About Rome

Rome is the largest and capital city of Italy and  well known as the Eternal City. It was once the greatest Empire of the Romans and  has a long list attractions for different type of tourists with its spectacular history. So there is no doubt that Rome is the world’s most visited city with its millennium old churches and basilicas, palaces, ruins, ornate statues, opulent monuments and fountain.

Rome is extremely rich with historical heritage despite with the cosmopolitan atmosphere.  You can spend your day by wandering around the city and be amazed with the well preserved architecture. One of the things you should not missed is seeing the Colosseum, the Pantheon and Roman Forum. Seeing the famous and popular Trevi Fountain is also a thing you should not missed, you can also walk around too see the old churches like The Sistine Chapel where the world famous ceiling painting of Michael Angelo, the Vatican and St. Peter and many more.

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