Canada: Saskatoon For Sports Lovers

Saskatoon is an interesting city set in the middle of rolling farmland. Its downtown district has plenty to keep you occupied and its buildings are no eyesore either. Geographically, it’s notoriously flat. The might bore some people and fill others with a sense of wonder at the wide, open horizon. Like most Canadian cities, Saskatoon takes its sporting events very seriously. Here’s a pick of three sporting events to give you a flavour of what the city can offer:

Swimming Canada Summer National Championships

This long course meet also doubles as trials for the Swimming World Championships, which will be held in Barcelona this year. Taking place in a 50m long pool, this is a wonderful chance to see the cream of Canada’s swimming talent compete to see who’s the fastest in the 50 freestyle or the 200 meter butterfly.

Canada Hockey

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CIS Men’s Hockey Championship

This tournament takes place in the spring of every year. If you want to root for the home team, treat yourself to a Saskatchewan Huskies jersey. Tickets for the finals cost between $30 and $40. If you want to catch a couple of games, then you can find some good deals on Saskatoon hotels and take your pick of the most exciting matches of the season.

Saskatchewan Marathon

Taking place on the 26th of May 2013, the Saskatechewan Marathon unites the general public with Olympians like Dylan Wykes (20th at the London Olympics) and Reid Coolsaet. The prize money ranges from $150 all the way up to $1000 for the winners of the full marathon. The first Marathon was staged in 1979 – giving this civic event a long and proud heritage. Much of the course runs alongside the river, making this an outdoor event that you can make a whole day of if you should choose to watch for one stage of the race and then go your own away around the city.

Once you’ve had your fill of these sporting attractions, did you know you can visit the Mountie training barracks at Regina? Every day at noon you can attend a parade and see these red-jacketed legends in action.  A trip to this city is definitely a step off the beaten track and you’ll have some great stories to tell your friends and family back home. Canadians are sports fanatics and you’ll find some very passionate fans to rub shoulders and have a few beers with.

Ben Booker is a freelance content writer from Canada. His passions include sports, photography and traveling. 

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