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Found in British Columbia, Whistler is situated in the magnificent Coast Mountains, and enjoys a stellar reputation as an all-season holiday destination. Tourists partake in endless winter activities during the snowy months, and summer visitors enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Whistler is the recipient of numerous awards in the travel industry as the best resort spot in many categories. The valley enjoys a pristine environment with abundant wildlife, gorgeous rivers, dazzling waterfalls, breathtaking glaciers and impressive parks. Needless to say, Whistler is an attractive and vibrant holiday destination.

Crisp deep snow greets winter visitors to Whistler with skiing and snowboarding opportunities that are unsurpassed in North America. The daring can try exhilarating heli-skiing and adrenalin-charged heliboarding. Exciting snowmobiling greets visitors to Whistler, while ziplining provides thrills of a different kind. Dogsledding is a truly Canadian sport, dating back thousands of years, and visitors to Whistler love to partake in this adventure. Relaxing sleigh rides provides an opportunity to enjoy the spectacular scenery. Whatever you desire, you can find it in Whistler during the winter.


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During the summer months, the pace of life in Whistler does not diminish, with visitors enjoying biking, golfing, fishing and hiking. The more adventurous can try bungee jumping and rafting. Relax with a gondola ride while enjoying the beauty of Whistler from the air. The lucky few may even spot a bear from the far above. If a closer encounter with a bear is desired, make sure to take an ecology tour visiting bear dens and their summer feeding grounds. Visitors to Whistler adore the numerous beaches and lakes to play on, while soaking up the summer sun. Others enjoy hiking through the deep old growth coastal hemlock-cedar forests. Summer visitors to Whistler are amazed at the vast variety that is available.

Summer or winter the nightlife in Whistler has become famous. Whether you are looking for après, clubs, or nightclubs, everyone will be sure to find what they are looking for in Whistler. If the nightlife is not your thing, then the lodges offer many kid-friendly activities that stretch far into the night, from roasting marshmallows over an open fire to snuggling in front of the fireplace. The most awesome thing about Whistler is that everyone will find just what they desire.


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The closest major airport to Whistler is Vancouver International Airport. A bus from Vancouver to Whistler, taking about two hours along a scenic highway passing through scenic fjords, magnificent mountains and breathtaking canyon, makes getting to Whistler very easy (visit for more information). If arriving in style is an attractive idea, it is possible to fly in to Whistler by helicopter or float plane. Winter visitors can enjoy taking the train to Vancouver, where they can also catch scenic shuttles to Whistler. During the summer months, visitors have the option of experiencing the Rocky Mountaineer Sea to Sky Climb train service directly to Whistler. Once visitors arrive in Whistler, they have no further need for transport, as everything is within walking distance with regular shuttles providing transport to the ski lifts. Getting to Whistler is easy, but many visitors say leaving is rough.

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