Eight of the Best Home Cooked American Food

 There are many types of home cooked American food which are prepared in different ways. Some of these foods are sophisticated and takes time and skills to prepare properly. But there are others which are simple and do not require one to have any experience. HostelBookers had a recent article here, but for now here is a roundup of eight amazing home cooked American foods.

A classic Philly cheese stake from Philadelphia is amongst the popular American foods. This is attributed to the fact that it is really tasty especially for people who enjoys eating cheese. It is also relatively easy to prepare it where one just requires mixing rib eye beef which is sliced into thin pieces with melted cheese and then putting it inside a roll of bread. The ratios of the ingredients need to be well balanced even though one can put ratios that they will enjoy.

A tasty dessert made using citrus fruits from Miami is also popular amongst many Americans. This dessert is prepared with key lime juice, canned condensed milk and eggs. Its popularity is also partly because the ingredients are easy to find and its preparation takes just a few minutes. Hence people who would to enjoy a nice dessert as one of the home cooked American food can readily make this dessert.

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Alaskan Salmon is also largely used in American due to its nice taste and the fact that it contains nutrients that are helpful to the body. Its color is also attractive and hence people enjoy cooking it often where it is grilled, smoked, baked or just eaten raw. It is also oily hence making its cooking simpler when compared to some other foods. Hence a person who would like to enjoy the delicious taste and have the necessarily nutrients can cook this fish.

Boston’s Clam chowder is usually found in different types and hence gives people the options of choosing the type they prefers. It originated from England but with time it has become popular amongst Americans. Its ingredients include clams, oyster crackers, potatoes and cream. It’s relatively sophisticated and hence requires caution while mixing the ingredients and cooking.

Peach Cobbler from Atlanta is also another food that is cooked in many homes in America. This is attributed to the fact that it is easy to prepare and requires a little work. It is preferable to serve it warm with the right quantities of ice cream especially vanilla flavor. Hence, one can enjoy a delicious dessert through learning to cook this famous home cooked American food.

A stew made with chilies is also amongst the foods cooked most in American homes. The ingredient of this stew includes meat, chili and other spices with the exclusion of beans. Its preparation requires to be done in precise ratios since adding too much spices or chili can spoil the entire stew while putting too little spices will not make the stew tasty.

Baltimore’s Crabs cakes are also cooked in many American homes where they are either fried or boiled. They are usually eaten in soups and dips depending on ones preference. Furthermore, they usually require steaming prior to cooking so that the can become soft and flavored.

Finally, a Chicago’s deep dish pizza is incredibly popular amongst Americans. This pizza is usually different from ordinary pizzas where one uses cheese which is then combined with the usual toppings before adding a rich tomato sauce. This is easily done and even a person without prior experience can readily prepare one. If you are looking for cheap rooms in Chicago or any of these places mentioned to try the local dish check out HostelBookers.com.

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