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Find Spa Destinations for a Relaxing Trip

When it comes to the education and the professional advice involved in being able to truly live “The Spa Life,” expert opinions are a sought-after commodity. It takes access to a trusted spa network platform to gain inclusion into the tight-knit community of spa industry professionals and customers. One such spa network is Live Love Spa at where you will find experienced opinions on spa product brands of cosmetics, skin care, tanning, bath and body, fitness, brow and lash, hair removal, nails, nutrition, massage, boutique and even “spa at home” suggestions.

Relaxing Spa

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With Live Love Spa’s plethora of expert entrepreneurial spa information covering the areas of spa destinations, products, marketing and relaxation recommendations; becoming a Live Love Spa contributor at is an advantageous means of growing your spa business and influence. At, the opportunity to gain exposure with industry experts is available if you meet their spa experience requirements and have prominent writing talent to offer.

The Live Love Spa is a community of spa industry professionals and consumers that are seeking the newest and latest products, techniques and spa location information to improve their business or their leisurely spa experience. As a Live Love Spa official website contributor, the networking opportunities in the spa industry are limitless. You will have the ability to elevate your name in the industry and make a powerful impact on the visibility of the spa products and services that you personally cannot do without. With Live Love Spa’s extensive quality standards, every reader and contributor benefits.

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Postcards from Russia

Buying postcards when we travel is not my cup of tea. I even told myself postcards are long forgotten since electronic mail and digital cameras are already present. Who buys postcards?

Russian Postcards

Me, myself! Yes I buy postcards since I received few from friends, I was all wrong that postcards are long forgotten as part of traveling. They still part of traveling, souvenirs and memoirs. So guess what I got? 15 postcards, my husband told me I am just wasting my money but I know I am not.

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Romblon Souvenirs – Marble Keychains

Souvenirs had been long part of traveling, they are those token and items that let us remember our travel and experiences on one country or places. Some people maybe collect souvenirs from every country or places they visited it is either for personal or gifts to friends and relatives. It was already been my habit to collect souvenirs and give souvenirs to people I met when we travel. I normally left key chain, accessories like earrings to people I met.

Romblon Marble Keychains

Lately I have thought that I should leave souvenirs from the country I came from especially in the province I was raised instead buying key chains here. So when my mother sent me some documents I also asked to send me marble keychains from our province, yeah right I came from Romblon, the marble province.

Well I am thinking too of giving key chain to the gym owner where we are working out because it seems he cannot memorize my province name and keep asking me when he cannot remember it. He loves snorkeling so I am sure he will enjoy doing this in Romblon, of course I market our province for tourist purposes. Hehe

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