Adventure in Seoul

My friend is asking me to met her in Seoul. It was two years ago when the first time we met, that was the time when she first arrived in Korea. The second time was few months after our first meeting which is on December 2010. Since then she kept asking me if when we can met again, last December we almost see each other for the third time.

We already planned to met on Saturday of that week when unfortunate event happened that shocked me and my husband. My nephew-in law met a freak accident that kill him, it was the second saddest and darkest Christmas I have experienced, the first one was when my grandfather died before Christmas too which is exactly on the same date when my nephew-in law succumbed to his injuries.

Anyway  when my friend and I met two years ago I brought her to the National Museum of Korea which is free entry, it took us a lot of time to wonder around.  We just stopped until we are both tired, we also went to the souvenir shop located in the museum I bought a notebook which is a souvenir from the Seoul Summit which took place few days before we visited the museum.

After our museum adventure we ate in a Mexican Restaurant in Itaewon, her lunch treat to me. We also shop for clothes in the subway and then went to their apartment until it’s late and its time for me to go home. It was such a great experience, just the other day she is hinting again for us to met but unfortunately I can’t because I have no budget and my husband will not like it if I asked money just to wander in Seoul.

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