Best Bike Tours in Italy

One of the most magnificent ways to experience the Italian countryside is by cycling. While bus tours and train rides provide a great way for getting to your destination, travellers often miss out on the experience of discovering the journey along the way. Europe cycling tours are growing in popularity, as more and more people realise this great opportunity to witness the breathtaking countryside of unforgettable destinations. If you’re planning your next escape to the historical cities of Italy, be sure to book in for one (or all!) of these not to missed bike tours.


A trip to Italy would not be complete without a day of sightseeing in breathtaking Florence. A bike tour is the perfect addition to any Italian vacation, particularly for holidaymakers travelling through Florence. Riders on a Florence bike tour can expect to be delighted and amazed by the picturesque Florence Walk and visits to world famous museums and galleries, including an Uffizi Gallery Tour and a visit to the Academia Museum. This tour is perfect for riders of all experience levels, making it the perfect sightseeing tour for travelling families.

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One of the most beautiful regions of Italy, there is no beating a bike tour through Tuscany. Whether your ideal of the perfect holiday is delectable foods, sumptuous wines or breathtaking views, you’ll find it all when cycling through Tuscany. During a bike tour through Tuscany, riders will have the opportunity to witness Italian winemaking, firsthand, with visits to various vineyards across the countryside. Before treating yourself to some of the finest wine tasting in the world, your tour group will ride through the hills of Italy, passing olive groves and vineyards on your way.


The heart of Italy, Rome is home to significant cultural and historical aspects of the country, with some of the most infamous attractions throughout all of Europe, if not the world. When touring through Rome, riders have the opportunity to discover the beauty and history of the Vatican City. On a one to two day tour through Rome, not only will tours include the Vatican City, but riders will also venture to the awe inspiring Colosseum. Discover second century Roman houses and Michelangelo’s Dome as you embark on an adventure through the streets of Rome.

Bike tours in Italy can range in length from a few days through to a few weeks. Talking to a tour operator can assist you in finding the best tour for you, which will vary greatly depending upon your skill level. Most reputable companies will provide participants with high quality mountain bikes, safety equipment and other necessary gear you may require. If you’re searching for the experience of a lifetime and want to relax with the comforts of sumptuous feasts and fine wines, there’s no beating an Italy bike tour.

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