Colorful Character: London

London is one multicultural, exciting, and vibrant city of the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. The city is a capital of the United Kingdom, among the largest in Europe which is situated in the famous river Thames. The beauty of London is known throughout the globe with its many landmarks standing high and tall.

The city of London is one sought after destination in the country, with colorful personalities such as the royal family being visible in the city, is a chance of a lifetime. The elegance and beauty vested in the city create one festive and joyous trip, so come now and see the wonders of the city. Travelling to London will let one see first the grandeur of the Heathrow Airport especially when one is flying a jet charter.


The magnificent structures in London is an iconic landmark. London houses the seat of the parliament, and the official residence of the queen. The Buckingham Palace is a masterpiece for art and architecture with a grandeur no other work is alike, and a chance of meeting a member of the royal family will be like a fantasy. The coronation site of the Westminster Abbey is one gathering that anyone wants to bear witness.

The Palace of Westminster is a place for political purposes for the British that anyone can see, and observe the men and women of British politics work. The famous Big Ben Clock Tower is one iconic structure for several decades, and when the clock rings during New Year, it is one joyous moment. And to view the entire city is to try riding on the London Eye observation wheel and be mesmerized by the beauty of the city.


London offers many enjoyable activities that can be done in the city. The many museums and parks and garden are worthy to visit, each one of them. Every museum offers different and unique theme that can bewilder anyone who steps into the magical realm of different museums. Museum of Natural History is a good place to start exploring the many other sites.

The parks and gardens are wonderful place with colorful flora surrounding the area is one magical place. The picturesque beauty of trees along lake or river bank is so gorgeous that it can be liked by anyone. Hyde Park and Regent’s Park has an elegance so adorable that it can let one replenish his tired body.


There are many events held in London each year that make anyone come back to the city for more. Live music events will be a jump packed and crowd pleasing activity for good music. London offers many types of music genre as it is one of the staging for alternative music.

The theatres of London particularly in West End is one of the best in the world. Having to watch stage shows will be great in London as they have many world class facilities. A great place for watching many blockbuster movies will be a sure fire hit.


The British has some of the best origins in sports, and has the best sports league and venues. In London the sporting spectacles involve the world’s played sport football and one of the grand slam tennis events of Wimbledon. London has about 15 football teams that are famous worldwide such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, and West Ham United to name a few and hear the crowds roar.

Wimbledon offers a thrill of excitement annually for the best tennis players to play to the one of the grandest stage of them all. Doing player spotting such as the likes of Serena Williams and Roger Federer is one good thing to do.

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