Great Value Sightseeing London Tours

London is one of the must-see places in the world, with its humble beginning as an old-time kingdom rules by royalties to what it has become now as a bustling and progressive city. Hence, there’s no reason you should not visit this city.  Here is a list to guide you what places to see in this magnificent city in the heart of England.

British Museum
This city has rich historical and cultural background. It just won’t do that you visit this place without learning about its vivid past. The British Museum offers breathtaking displays that represent London’s history. The Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon Structure, and the mummies of ancient Egypt are just some of the attractions in the museum.

The London Eye
If there’s one way to see the beautiful city in its entirety, that perhaps is through the London Eye. Considered as the tallest observation wheel in the world, this structure has 32 capsules which can accommodate 25 people each! In just a 30-minute ride, one could see the magnificence of the England’s capital, especially its 55 most famous landmarks. Some suggest it is better to ride into the Eye during the night, because you see all the lights glimmering across the city. Perhaps you and your partner should do this together. How romantic can that be!

The Tower of London
Feel like a royalty by visiting one of the world’s most astonishing architectures. This 900-year old building once served as a palace, a prison, and storage of war equipment. The Tower is so huge it even housed a zoo! The Crown’s jewel, the medieval king’s bedchamber, and the White Tower are just some of the must-see in this place.

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