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How to Get the Best Price on a Car Rental

Taking a vacation or a travel adventure is no longer a problem in Singapore because of the high number of car rental companies in the market. It is possible to get the car of your choice as you take your vacation either alone or with your family. One of the most popular car rental companies in Singapore is Exclusive Limo because of the comfortability it offers during vacations and travels. However, it is always good to keep in mind that hiring a car from a car rental company comes with a cost and sometimes the cost might be too high to afford. This calls for a need for a careful preparation in order to ensure that the cost does not strain you financially. There are few things you should do to ensure that you do not overspend and get a best deal in your car rental.

1. Look for a package deal

Many companies in Singapore collaborate with car rental providers and when you purchase more from then you can get a better deal, than you would get if you go directly to the car rental firm. Many travel agencies will also provide a deal if you get your exclusive limo with your hotel and flight.

Car Rentals in Singapore

2. Choose the right car depending on your needs

When hiring a car it is important to choose that car that will match your needs during the travel. The car you hire should be determined by the money you have, the number of people to accompany you and the terrain of the area you will be visiting. An exclusive limo acts as a choice for many clients because many companies provide the car at a cheaper price and it can also convenient in rough terrain.

3. Search online for the best price

With the increased number of car hire companies in Singapore, it is advisable to do a thorough search at all the online websites to get the best price. Many companies have been forced to reduce their car rental cost because of the increased competition. By searching, you will also be able to figure out what it should cost you to get a good exclusive limo for your travel.

4. Duration you need the car

It is good to consider the duration you require the car. In most cases it is more cost effective to rent a car on a full week rental. Therefore, if you need a car for five days, it is better to rent the car for seven days, but you can still return it before. It is also advisable to limit the time that you require a car in order to save.

5. Check for loyalty clubs

Be on the lookout for loyalty clubs because many car hire companies in Singapore have their own programs to reward frequent clients. It is usually free to join the loyalty clubs and you get to gain extra benefits, coupons and discounts that non members cannot get. It is also possible to get prizes and get free car rental for using their car services.

Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals is Singapore’s premier luxury car rental and limousine company. We provide a complete range of transport services and our business philosophy of ‘Quality Service to Customers at all times’ ensures that we constantly strive to serve you with our best, and with a smile.Feel free to call me on my hp: 9101 8983 for any queries.

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3 Great 4WD Adventures in Australia

There’s nothing like getting out and exploring some of the most rugged and interesting terrain that Australia has to offer. Whether you’re an avid 4WD fan or prefer to take a tour, there’s a track for every style and skill level. From driving down spotless beaches to tackling the roughest rock climbs and tough trails, Australia is the perfect destination for 4WDing. Here are 3 great 4WD adventures in Australia.

The Birdsville Track

This is one of the most iconic 4WD tracks in Australia, and provides a great way to get off road for those who haven’t had much experience but are keen for an adventure. The total length is 524km, and it is mostly made up of good gravel roads that won’t pose too much of a challenge to the beginner 4WDer. It helps to take at least a couple of days to fully explore the track without rushing. A popular stopover is the Mungerannie Roadhouse, as it is the only supply point along the track and a great place to stop for a cold drink. The best place to camp has to be at the Mungerannie Wetlands near the roadhouse for a truly unforgettable bird watching experience come sunrise.


Rainbow Beach Adventure

When you want to drive along miles of stunning beaches, a trip to Rainbow Beach is an absolute must. Set in the spectacular location of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Rainbow Beach is a great stop off point for those who are taking a few days to explore the best 4WDing tracks that the coast has to offer. With a little bit of practice, driving on the sand can be a fun experience for all abilities, with challenging dunes and thick sand sections keeping the avid 4WD fans happy, while the beginners can cruise along the harder sand along the shoreline.

Simpson Desert

Crossing the Simpson Desert is a goal for many 4WD enthusiasts. With the right preparation and a quality 4WD vehicle, the trip is one that is both challenging and rewarding for the adventurous travellers. It is recommended to take a minimum of three to four days to tackle the crossing, and you must ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the appropriate gear for a trip of this calibre. The unique beauty of the desert is one which draws many visitors to this desolate yet striking expanse of landscape, and is well worth the trip for those who are looking for the 4WD experience of a lifetime.

When you’re looking to go off road, you want to know that your vehicle is ready to take on whatever the track will throw at it. 4WD’s such as the Suzuki Grand Vitara offer the very best in 4WDing technology with an impressive level of interior comfort and smooth handling. Making sure that your vehicle is prepped and ready to tackle tough tracks is an essential part of your pre-departure preparation. When you and your vehicle are ready, check out these top tracks for a 4WDing adventure that you’ll never forget!

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Emma is a travel consultant from Australia who loves to blog about a range of topics including travel, cars and fashion.

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Overseas Driving Tips for Nervous Drivers

If the idea of a driving trip abroad terrifies you, you are not alone. The idea that right is right and left is wrong can be both confusing and scary. However, a driving tour can be very rewarding and with a bit of preparation, you will find it is a lot more manageable than you imagine. Here are some ideas other nervous drivers have found helpful:

Driving on the wrong side

Orientate yourself to the “wrong” side of the road by sitting behind a local driver during a bus or taxi ride. Imagine you are driving and you will very quickly adjust to the mirror image of what you are used to. Left turns are most perilous, as you can easily make the mistake of steering into the path of oncoming vehicles. A reliable co-driver can be your extra eyes and constantly remind you to stay on the correct lane. Exercise caution too when you are reversing. As you turn your head around, it is easy to lose your bearings, slip back into reflexive driving, and forget that the bulk of the car’s mass is now on your right, not on your left.

Crossing the street in Hanoi

Choosing your car

The familiarity of driving your own car can be comforting but your right-side driver’s seat is a major problem when overtaking along narrow European country roads as your view of oncoming vehicles may be totally obstructed. Rent a local car instead and choose one with automatic transmission. While a manual gives better control when negotiating bends and climbing hills, if you are unaccustomed to sitting on the left side you may find yourself reaching for the window winder each time you change gear. Rent from bigger companies like Alamo, Hertz and Avis, as they are all over the world and have better resources in an emergency.

Additional Insurance Coverage

Insurance paperwork for rental cars is less of a hassle compared to arranging for your own. Many first-time overseas drivers learn the hard way how expensive even minor repairs can be in a foreign land but taking up optional coverage will remove a load off your mind when you know you can literally walked away from an accident without having to pay for anything.

Plan ahead

Plan your route before you embark on your journey to reduce the anxiety of being in an unfamiliar place. You can then focus on driving carefully. Use a route planner like Michelin’s, which provides maps, information on hotels and restaurants, as well as the fastest, shortest, or most economical routes to take. A good satellite navigation device takes the guesswork out and gets you there with certainty.

When in Rome

Each country has its local idiosyncrasies. In France, you must carry a breathalyser. If you wear spectacles, have a spare pair in Spain, and if your car is dirty in Belarus you can be fined! Visit the AA website to get advice on local requirements and check what documents you need to carry with you before you venture overseas.

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