6 Reasons to Hit the Slopes This Year

 Imagine touring Aspen’s quaint stores, and then rushing down snow-filled slopes.  Aspen is just one mountain town featuring atmosphere and challenging slopes.  Good skiing and great social opportunities are two reasons to find a snowcapped ski destination this year.

Varied Routine

Those who stay fit make it a lifestyle.  Any person in good health knows you can’t gain a great body through marketing gimmicks found on late-night television.  Those who are avid about fitness keep bodies guessing, varying workout routines.  For example, surfers supplement aquatic exercises, trading surfboards for snowboards in the winter.

Mold to the Cold

Skiing and hockey are inspired by external conditions.  Due to cold temperatures, lakes freeze over, inviting hockey players to strap on skates.  Snow encapsulates entire mountain areas; those who would otherwise stay indoors, robbed of outdoor pleasure, embrace external conditions, rushing down snow-capped slopes on their skis.  Healthy people don’t abandon; they mold pastimes to the cold temperatures.

Korean Snow

Family Time

Family gatherings create a sense of anxiety; once the family is together, what’s there to do?  The family needs a plan, and taking days or an entire week off to spend skiing on a mountain, dining indoors, and enjoying hot tubs is a great plan.  Make a reason to look forward to the winter season this year; search for a number of family destination ski spots, accommodating experts, novices, and those not interested in skiing at all.

See the World

Aspen in mentioned in the intro, but as stated, it’s only one of many places to getaway skiing on a short or long-term vacation.  See the world, targeting one destination per year.  Make it a solo effort or include friends and family members in your ‘ski the world’ club.  Some destinations offer great deals during certain weeks in and out of season.  Check local listings as well as vacation sites.

New Hobby

How many hobbies do you presently have?  Being bored is never a problem for those who host multiple hobbies.  Make skiing this year’s newest interest.  Start subscribing to magazines, viewing online videos, and visiting popular ski destinations.  Prepare your body for upcoming trips through proper diet and exercise.  Learn all you can before actively engaging in any new hobby for optimal health.  Visit sportpursuit.com to find hobby and sport apparel.


Visit ski towns for the atmosphere.  Those who are not avid skiers, still have a great time in locales that offer quaint shops, great restaurants, and fun bars and clubs.  Ski areas host scores of people, those who constantly rove the immediate area, coming on and off the slopes, looking to meet new people and have a good time away from mainstream society.  Mountain towns and ski slopes serve as mini societies, creating unique and unforgettable memories for visitors.

Why wait to book your next ski vacation.  After reading down this far, you’re suited with more than enough reason to seek the slopes.  It’s varied exercise, family oriented, fun, another hobby to learn, etc.  Conduct further research regarding specific destinations.  Plan well ahead, getting passports, buying apparel, and finding the best travel and lodging deals.

John Larson loves winter sports. He often blogs about techniques and benefits to cold weather activities.

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