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Traveling alone is different when you are traveling with kids and even with older people. Most kids are fascinated with themes and amusement parks. It might be boring for older people but not if you are planning to travel to Orlando because aside from visiting well known theme parks like  Walt Disney World, Aquatica, Discovery Cove, Wet ‘N Wild and others you can also enjoy your trip by visiting museums that could add knowledge  to your mind.

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My husband and I are both backpackers but unlike others we are not into theme parks and resorts we are more into  ancient architecture, museums and historical sites, so if given a chance to travel to Orlando I would surely visit  Orange County Regional History Center which  exhibits  artifacts from the earliest days of the region to the modern day.  It would be informative to know how the city evolved from the ancient times to Civil Rights era, to Disney period  and to this modern day.  Orlando has few more museums to visit which are mostly art museums like the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art,  The Orlando Museum of Art  and more.

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The good thing in traveling to Orlando accommodation  is not a problem there’s a  lot of hotels to choose from. You can also easily book  Orlando Hotels online,  is one of the helpful site on the internet with complete information where to stay in Orlando and what is the nearest hotel to the place you want to visit.

2 Responses to “Book Orlando Hotels Online”

  1. jared's mum says:

    i would love to go to Orlando in the future, my little man will get a kick at seeing Mickey Mouse live in action at the Walt Disney Resort! ^_^

  2. zoan says:

    if time and money permits, I would love to visit Orlando with my family. My kids would surely enjoy Walt Disney resort…