Best Places in the World to See Exotic Fish

Since the early childhood, kids are fascinated by the underwater worlds that are full of mystical creatures, secret worlds and hidden treasures.

It’s a natural desire common to most of us to seek out new experiences and explore the mysterious unknown – that’s why discovering the world that lies beneath the vast oceans and seas has always been one of the most intriguing fields not only for science, but for casual explorers as well.

Seeing the underwater world, with all of its unfamiliar sea life is one of the most popular attractions for tourists around the world, that’s why scuba diving, snorkeling and even boat trips are thriving in the sea life hotspots of the world.

In these places, you can be sure to have an unforgettable experience exploring the world that thrives beneath the waters.

The Similan Islands, Thailand

The nine Simian Islands in Thailand are one of the truly perfect places for all activities related to water – they are most famous for their reefs and amazing variety of sea life.

You can see strange and exciting creatures like the manta rays, giant trevally, leopard sharks and many more amazing species of marine life that can be seen on various sites.

Clear water, great weather and a chance to see creatures like turtles, stingrays, batfish and even fish like barracuda has made the Simian Islands into a very popular tourist destination.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This natural wonder, located off the shore of Cairns, Queensland, is perhaps the best location in the world, if you’re looking to discover the true beauty and variety of sea life.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

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With over 1,500 different fish and over 350 different coral life species, there’s no better place for truly appreciating just how diverse and unique the underwater life can be.

You can go scuba diving, snorkeling or simply board a vessel with a see-through floor to admire the amazing sights of marine life at its most natural best.

You can even take whale watching trips to gaze your eyes on the biggest animal in the world – the whale, and also see the playful dolphins.

The Red Sea, Egypt

Perhaps the most popular destination for Europeans looking for a budget-friendly diving trip, the Red Sea has plenty to offer to all those interested in the sea world.

The sea is clear all year long, providing good visibility, and you can choose from a variety of diving locations, like the unique Ras Mohammad National Park.

Because of the saline nature of the Red Sea, it has a lot of similarities with the Indian Ocean in terms of marine life that inhabits it – you can see plenty of coral species, and even sharks, dolphins and loads of all kinds of exotic tropical fish.

It’s always exciting to discover new places and see the world from a brand new perspective, and that’s something that exploring the underwater world can provide better than almost anything else.

When underwater, you can see just how diverse our world really is – with the vast ecosystem of all kinds of exotic fish and other creatures, you might even be able to form a brand new perspective on your own life on the shore.

Hayley Woodward is a Melbourne based travel writer. Hayley got her passion, when she worked with several companies including Skyrail in Cairns.

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