7 Easy Ways To Save Money Living In Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada, is a beautiful place to live, but residents sometimes worry about the cost of living. The good news is that there are ways to reduce your expenses and save money. Here are seven clever ways to enjoy living in Alberta while also saving a little money.

Bundle Up

You can save on some basic household services by going with a bundled plan. When the plans are bundled, the service providers will give you a handsome discount on services. An additional bonus is that you will only have one payment to remember.

Lower Insurance Payments

Insurance is a necessity. You need coverage for your car, your home and your business. If you rent, then you want insurance for your personal belongings. However, the insurance premiums don’t have to break the bank. Save by shopping around for lower rates at a site such as GetInsuranceQuotes.ca, and you can also raise the deductible to watch your premiums fall a little further.

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Become Energy Efficient

Whether you own or rent, a more energy efficient will help you save money on the utilities. The winters in Alberta are long and cold, but you can bring the heating bill in line by adding insulation and investing in better windows. If you rent and have drafty windows, cover them with plastic to reduce your expenses. Teach the children how to turn off lights when they leave a room and minimize water use. The small changes can pay off in huge ways through lower electric bills.

Avoid Unnecessary Fees

Late fees, over-the-limit penalties and other fees are frustrating. They are easily avoidable, and they can add up fast. Switch to online banking and program automatic payments to avoid any penalties. In addition to avoiding those unnecessary fees, you will also save money on checks and postage. You will also avoid high interest charges by keeping the bills paid on time.

Rethink Entertainment

How much money do you currently spend on concerts, movies and dining out? Rethink what kind of entertainment you enjoy. Start watching more movies at home with the family to save a small fortune. Instead of dining out at a restaurant, pack a picnic and go to one of Alberta’s beautiful parks. Cut back on trips to the slopes in the winter and go sledding with the kids, instead. All of these changes will help you lower your living expenses and leave you with more money in your pocket.

Time to Say Good-Bye

This is a good time to take a hard look at all of your expenses. Anything that costs money every month should be considered, and that included gym memberships, annual passes, cable bills and more. Are there things you pay for that really aren’t used? Dropping the premium channels on the cable, eliminating little extras on the phone service and dropping the subscriptions to magazines you never read are all great ways to save money.

Smart Shopping

Finally, make more of an effort to shop smart. You don’t have to pay full price for big ticket items if you can patiently wait for a sale. Look for deals on household items and buy when they are on sale. You can save money on everything from the weekly groceries to your annual insurance premiums, and you will save money when you start shopping around and looking for better prices.

These are all easy ways to save money when you are living in Alberta, Canada. When you reduce your monthly living expenses, you will have more funds leftover to save or enjoy. Start implementing these changes today to reap the benefits tomorrow.

Jessica Atlass, having experience in Consumer Rights and an advocate of safety for children, published an article regarding the Alberta auto insurance system. She hopes to enlighten consumers regarding car insurance in Canada and provide insight on how to save money with GetInsuranceQuotes.ca.

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