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Budget Family Getaways: Orlando, Florida Holiday Deals

Whether you are looking at holiday deals for last minute long haul escapes this summer, or are planning in advance hoping to catch the early bird rates for 2014, there are budget breaks in the sun for whenever you want to get away. Now is the time to book your family holiday of a lifetime and browse the range of Florida holiday deals online.

There is nowhere more exciting to visit with youngsters than Orlando, Florida. Florida holiday deals keep the cost of the basics low, leaving you more funds to spend on visiting the state’s world class attractions. From the Magic Kingdom to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, time spent here is truly what dreams are made of – an experience like no other.

Put all other theme park experiences to the back of your mind, Orlando will blow you away with the sheer size and immensity of its facilities and entertainment. Everything on offer, from the customer service experience and little added extras to the enormity of the parks and thrills of the rides, are second to none. You have to live it to believe it.

Be sure to put together a timetable of where you want to visit during your stay. Time spent here is non-stop, so ensure that you have planned to fit everything in with ease. Invest in an Orlando Flexi Ticket Plus which will give you unlimited 14 day access to seven of the major parks in Florida, including Busch Gardens. If you don’t drive, catch the complimentary shuttle to Tampa from Universal Studios. Don’t forget your Disney World 14 day pass too.

Although beyond amazing, Florida is a tiring getaway. Consider adding a week long stint at a tranquil southern Florida resort – such as Clearwater – before heading back home. Online holiday deals can make this ideal escape a reality for your family.

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Non-Italian Tourist Spots on the Adriatic Are Worth a Look

Although Italy has long been the destination for many tourists who nourish the dream of visiting well-known cities such as Rome or Venice, directly across the Adriatic Sea to the east lie a variety of places with their own unique delights.

While the nations that make up the former Yugoslavia may not be among the first places that come to mind when people speak of international vacation stops, a decade of conflict followed by a decade of rest and rejuvenation have made this region an intriguing option for international travelers.

Rich in ancient cities, distinctive cultures, and coastal beauty, the countries and cities of the eastern Adriatic are attracting more and more visitors each year. Here are some sample destinations.


Kotor, Montenegro

In Montenegro, the oceanside city of Kotor is a destination that has a plenitude of historic monuments and gorgeous views. On the coast of the Adriatic, this city offers travelers a wealth of opportunities for your camera that encompass both the antique works of humans and the ancient labors of nature.

Kotor is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site, most notably for its Venetian walls and architecture, which date back to the 14th century. However, it was first settled during the Roman Empire and possess a long and storied past.

Rovinj, Croatia

Northwest of Montenegro, the unusually shaped Croatia boasts the coastal city of Rovinj, which boasts 134 sunny days a year. Its beautiful Golden Cape Forest Park was cultivated during the 19th century by a knight from Trieste. More than a century has passed and allowed it to mature to a place of stunning scenery beloved to nature enthusiasts and cyclists. No motor vehicles are allowed in the park.

Anyone with an interest in archaeology should visit the Monkodonjo, an ancient hill settlement dating back to the Bronze Age. The nearby town of Dvigrad was abandoned entirely in the 17th century, and offers visitors the experience of a medieval “ghost town” with crumbling buildings and churches untouched by recent habitation.

In addition to attractions for the history-minded traveler, sport fishing and sunbathing on the beaches are popular activities here.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The name “Bosnia” is probably enough to give anyone over thirty a feeling of anxiety, yet the nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has attracted large numbers of travelers in the twenty-first century. Reasons to visit Sarajevo include the glimpse of a city where three extremely disparate cultures met: the Ottoman Muslims from the Turkish Empire to the south, the Roman Catholics from the West, and Eastern Orthodox Christians from the Byzantine empire in the East.

Sarajevo is also a living monument of centuries of conflict. Ironically, the city now ranks as one of the safest in Eastern Europe. Its ancient streets, still scarred by the wars that only concluded with the 20th century, still bear the numerous scars of conflict.

Yet it is considered an extremely friendly place, and has become ever more popular with tourists for its Europe-meets-the-East style. Sarajevo shows how peace can at last be attained, despite centuries of fighting.

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Must Visit Cairns: Great Barrier Reef Tours That Will Blow Your Flippers Off

Whether you’re an expert diver, a casual snorkeler, or you don’t swim at all, you simply can’t go to Cairns without seeing the magnificent natural wonders of the massive Great Barrier Reef. But with hundreds of tour packages from dozens of agencies spanning the 2,000 plus kilometres of the incredible coral formations, choosing the best way to see the Great Barrier can be something of a conundrum. Not to worry; here are a few top-notch tours with enough flexibility and sheer value to satisfy any aspiring explorer.

FNQ Travel Seven-Night Trip Turns Your Barrier Visit Into the Ultimate Vacation

If you’re a serious diving enthusiast and really want to make the most of your visit to the Great Barrier Reef, there’s simply no comparing when it comes to this seven-night “Ultimate” live aboard dive trip, which includes over 25 unique opportunities for quality dives into a huge range of stunning landmarks along the reef. Lizard Island, Osprey, the famous Cod Hole, and the Ribbon Reefs are just a few of the many destinations in this incomparable package, which includes transportation by bus and boat, dive equipment, your choice of personal cabin (including an optional Stateroom with queen bed, private bathroom, and television), chef-made meals prepared on board, local wines, and much more. Not a diver? If you can pony up the cash, this trip may well be worth your time even if you’re not planning to go below the ocean’s surface. Seeing all of the magnificent sites surrounding the Great Barrier Reef in just one or two days is impossible, and this really is the “full meal deal.”

Great Barrier Reef

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Don’t Have Time to Explore by Boat? Take a Helicopter to Soar Above the Reef

You can get to parts of the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns in just half an hour by helicopter, leaving the maximum amount of valuable vacation time for snorkelling, scuba diving, or exploring nearby islands. Besides the time advantage, seeing the reef from the skies may just be the best way to appreciate the sheer size and wonder of the world’s most spectacular coral reef system, which spans over 340,000 kilometres (way too much to see by boat). In fact, the Great Barrier Reef can be seen from space! You won’t get quite that high with a dedicated helicopter tour, but the views will still be plenty impressive. GBR Helicopters and many other local Cairns providers specialize in customizable visits to the area.

Other Plans for Your Cairns Vacation? Take a Relaxing Day Trip With Reef Experience

Maybe you don’t have the dough for a personal helicopter tour or the time for an extravagant week-long dive trip? That’s too bad, but don’t let it get in the way of your Cairns vacation where you’re sure to enjoy a bundle of other activities and excitement. Still, you should try and dedicate at least one day to the Great Barrier Reef, and the catamaran trips offered by Reef Experience are a pretty dandy way to do just that. The day trips include barbeque breakfast, lunch buffet, complimentary wine, snorkelling equipment and optional tutorial, an introductory diving course and gear, and much more. The catamaran is super quick, allowing up to six hours of quality snorkelling time at a range of magnificent locations on the reef. This trip is great for casual adventurers and experienced swimmers alike, and is a fantastic way to get a first taste of the mind-boggling ecosystems that await, hidden just below the ocean’s sparkling surface.

Never mind the fact that’s it’s largely considered one of the “seven natural wonders of the world,” the Great Barrier Reef is a staple destination in Australia’s rich heritage of quality eco tourism. These tours are a perfect example of that, but if they don’t suit your needs, remember there’s no shortage of other Great Barrier Reef tours available from dozens of other quality tour companies in Cairns. The most important thing is to make some time to see firsthand the pristine marine landscape that defines Cairn’s most fragile, precious wildlife gem.

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