ Heaven

Tahiti has a long tradition of massage in its culture. It also has an abundance of natural materials that are known for their beneficial effects in skin treatments. These two factors come together to create some of the most luxurious spas on the planet. Every resort here has fantastic spas that are amazing at taking the most stressed of travellers and transporting them into states of pure bliss. Most of these spas have the newest spa techniques and treatments available, and Tahiti is definitely among the greatest places in the world to head for the ultimate spa vacation.

1. Natural Splendour

While it is tempting to just sit by the beach throughout a Tahitian vacation, the interior of the island has a lot to offer. There are majestic mountains to climb, deep jungle to explore and fantastic waterfalls to discover. There are four-wheel drive safari adventures for those who don’t feel like hiking, but most people simply back a bag and set out on foot to explore the natural wonders of this beautiful island paradise.

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