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Luxury Vacation: The High Life… For A Short Time!

Is the luxury lifestyle all it’s cracked up to be? Of course, a lot of people would say “yes, obviously! Don’t you like money?!” But the joy in life is to have little pockets of luxury, a weekend away here and a complete blowout there and it makes you appreciate the finer things in life before getting back to normality, so you can lead a nice balanced life. Going travelling is a way to see the world, but it’s always that little bit better when you’ve got some cash behind you. For a lot of people who don’t have the funds or spend years and years saving up, America is the zenith of luxury travel. Open roads, sunny climates, and stuff that you only read about in books. So here’s a proposition for those who are looking to make the most of an American journey.

Starting off in the glitziest of places, Las Vegas is a way to show off on a luxury vacation. Take in the luxury lifestyle and lounge around on of the pools in the Bellagio hotel before heading off to a casino on the famed Las Vegas Strip before picking a show to take in. So many big names in music take in a residency, or even if you wanted to watch something a bit more exciting you could witness Circus Circus performing their death-defying stunts or be awash with color while watching the Blue Man Group.

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Once you’ve had your fill of Vegas (if that’s possible), you can rent a private jet and set off down to Miami. On the flight, you will have the legroom you’ve never had when riding coach class and have all the hospitality of those where this is a daily occurrence! You’ll have a real taste of the high life! In Miami, soak up the sun and perfect your golf swing at the Miami Beach Golf Course, and enjoy all 18 holes of this championship course before having some afternoon tea at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. If you like finger sandwiches and buttered scones, set to the soothing sounds of classical guitar before jetting back to Vegas.

The real sign of a high-lifer is getting an SUV and getting on the road. Enjoy the glorious sights en route as you head towards the defining place of the American heartland, the Grand Canyon! Or if an SUV isn’t your style, you can get a helicopter to pick you up and take you there, via the Mojave Desert, the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead! Like champagne? Well, why not have a picnic and marvel at the Colorado River before heading onto Eldorado Canyon for a guided tour of the Techatticup Mine.

The high life isn’t reserved for the mega rich and the elite anymore. You can get yourself a champagne lifestyle on a modest budget, and if you’re looking for a wealth of experience in a short space of time, exploring the Midwest of America (and Florida) via plane, helicopter and SUV is the way to do it!

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Shuttle Service in Port of Miami

One of the basic of traveling is planning your trip. You should know and plan where to stay, where to go and what to visit. Right transportation also one of the big factor you should consider. The moment you arrived in the airport you should already had  a taxi or shuttle reservation to your hotel or residence to avoid headache on dealing  to drivers that will rip you off on fare.

Remember that most of the time there’s booth in the arrival area that offers different services like hotel booking, shuttle renting and etc.,  If you are traveling in the US, airport shuttle is not a big deal unlike in most Asian countries everyone would  grab you to hire their taxi.

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Anyway if you are going to travel in Miami  with your family or friends and you’re looking for a shuttle between the port of Miami, the Miami airport, and other points in between, look no farther than Express Shuttle’s port of Miami shuttle. You can conveniently rent a private shuttle van for family use,  and  if you are alone you can book a shared ride shuttle service from anywhere in Miami including from the Airport to your hotel, residence or to a beach house.  Rates are affordable and the service is very accommodating .

Shared ride from Port of Miami to Miami International Airport will only cost you $10 per person if you are in shared ride shuttle and if you will rent a private shuttle for family it will only cost you $75  and can accommodate up to 10  persons, waiting time is as short as 20 minutes so you will be always on time for your flight.

Aside from Miami International Airport they also offer affordable rates to Ft Lauderdale Airport,  Miami Residences, Ft Lauderdale Hotels, Downtown Miami Hotels, South Beach Hotels, Aventura City residences and hotels, Doral City residences and hotels.

So book a shuttle now at Express Shuttle , less worry and convenient for your own good.

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Driving through the Route des Grands Crus

France is quite well known for its beautiful scenic views and drives. The old films showed it much better than any photographs can depict, but the fun thing is to travel and visit for oneself. One of the most scenic places in France is the Route des Grands Crus. It is a must-have experience – a necessary item for any travel lover’s bucket list. Everyone likes vineyards, after all!

The region

The region is famous for its Burgundy wines and is filled with beautiful vineyards. Wine production in the region has been established since the times of Charlemagne, so the vineyard owners are justifiably proud of their little, or not so little, vineyards. This region is also very easy to reach from some of the main cities of France. Located at a distance of approximately 1.5 hours by car from both Paris and Lyon, the Route des Grands Crus is a major attraction of Bourgogne. For tourists desiring to make this trip, there are many popular car rental agencies in both Paris and Lyon, like Alamo and Avis.


The route

The Route des Grand Crus, situated in Burgundy is a scenic route stretching from Dijon to Santenay for 60 kilometers. This spectacular route has became a famous tourist drive over the years. Covering 37 villages and towns, this gorgeous drive covers many vineyards producing different kinds of grapes used in Burgundy wine production. Each vineyard is small, only about 10 – 15 hectares, so they are very well maintained and a pleasure to watch as they flash by. The road is well paved and there is also a cycling path for those who want to ride there in summer, enjoying the nice breeze, and feeling the warmth of the mild sun.

The experience

Not only are the vineyards beautiful to watch, but the small stops in the villages on this route are worth the experience. Each village has its own tradition of wine making and its own history, and the local people are quite proud to explain why their way is superior.

At times during the drive, the vineyards give way to beautiful hills, forests and cliffs. The drive passes through certain historical spots as well, the most famous among them being the Vosne-Romanée chateau, famous for the Romanée Conti wines. Another famous spot to check out along the way is the amazing steep coloured-tile roof of Château Corton-André. The Château de La Rochepot, also located on the route, is worth a visit. Many of the small villages have old churches and community buildings still standing.

For those preferring a more athletic experience, there are several hiking trails set in various parts of the route, like the Sentier des Roches which moves across the Baubigny cliffs.

For information and assistance in undertaking a trip to the Route des Grands Crus, the Burgundy Today website is an excellent resource. This is certainly an experience worth having!

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The Most Common Way Taxi Cabs are Used

Watch any romantic comedy, especially those set in big cities, and you’ll notice that one of the most common methods of transportation is the taxi. However, just how common are taxis in the average day-to-day itinerary of your average person? You’d be surprised at just how often taxis are used and what they are used for.

Catching a Cab to the Airport

Without a doubt, the most common use of a taxi is when heading to, or departing from, an airport. Generally, there are large fees involved when leaving your vehicle in an airport parking garage, not to mention that airport parking garages may not be the safest place to leave your car. With a taxi, you can leave your car home and save time by not having to deal with airport traffic, locating a parking space and then walking a considerable distance to get to the airport. Just have the taxi pull up right to the entryway of the airport and you’ll save at least 30 minutes. If a taxi is your choice of transport to the airport ensure you get a taxi firm who specialises in airport transfers, one local firm A Taxis Airport taxis in Bristol will take your flight number and be able to get there to pick you up whilst monitoring flight times to ensure if there are any delays you still have your taxi when you arrive back from your holiday.

Korea Orange Taxi

Going Into Labor? A Cab Can Help

You’ll also frequently find taxis used by pregnant women who are close to labor, especially in large cities where it’s common for people to rely more on public transportation. When a woman has gone into labor, the last thing you want to do is wait around for a bus or try to find room in a crowded subway. With a taxi cab, you’ll get picked up at your house and taken directly to the front doors of the hospital where you can safely deliver your baby.

Get Home Safely After a Party

In nearly every part of the world, drinking and driving is a serious crime. For this reason, one of the most popular uses of a taxi is when leaving a party. If you’ve even had a tiny bit of alcohol, play it safe and call a taxi.

Cabs and Business Go Hand in Hand

When travelling on business, many businessmen and women find themselves opting for a taxi over a rental car. Usually long-time residents of the city they drive in, taxi drivers know the best, and quickest, routes to get you to your destination. Business deals can be made or broken based on punctuality, so opting for a taxi can help ensure you get to a meeting with time to spare.

Late Night Travels

Finally, the most common usage of a taxi is anytime you need to be somewhere late at night, such as a night club. With most public transportation stopping before midnight, a taxi cab is your only way to get to any destination at four in the morning.

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Public Transport in London

What makes a city “Alpha++?” For GaWC, the influential think tank out of Loughborough University in the East Midlands of England that cobbles together the annual global city hierarchy, the data that determines whether a city is Gamma (ex. Rotterdam), Beta (ex. Auckland) or Alpha (ex. Mumbai) is all about the global economic system. How a city relates to and impacts it, in other words. For Alpha + capitals like Paris, Singapore and Tokyo, the answer is a big, fat, equivocal “quite a lot.” For the likes of Basel, Haifa and Minsk, however, the answer is patently “not so much.”

And then you have the ultra-exclusive Alpha ++ club. As in plus, plus. Think of the category as a members-only black card for world capitals that make the global economic system stand up and take notice.

This most restrictive of clubs has only ever had two members: New York and London. No need to pile on superlatives to explain why, presumably. But what gets lost in all the hubbub over the Big Apple’s and the Big Smoke’s financial bona fides is that without relative logistical competence, that Alpha ++ designation gets a downgrade – and fast.

One needs to get around efficiently in a city like London, in other words, because time, after all, is money. And for the flagship capital of the United Kingdom, a vast transport network is very much intertwined with the city’s economic fortunes (hence all the incessant gripes over London Heathrow’s lapses).

Happily, London is a metropolis that rewards first-time and frequent visitors with myriad ways to get from point A to point B. Here’s a big picture look at it all:


Heathrow – for better or worse – looms large over all other hubs in metro London. The international airport is the terminal of record for most passengers in the United Kingdom, let alone London, and serves over 70 million people per annum. Only one or two airports in the world top it on that score.

London Heathrow Airport

Gatwick Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe, mostly on the strength of low-cost carriers to the continent and the Caribbean. The hub serves over 34 million passengers a year.

Stansted and Luton airports serve as hubs for multiple low-cost airlines like Ryanair and easyJet, while the Docklands/Canary Wharf adjacent City Airport provides convenient business travel access to boutique hotels in London.

London Subway


The London Tube, the world’s first underground railway, celebrates 150 years of service in 2013. Every bit of the underground system is iconic, from Paddington to Harry Beck’s now-ubiquitous stations map. Other than your own two feet, this is how to navigate the city. And with 11 lines and 270 stations, visitors can cover a lot of ground.

London Public Buses


The traditional Routemaster buses, alas, are for the most part no more but London’s buses make over 5 million trips every weekday. Commuters and tourists are spoilt for choice, with 700 different routes to choose from. Procure yourself an Oyster card and you can hop on and off at your leisure.


London taxi chauffeurs are rightly regarded as the best in the world (in one memorable U.S. news magazine television sequence, they made counterparts in Manhattan look absolutely foolish). Black cabs (not always black) are duly iconic but minicabs do the job in a pinch as well.


On the heels of a successful cycle hire scheme in Montreal, London got Barclays Cycle Hire (or ‘Boris Bikes’, after populist mayor Boris Johnson) in 2010. The network has a prolific 570 stations and hit a record 47,105 rides on one busy Summer Olympic Games day in 2012.

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How to Choose an Airport Taxi Transport Service Provider

When you are visiting a city for the first time it is advisable to hire a taxi from the airport to your destination, other than being convenient it is also the best thing to do,  to avoid being scammed or charged with more money than the usual rate, this is what my husband learned from travelling to different destinations.


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That’s right the idea of getting  a good rate from local taxi outside the airport is not good idea after all, they are the one who ask higher rates, plus there is a chance too that they don’t know the exact location of a hotel/hostel that you are booked at, so the time you can relax inside the taxi after the tiring flight is impossible when you are worried where would be the driver will take you.

With this, we booked airport taxi pick-up in advance it is usually offered to the hotel you are booked at.  So when you are traveling in a city for the first time asked the hotel if they offer airport pick-up and drop off. If they don’t you can ask for referral or searched for good reviews online about trusted airport taxi service provider.

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Choosing an Airport Taxi Transport Service Provider

When you are planning your travels, an airport taxi transport service can prove to be very convenient. These services can pick you up at home and take you directly to the airport, so you won’t not need to worry about parking your car or keeping it somewhere during your holiday. Also, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of public transport and lugging your heavy bags around on trains or buses. All in all, the airport taxi option is probably the easiest, most convenient and most comfortable way to travel.

When it comes to booking your airport taxi, there are many different options at your disposal. Which taxi company you should book with? Take the time to do your research in advance before you make your decision, so that you can select the taxi service that suits your needs the best.

If you are choosing an airport minicab transport service, here are some tips to keep in mind which will help you select the service that is right for you:

Airport Taxi

Use Technology to Your Advantage

The internet has really changed the way we travel and has made booking so much easier than it has ever been before. You will be able to find several options online with the click of a button and peruse them from the comfort of your own home. Also, you will be able to compare prices, so that you can find an airport taxi service that works for your budget.

Another way that you can use the internet to your advantage when you are booking your airport taxi is to read review websites. This will give you the opportunity to see how other passengers have rated the company that you are considering booking with and whether they have had a positive experience.

Look for Experience
When you are choosing an airport taxi transport service provider, look for a company that has had many years in the business. They will obviously offer great service in order to have been around for a long time and they will have professional and experienced drivers who know what they are doing.

Ask About Special Requirements

Do you need to be able to bring a car seat in the airport taxi for your baby, or do you need to have extra luggage space to carry more bags? These are important things to ask about in advance when you are choosing your airport taxi transport service provider. These considerations might affect which company you hire, based on who can best accommodate you.

Don’t Always Choose the Cheapest

When you are looking at the different options for hiring an airport taxi service, you might be tempted to choose the cheapest option in order to save yourself the most money on your travels. However, the cheapest option isn’t always the best choice. Sometimes the very budget airport taxi services don’t offer much in the way of customer service and they might not be reliable. Instead, it is better to think about value. You want to find a price that you can afford, but you also want to be getting the right value for your money.

Ask Plenty of Questions

When you have narrowed down your search and have found an airport taxi service provider that you think will work for you, call them to find out more about what they have to offer. Don’t be afraid to ask them lots of questions – such as asking for a quote, asking what payment methods they have available, whether you are paying on the meter or a flat rate and even asking if they can offer you a discount. It never hurts to ask and you never know what you might get!

Once you have the satisfactory answer to all of your questions you can book your airport taxi and be one step closer to your holiday! You will be able to enjoy the convenience of being picked up directly at your home and taken to your departure gate, so that you can relax and think about more important things – such as whether you want to go shopping or hit the pool first when you arrive!

Author Bio

Max Wheeler is a blogger and freelance travel writer. He loves to go on beach holidays and his favourite destination is the Algarve in Portugal.

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The Advantages of Hiring a Limousine

Getting from point A to point B used to be just another part of life. However, with more people on the highways and inattentive drivers on the road, travel has turned into a full-time job. Looking forward to a night out, or entertaining a client, should not include sweating through traffic, slamming on brakes, and losing one’s cool. For that special event that needs to be perfect, look to a limo provider for excellent service.

Types of Limos

Once upon a time, limousines were used by only an elite group of people. Times have changed and so has the clientele that need limos. Riding in a spacious Cadillac Escalade can be the start, and finish, to a delightful wedding celebration, sporting event, or concert. No designated drivers are needed and the luxurious interior allows the party to safely continue, while riding.

New York Limousine
[Image not Mine]

Black Friday shopping has become a tradition in kicking off the holiday season. However, by the time the stores are reached, a parking spot is found, and everyone arrives at the front door of the mall, a nap is in order. By leasing a minivan, there is no worry of parking and plenty of room for all those packages. 12 or 24-passenger coach limos are also available for sight seeing adventures and group fun.


Limousines offer an assortment of amenities for pleasure during the ride. Wet bars, flat screen TVs, surround sound, lounge-type seating, and even restrooms can be found in many styles of limos. Pampered treatment is expected and never a disappointment when selecting an experienced limo service. Mood-enhanced lighting and 12-volt outlets are also available in many models. Providing solutions with confidence, is a trait of most professional luxury limo services.

Companies, like Carroll Transportation, possess a reputation in knowing and traveling, the New York City area. Always look for longevity and customer satisfaction when selecting a limo service for providing the best ride possible. Inquire about the background and training of drivers and what type of insurance is carried before making a decision. A quality limo service can provide an experience, that will turn into a happy memory, of the Big Apple.

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Road Tripping with Harley Davidson

One of the most challenging and exciting things to do while on vacation is road tripping.  It wouldn’t be as expensive unlike other vacations, it actually creates more fun and enjoyment.  If you are planning to have a road trip get away but your Harley Davidson bike needs a  repair don’t fret you can easily buy Harley parts  at

Road Trip Harley Davidson

[Image not Mine] offers genuine Harley-Davidson parts, accessories and motor clothes and often times they offer discounts and promo sales. Their online catalogue has an outstanding collection for your motoring needs.

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Hiring a Limousine in New York

Automobile limousines had their start in the first of the 1900s when automobiles were made with a covered compartment behind the driver seat for the passengers. The driver seat was uncovered and the driver wore a cloak that looked similar to the outdoor wear customarily worn at the time by the shepherds in Limousin, France. The name stuck. In the late 1920s, stretch limousines were invented at first to transport the great bands like Glenn Miller. Through the years, the practical luxury of limos became more and more popular. Today, these classy vehicles transport celebrities, government officials, business people and anyone who wants special transportation for an event.

Weddings, banquets, dances, shopping and sightseeing are some of the types of events when people use limousines to catch a ride. A trip in a limo is an experience that can be limited to a ride between two points such as airport runs to a romantic evening with mood music, roses in a vase and beverages. People can order food and take a scenic drive eating and drinking at their leisure and enjoying the changing scenes out the window while someone else does the driving.

NYC Limo

[Image not Mine]

Almost every city and town in the Western World has a limousine business for convenient and safe transport of people from all walks of life. Limousine businesses market their services on TV and radio commercials as well as putting ads in local newspapers and on billboards. Companies in cities everywhere like NYC Limo also advertise widely on the internet for people who may possibly want limousine service and may be surfing the web. Target advertising to potential persons interested in limousine hire for transportation or events is also practiced.

Gas prices have risen in recent history and the economy has its highs and lows. Limousine businesses do feel the crunch when the economy struggles. Considered a luxury by many, only the more wealthy customers may be regulars with limo businesses. However, especially in larger cities and near airports, limousines are always in demand for those who want comfortable and convenient transportation. Because of the popularity of limousines for celebrities as well as for events like weddings, limos will continue to enjoy business into the future, especially when the economy is fairly steady. The use of these popular, luxurious and safe chauffeured transportation vehicles will not diminish in the foreseeable years of the future.

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