6 Out of the Ordinary Places to See in Australia

Traveling to Australia can be an exciting adventure, especially for those who have the urge to visit places other than just the big cities. There is so much more to see in this land commonly referred to as Outback or the Land Down Under than just the beaches and sightseeing in the well-known cities. Those who are adventurous will find much more than just tours, shopping and beaches. Unfortunately there is not enough room to list all these destinations, but we have chosen five for vacationers to review.

Voyages Ayers Rock Resort: a Look at Australia’s Northern Territory

Your trip to Voyages Ayers Rock Resort Campground will provide an inside look at the cultural landscape of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park located in the Northern Territory of Australia. A trip to this spot includes many tours, local activities and attractions at the Resort itself as well as Ayers Rock. Some of the activities visitors can enjoy include riding a camel across the dunes in the desert, riding a Harley or walking through Ayers Rock. It includes a variety of accommodations to fit every taste and budget including hotels, lodges and self-contained apartments.

Ayers Rock

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Going Farther Down Under in Coober Pedy, South, Australia

Those who are really seeking to go further down under and want to escape the high temperatures in other regions of the country may find this area quite comfortable and relaxing. Most of the town was built underground and was originally an opal mining town. Mining may have been the enticing factor that drew people to this town, but it still has some fun things such as noodling or fossicking through heaps of waste from other mines. People have been seeking to get rich since the first discovery of an opal in 1915. If you aren’t interested is searching for opals, you can get some pictures of the Big Winch or other props that still remain from movies such as Pitch Black. The most comfortable accommodation in town is the Desert Cave Hotel.

Take it Away: Visit the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is one of the world’s largest coral reef systems. It begins at the tip of Queensland and stretches almost 1500 miles into the Pacific. The Great Barrier Reef was originally declared a marine park by the Australian government and a world heritage area by UNESCO and includes many species and habitats. Popular activities along the reef include snorkeling, diving and fishing, especially on the Whitsunday Islands that double as an excellent Coral Sea beach escape.

Gold Coast, Australia

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For Beach Lovers: the Gold Coast has Strong Appeal

The Gold Coast consists of a 40-mile stretch in southeastern Queensland. It has some of the world’s best surf breaks within its clear, blue waters. Those who are serious about surfing usually visit Kirra Beach, which is considered the best surfing area along the Gold Coast because of its legendary barrel wave. Those who visit Rainbow Bay Beach will find top surfers hoisting their boards at Super Bank. Don’t worry about sharks—swimming and snorkeling are still safe in spite of their presence in the waters thanks to the Queensland Shark Control Program. Visitors can also walk and cycle along the 22-mile network of pathways along the Gold Coast Oceanway.

Kimberley Adventure Tours: A Unique Experience

Kimberley is located on the far northern region of Western Australia and covers approximately 261,000 square miles, approximately three times the size of England. Only about 40,000 people live in the Kimberley, a population that is the lowest of almost any other area on the entire planet.

Adventure tours in the Kimberley provide excellent ways to see the rugged and spectacular landscape. It includes many wide horizons along with ancient gores, picturesque rock pools and beautiful beaches. The Kimberley is one of those places that will remain in your memory long after you leave and return home.

Besides adventure tours, Kimberley visitors can also view the waterfall in Talbot Bay. Another excellent place to visit is Purnululu National Park where visitors can see thousands of mounds of Bungle Bungle shaped like huge beehives. These sandstone mounds are orange and black striped and rise above the red earth. Another activity beyond the scope of adventure tours Kimberley involves cruising the Fitzroy River. Those who embark on this activity can view how the river cuts into the landscape and produces the Geikie Gorge. The gorge is bordered by yellow, orange and gray walls.


Australia has a great deal of activities available even for those who are more adventurous and want more than shopping in Sydney or visiting the beaches of Queensland, Adelaide or Melbourne. Taking walks along nature trails or visiting the Coral Reef are only some of the things an adventurous traveler can take in while visiting Australia.

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Ellen Richards is an avid adventure traveller, preferring destinations that are a little further down the road less travelled. She recommends Kimberley Travel as a top provider of tours in the Kimberley region of Australia.

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