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A Guide to Navigating a Cruise Sale

For some people cruise holidays are a rare treat that they might not be able to enjoy every year or even every decade and so finding the right package at the right price is crucial. But equally if you are a regular cruise holiday-maker you will no doubt want to ensure that you grab yourself a bargain on a trip that you know will offer value for money as well as a world of wonderful experiences.

Whatever your experience and whatever you have in mind for the coming months, it is worth putting some thought into how you might approach your next Cruise Sale. A cruise sale shouldn’t be confused with a cruise sail, this hasn’t much to do with nautical propulsion, this is all about bargains and sun-drenched holidays that tick all your boxes. Essentially it is about picking up the most significantly discounted cruise holiday packages as they are made available at almost the last minute by top quality tour providers via the Thomas Cook website.


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The company has links with just about every provider of high quality cruise holidays available to UK consumers and there are deals offered at extraordinarily low prices at various times of the year. Right now for example you should be able to pick up the last remaining bargains on tours scheduled to take place in the final few months of 2012. So you could find and book your next P&O cruise in no time and be set off in a matter of weeks. In terms of the potential destinations the list is virtually endless but you perhaps shouldn’t worry too much about that simply because every quality cruise company worth its salt ensures that every location on its itinerary is eminently worth a visit.

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Must Visit Cairns: Great Barrier Reef Tours That Will Blow Your Flippers Off

Whether you’re an expert diver, a casual snorkeler, or you don’t swim at all, you simply can’t go to Cairns without seeing the magnificent natural wonders of the massive Great Barrier Reef. But with hundreds of tour packages from dozens of agencies spanning the 2,000 plus kilometres of the incredible coral formations, choosing the best way to see the Great Barrier can be something of a conundrum. Not to worry; here are a few top-notch tours with enough flexibility and sheer value to satisfy any aspiring explorer.

FNQ Travel Seven-Night Trip Turns Your Barrier Visit Into the Ultimate Vacation

If you’re a serious diving enthusiast and really want to make the most of your visit to the Great Barrier Reef, there’s simply no comparing when it comes to this seven-night “Ultimate” live aboard dive trip, which includes over 25 unique opportunities for quality dives into a huge range of stunning landmarks along the reef. Lizard Island, Osprey, the famous Cod Hole, and the Ribbon Reefs are just a few of the many destinations in this incomparable package, which includes transportation by bus and boat, dive equipment, your choice of personal cabin (including an optional Stateroom with queen bed, private bathroom, and television), chef-made meals prepared on board, local wines, and much more. Not a diver? If you can pony up the cash, this trip may well be worth your time even if you’re not planning to go below the ocean’s surface. Seeing all of the magnificent sites surrounding the Great Barrier Reef in just one or two days is impossible, and this really is the “full meal deal.”

Don’t Have Time to Explore by Boat? Take a Helicopter to Soar Above the Reef

You can get to parts of the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns in just half an hour by helicopter, leaving the maximum amount of valuable vacation time for snorkelling, scuba diving, or exploring nearby islands. Besides the time advantage, seeing the reef from the skies may just be the best way to appreciate the sheer size and wonder of the world’s most spectacular coral reef system, which spans over 340,000 kilometres (way too much to see by boat). In fact, the Great Barrier Reef can be seen from space! You won’t get quite that high with a dedicated helicopter tour, but the views will still be plenty impressive. GBR Helicopters and many other local Cairns providers specialize in customizable visits to the area.

Other Plans for Your Cairns Vacation? Take a Relaxing Day Trip With Reef Experience

Maybe you don’t have the dough for a personal helicopter tour or the time for an extravagant week-long dive trip? That’s too bad, but don’t let it get in the way of your Cairns vacation where you’re sure to enjoy a bundle of other activities and excitement. Still, you should try and dedicate at least one day to the Great Barrier Reef, and the catamaran trips offered by Reef Experience are a pretty dandy way to do just that. The day trips include barbeque breakfast, lunch buffet, complimentary wine, snorkelling equipment and optional tutorial, an introductory diving course and gear, and much more. The catamaran is super quick, allowing up to six hours of quality snorkelling time at a range of magnificent locations on the reef. This trip is great for casual adventurers and experienced swimmers alike, and is a fantastic way to get a first taste of the mind-boggling ecosystems that await, hidden just below the ocean’s sparkling surface.

Never mind the fact that’s it’s largely considered one of the “seven natural wonders of the world,” the Great Barrier Reef is a staple destination in Australia’s rich heritage of quality eco tourism. These tours are a perfect example of that, but if they don’t suit your needs, remember there’s no shortage of other Great Barrier Reef tours available from dozens of other quality tour companies in Cairns. The most important thing is to make some time to see firsthand the pristine marine landscape that defines Cairn’s most fragile, precious wildlife gem.

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A Guide to the Freedom Of The Seas

Like every other vessel in the Royal Caribbean range, the Freedom of the Seas is a mightily impressive ship and it delivers top-quality cruise holidays throughout the year. The idea behind the Freedom and the class of ships that carries its name is to offer holidaymakers enough choice of activities and entertainments so that no-one can possibly go home feeling short changed in any way. All of which means there is quite simply an immense amount for passengers to enjoy while travelling on-board the Freedom.

For energetic adults and teenagers there are a number of outstandingly innovative features like the flowRider that gives you the chance to learn to surf or brush up on your skills if you already know your way around a surf board. Beyond that there’s an outdoor climbing wall on which you can challenge your grip, or your kids in a race to the top. Meanwhile the aptly named H2O Zone is a mini adventure water-world that children of all ages are bound to absolutely love and that can keeps some of the more enthusiastic adults on-board entertained as well.

Freedom of the Seas

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There are other activity options but those are some of the headlines. Although, if that all sounds rather more energetic than what you have in mind for your next cruise holiday then you’ll be glad to know as well that there are certain areas of the Freedom designed to offer a real sense of sanctuary for adults only. So you can pamper yourself to your heart’s content if that is what cruise holidays are all about for you. But whatever you get up to during your days on-board there will come a time when you start getting a little peckish and there again, when it comes to dining options, you will be spoil for choice on any Freedom Class ship and nowhere more so than on the Freedom of the Seas.

Thomas Cook cruise deals offer the most reliable value and the company’s website is replete year-round with bargains and cut-price packages.

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