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Travelling Less Would Mean Travelling More Often

Ideally, for a traveller to be able to travel to as many places as possible, he or she would need lots of time and more importantly, money. However, for a budget traveler who wants to explore the world on a tight budget, searching for the cheapest airfare and hotels is a must.

If you are going to travel by air to your destination, be it national or international, it is generally cheaper to book your flight closer (around three weeks) to the departure date, rather than 6 months out. Savings are generally 5-10%.

Aside from booking your flights later, it can be quite helpful if you have a friend in the country you plan to visit. You might be able to save money on accommodation by having your friend look for cheap places to stay or perhaps you can even stay with your friend.

Another way to save money is by looking for personalized deals online. However, don’t immediately go to the travel agency websites. Start by checking out personal travel blogs or websites dedicated to travel and find out which travel agencies are reliable, trustworthy, and affordable. If you’re looking for discounts on accommodation, you may find voucher codes here.

When it comes to eating cheaply, you can save money by bringing along food such as cup of noodles or other lightweight, non-perishable food items during your travel. You can also find cheap food at hawker stalls, food courts, or local fast food outlets.

By sticking to budget saving trips, you’ll most likely be able to travel to more places.

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The Best Places for Escaping the Winter

For many of us the dreary winter weather inspires only one thing   a couple of weeks away enjoying guaranteed sunshine! Trade the grey skies and chilly air for wall to wall blue, the armchair for a sun lounger on the beach and day to day humdrum for some sightseeing or adventures. There are plenty of ideal destinations for taking a break during the winter months   some on the other side of the world and others just a short flight away. The first thing to do is to decide where to head.

Closer to home

The Canary Islands are an obvious choice, with perfect temperatures and a different atmosphere on each island, meaning you can pick the place which will offer you the right kind of break   fun on Tenerife, action packed adventure on Fuerteventura or pure relaxation on La Palma. Being closer to the UK means flights are cheaper too. Glitzy Dubai with its non-stop shopping, fine dining and hip bars and clubs is the glamorous option promising full on flash and razzmatazz and just a 7 hour flight away. The Red Sea resorts offer atmospheric bazaars, glorious beaches, awe-inspiring diving and snorkelling and lots of night time entertainment.

Heading further afield

Whatever your budget it is always nice to make savings on a holiday whether that’s by getting the best deal on flights, complete packages or travel insurance and going further away is not always the expensive option.

The warm waters of the Caribbean are a perennial favourite, the appeal of this region drawing visitors back year after year for a dose of paradise, spent lying in the sun on the beach, exploring the underwater life either snorkelling or diving, or enjoying tours into the forests to spot wildlife, gaze at the spectacular waterfalls and dispel the winter blues with some good hiking. The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Jamaica are popular destinations for good reason; coral reefs, palm-edged beaches of soft golden sand and first class resorts catering for all your needs under one roof make for the perfect relaxing break. This really is a glorious region for breaking away from the grey skies of winter at home, whether you are simply seeking sunshine or looking for some adventure whilst on your trip.

Mexico shares some of its shores with these Caribbean destinations and adds to them Mayan ruins, desert sands and the fabulously hot and spicy cuisine. It too is a popular return destination as with so much to enjoy, one visit is rarely enough. Cancun is the number one spot with a wide range of hotels and resorts to stay in. The Riviera Maya stretches south from Cancun and the region has archaeological sites of interest, theme parks and spas as well as the spectacular coast.

Florida with beach resorts along the Gulf of Mexico, also has Disney, numerous other theme parks, the Everglades and The Keys making it another place with something for everyone and an atmosphere all of its own. And on the other side of the United States, Southern California is jam packed with possibilities as it is positively overloaded with theme parks, attractions, museums and fantastic places to eat, drink and shop.

Cheap Holidays: How to get the most for your money

While travelling the world is a dream for many people, it can sometimes seem unachievable, due to the high prices of airline tickets, accommodation, taxes and tour packages. There are a number of simple ways that you can drastically reduce the price of your holiday, without losing the quality of your overseas experience. When planning your holiday, always remember to shop around and compare the prices on offer, you’ll be surprised by the differences between various travel agents and outlets. With a little research and these helpful tips, you’ll be on your way to planning your dream holiday – without breaking the bank.

Early Bird Bookings

If you’re looking for a cheap way to start your holiday, it’s a good idea to start planning now. Many travel agents offer great deals for early bird bookings, meaning being organised really pays off. You can ultimately save thousands of dollars, simply by booking 12 months in advance. While the lowered price is a great incentive to plan ahead, early bird bookings can also include other great benefits for travellers, ranging from cheap meal deals through to exclusive offers.

Travel out of Peak Season

While it’s tempting to travel during major holiday periods, organising your holiday a little bit before or after this crazy travel time can see you saving a great deal of money. Most families are restricted to travelling during holiday seasons, so if you’re able to, it’s a great decision to travel during an off-peak period. Most off-peak periods include travel within months of popular holidaying times; meaning you’ll still experience the great weather and attractions of your chosen destination.

Holiday Packages

Holiday packages provide great savings all around, often discounting the price of airfares, accommodation, tours and transfers. A holiday package can usually be organised through any reputable travel agency and involves combining your travel needs into a package that is tailor made for you. By booking all of your travel essentials and extras at the one time, you can often receive a great discount.

Last Minute Deals

While early bird bookings have their advantages, there are also benefits for those of us who leave things until the very last moment. Last minute deals can be found for flights, accommodation and even tours. Most hotels, resorts and airlines would prefer to offer discounted rates, rather than having empty seats or vacant rooms. Last minute airfares provide great prices for travellers, but keep in mind that you can’t always be fussy about the time of day that you’re choosing to fly.

Whether it’s your dream to see the snow or you’re planning a tropical island getaway, you can save a great deal of cash simply by following this easy money saving guide.