About Me

Hi, my name is Ryanne. A housewife, blogger and traveler. I started blogging on blogspot in 2009 and moved to self-hosted WordPress after a year. I blog about everything from photos to my shopping haul, I love shopping as every woman does but I don’t shop for clothes, jewelries and shoes. I shop for beauty products that are on sale like buy one take one or 30-50% sale despite the fact that I am not a beauty enthusiast I just love collecting items and when they are too much I send them to my family, and that’s my main purpose of buying. But since last year I stopped this habit after some of the items in the box I sent home went stolen.

I have traveled to few Asian countries already including North Korea and that was the scariest moment of my life especially during those time a recent incident happened where a South Korean ship was believed to be hit by torpedo from the North side.

I am always mistaken to be local of most of the Asian countries we visited. They all talk to me on their local language which I simply replied “English” telling them I am not a local. I think it was only in Armenia and Georgia which nobody thought I am local (haha of course yes!).

The Traveller’s Blog is my main travel blog that’s where I blog about anything about our travel, from food we ate, hotels we slept in, places we visited, people we met and everything that you could imagine. I have four travel blogs in all, the second one is just about movies and few travel posts, this blog is the third one and the last one is a photo/travel blog. I am not able to update all of my blogs as always because of procrastination which is I am trying to overcome.

Happy Blogging and Traveling!!!