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World’s Top 5 Airports For Business Travellers

Airports are a little more than just a place to arrive and depart from destinations through flights. For some business travellers, they are much more than that. Many business travellers will spend hours on end at airports while they are flying from point to point with respected airlines to conduct their daily tasks. The hours spent at airports while departing, transiting and arriving can potentially add up to excess amounts. Many international, and even some domestic flights will entail a lengthy transit (or stopover) in specific destinations. This will vary depending on the airline as they will make required stopovers in their hub city. For example, every Qantas international flight to or from Australia, will stop in Sydney, regardless of the beginning or end destination. So with that in mind, many business travellers are spending lengthy periods in these unavoidable airports. Therefore they need to provide suitable and accommodating amenities to entertain business people throughout the duration of their wait. So where are the best airports located for business travellers?

Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, USA

Serving almost 2,500 arrivals and departures per day, Atlanta is one of the world’s busiest airports. Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport has considerably transformed over the last decade to suit the amount of time ALL travellers spend there. This is perfect for business people, as they have access to high quality internet access, though Wi-Fi and internet stations. This is handy for business travellers as they have access to their laptops and tablets for business purposes, opposed to simply waiting around, they can actually access work and not waste considerable time. They have access to these internet facilities in on-site conference rooms, so they can escape the rush and not be distracted by the busy and noisy surroundings of the airport terminals and departure gates.

The Atlanta Hartsfield airport is a 130 acre terminal which boasts 125 eateries and supplies over 90 retail outlets to keep people amused while in transit, or waiting for flights. For resting purposes, the airport offers an abundance of comfortable lounge areas and day bed sofas for business travellers to ‘put their feet’ up or catch up on some well-deserved rest. These facilities alone will accommodate any cranky or active traveller to help pass the time.

To Round Out the Top 5 Airports for Business Travellers

  • Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore
  • Munich Airport, Germany
  • Vancouver Airport, Canada
  • Dubai Airport, United Arab Emirates

The facilities offered at Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport pretty much sums up all of the remaining airports, so there is no need to go through them individually. As a business traveller, the most important aspect of airports is being able to escape the rush for peace and quiet to relax, having easy access to the internet, quality food outlets and bars and foreign exchange outlets. Many airports will offer these amenities, however these are notably the best.

How To Reach And Tour South Africa?

South Africa is delightful tourist spot. There are so many activities to indulge in while being wrapped in natural beauty of the African nation. If you travel from Johannesburg in the north of the country, to Cape Town in the southern part of the country, you will be able to catch the important sights and sounds of the country. For more info on tourists spots in South Africa, click here.

The major things you can do in this beautiful nation are-

1. Vineyard- In South Africa you will find Route 62. This auto route going through wineries is the longest in the world. It runs through various regions like Roberstom, Wellington where you will find many wine making facilities.

Tour organizers can arrange trips to vineyards or you can rent a car and reach yourself. There you can taste the wine and learn about wine appreciation through courses that will include food and accommodation. Also at some wineries entertainment shows are organized for tourists.

2. South Africa has great safari adventure destinations. In the wild life safari, you can see animals like rhinos, buffaloes, lions, and elephants up close. Available accommodation ranges from simple camps to highly luxurious facilities where you can go fishing, biking or take a guided tour.

You can also visit South Africa’s national parks for a great natural experience. Popular parks are- Marakele near Johannesburg, the Table mountain park and more.

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3. The cuisine in this country is very attractive for meat lovers. Meat from animals like ostrich, antelope, springbok feature in almost all restaurant menus. Every visitor should try the dish called Potjiekos, which is cooked in an iron pot, with meat, vegetables and also sometimes potato or rice. To know more about South African food- Click here.

Before you land in South Africa, sort out the accommodation and ask the tour operator to receive you at the airport. International flights from other countries will generally land in Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg. There are many small airports spread throughout the country, resulting in a great structure of domestic flights.

Things you should keep in mind while availing domestic flight services in South Africa.

  • At present there are multiple airline services in addition to the national carrier. Check them all out for great discounted offers.
  • Do not forget to search the World Wide Web to find out the best air fare deals in South African domestic flights.
  • The airlines of South Africa have begun charging for paper airplane tickets. You can avoid paying that extra charge of the airline fee of paper tickets. As an alternative you can go with e-tickets or online ticketing. Not only you will save money but will get an additional benefit. You will not have to worry about your plane ticket getting lost.

With such a great service of domestic flights, the trip to South Africa will turn out great and for more information click here to know more about the place.

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Makemytrip: Making Traveling Easier

Traveling to beautiful places all over the world is something that I love doing. Exploring different exotic destinations and learning about their cultures firsthand gives me a certain satisfaction that I can never get from just reading about them in books and magazines or by simply watching travel shows like Lonely Planet or An Idiot Abroad. Although I do not get to travel as much as I want to because of my busy schedule, I told myself that I will try to squeeze in at least two trips in a year. There are many more countries waiting to be traversed. I am not even half way through the list.

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A frequent traveler knows that it is very important to have a good travel agency that can be relied upon and trusted at all times. You would not want to encounter any problems just as you are about to leave. For sure you would like to concentrate solely on your trip. is known for revolutionizing the travel industry over the years. It is India’s leading online travel agency, operating since the year 2000. They continue to provide clients affordable products and the best services, making use of sophisticated technology and an efficient customer service staff. Booking instant airline tickets has never been this easy. Printing the E-tickets is also a breeze. They both have domestic and international flights.

Trips via Jet Airways India airline can be booked in This is the second largest Indian airline based in Mumbai. Jet Airways travels to around 76 destinations worldwide, having more than 400 flights daily. Its hubs are located in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Cochin, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru. Its major international center is at Brussels Airport in Belgium. Busy people can book their Jet Airways flights online in a jiffy. In doing so, they get to avail of huge discounts and great deals, enabling them to save more. Plus, it is easier, faster, and more convenient.

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Spicejet Airlines flights can also be booked via MakeMyTrip. One of India’s newest private airlines, Spicejet Airlines is a low cost airlines based in New Delhi. They are known for having cheap and discounted airfares, always thinking of ways to make traveling more budget friendly. They travel to 37 domestic and 4 international destinations. They also offer cargo services to many major cities in India. Booking a Spicejet flight online is easy with just a few simple steps.

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