Essential Steps to Planning a Round the World Trip

There is so much to see out there, but a multi stop flight around the world is an excellent way to take a lot of it in. If you’ve got more than 80 days to spare you’ll get to see a lot, but whatever your timeframe there are several things you should consider when booking your round the world trip.


Where are you going to start? Do you go to your furthest destination and make your way back or just keep going until you land somewhere familiar? Whichever you choose, a ’round the world’ ticket is a really good option. Of course the more stops you want to make the more expensive it becomes. The way it works is you start and end at the same airport, you then choose a certain number of destinations, and you can change the dates of the flights in between, as long as you still return by your original final date and you stick to the same airports. This type of ticket actually allows quite a lot of flexibility during your trip provided you don’t change your mind about destinations. It’s best to use a travel agent to organise this sort of ticket as it can get a bit complicated and they can usually make some helpful suggestions.

Around the World Travel


It’s so tempting to take all your favourite clothes, something nice to wear for evenings out, high heels and a 3 piece suit but just don’t. Take as little clothing as possible and definitely don’t take anything which you’re going to be really upset about losing. You’re going to buy loads of things while you’re travelling and you just don’t need that many clothes, they’re washable. Trust me, I thought my fashion sense would be horribly wounded by wearing the same 3 t-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts for 6 weeks, but it didn’t, I survived.


With a round the world ticket you’ll need a precise start and end date. You can of course not bother with any of that, buy a ticket to one location and then make your mind up later about where you’d like to go next. However, as wonderful as that freedom is, it could end up being very expensive, not just in travel costs but also because it’s important to budget for how long you intend to be travelling. If a year turns into two you might find yourself in a bit of a financial pickle. One thing which could be very valuable to you is doing a TEOFL course before you go. Simply by virtue of being a native English speaker you are highly employable in many other countries. Having a TEOFL qualification to teach English as a foreign language could give your finances a much needed top-up in another country. Before you leave, don’t forget to budget for things like travel insurance, visas, vaccinations and travel supplies (sun block is surprisingly pricey!) The most important thing you can do for your budget when you’re travelling is to be vigilant. As dirty as your clothes might be and as tanned as you may have become you’re still highly distinguishable as a ‘Wealthy Westerner’ and therefore perfect prey for the pickpocket. Don’t live your life in fear but do take sensible precautions.



Number one rule of travel: have fun! You’re going to see some spectacular sights, meet some wonderful people and just generally have a fantastic time. Take some photos to make everyone back home jealous of your exciting adventure.

 Fiona Wright is a freelance travel writer and rambler.

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