Adventure Travel: Are Legends Born or Made?

Reality shows are extremely popular these days as they are great entertainment for the viewers, from family-based reality programs, competitions, dating shows, documentary style series and many more.

As part of premium beer brand, Heineken® latest global campaign ‘Voyage’ they venture to most adventurous experiment, taking different men across the world and testing their ability to survive when they are left to unknown places in contrast with their daily lives, left with nothing but directions and basic needs to survive, are they going to make it?  Are legends born, or made? 

The series of their episodic adventures following their legendary travel experience is called Dropped. Every Dropped will be tailored to the  main adventurer,  forcing them to discover their own limits which are doing something they never done before and conquering their own fears to survive. They’ll face a multitude of challenges across four continents – tough terrain, curious locals and unusual modes of transport. As the Dropped episodes unfold, so the social experiment will come to life, with viewers of each voyage able to follow how each traveler fares through a series of diary entries and journey updates which can be accessed live on Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel through different platform of broadcast, digital and mobile. You can also partake in your own legendary travel adventure by contributing your own video entries to the ‘casting couch’.

To give you a brief idea on this adventure travel – a confident  and high social character man will be dropped alone in the freezing wilderness of Alaska with nothing but a tuxedo, a giant life-ring and plane ticket to get home and the airport is hundreds of miles away, his resourcefulness to survive will be tested on this adventure. The challenge is, if he can make it home to his final destination?  The answer lies within each adventurer, their entire journey is completely unscripted and the desire to overcome the challenges is the only measurement for success.

What are you waiting for? Visit Heineken’s YouTube Channel now because Legends aren’t made, they’re Droppped!

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