Beach Holiday: Strawberry Daiquiri? Yes please….

Browsing through some travel brochures trying to pick out my ideal holiday destination is a relaxing pastime for me. Whilst perusing impossibly white beaches and swim up pool bars, I came across Jamaica. Something called me to the country and I knew I need to go there as soon as possible!

Having saved up for a while, I wanted to make the most of the budget I was working towards. We looked at flights and found a great deal from Luton, along with Luton airport parking.

Stepping off the plane in Montego Bay, the heat hit and we realised that this was pretty close to paradise. From our holiday rep, whose answer to everything was ‘no problem, mon’ to the minibus driver who took us on an impromptu tour of his neighbourhood before inviting the 8 of us to his house for some salt fish, the people who live here are friendly to a fault.

Beach Holiday

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The island is relaxed, beautiful and has views which have to be seen to be believed. The sea is so clear that you can watch the fish swimming around your feet and the white sand on the beaches is perfect for relaxing on.

Many weddings take place on the beaches here, though we found the majority of visitors to be American – we were quite a novelty being English! Romance is one of the Islands unique tourist attractions and rightly so – a more beautiful place to get married I can’t imagine.

Lounging on the beach, the waiters constantly attended to our needs, bringing drinks, snacks, towels and sun cream whenever we asked. Our resort had a ‘no cash’ policy and therefore tips were not expected or indeed allowed – the staff must not accept tips or gifts from guests.

After two weeks in this island paradise, flying back to Britain was quite a shock to the system. After hot sunshine in November we returned to what felt like sub zero temperatures and pouring rain. Thank goodness we had booked the airport parking using one of Airparks discount codes – I would not have liked to have been running for a bus in the wonderful English weather!

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