Eco Travel Adventure: Tips and Information

Eco-tourism is a great way to get in some relaxing vacation time while helping preserve the environment. The locations range from repairing horse trails in the Montana wilderness to island vacations in the Galapagos to study and protect the wildlife habitat. A successful eco-vacation minimize visitors’ environmental impact by providing alternative means of travel, reducing tourist waste at the destination, educating visitors about local conservation measures and providing an enriching experience that impacts the local environment or economy in a beneficial way.

Eco Travel Korea

Here’s a little information and a few tips to make your eco-travel productive and fun.

Eco-tourism goes by many names; sustainable travel, green vacations and cultural tourism are among them. A true eco-vacation has specific goals and follows principles that are designed to leave the destination in an improved condition. The main goals of eco-travel are:

  • Supporting natural areas and wildlife
  • Minimizing environmental pollution and waste
  • Providing a visitor experience that’s safe and educational
  • Respecting the cultural integrity of the vacation area
  • Designing the landscape in a manner that reduces environmental and ecological impact
  • Using scarce or non-renewable resources responsibly
  • Maximizing opportunities to improve the local economy and environment through responsible tourism

There are many companies that specialize in eco-tourism. These companies seek out and promote tours and vacation packages that closely follow the principles of eco-tourism, ensuring that the visitor and the local environment are both richer for the experience.

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