Group Adventure Getaways: Lake Garda Holidays and Beyond

How are you hoping to spend your summer? Travelling with friends is always a fun experience, but it doesn’t have to mean returning to samey resorts year in, year out.

Take a taste of adventure and consider activity holidays in Europe. From group snowboarding holidays to kayaking Lake Garda holidays, activity getaways with friends create memories that will be cherished forever.

Group snowboarding holidays and skiing sojourns are adrenaline fuelled breaks, fantastic for mixed groups, family getaways or alternative, tasteful stag or hen trips.

In addition to the slopes, groups can look forward to cross country skiing through some sensational scenery as well as relaxing sessions at the on site spas.

Add a touch of luxury to your stay by opting for a catered cabin, complete with contemporary amenities and delicious, nutritious meals.

 Lake Garda

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Lake Garda holidays are set around one of the most renowned bodies of water in Europe. The striking setting is the base for your group kayaking excursions, hiking expeditions and mountain biking trips.

Kayaking on Lake Garda is a picture-perfect watersports experience. As well as a top work out for any fitness fans in your group, kayaking is a great way to journey on the water and discover every spectacular spot of Lake Garda.

Land based pursuits in the area include bespoke walking tours and biking trails through the impressive mountains.  From biking beginners to avid cyclers, routes can be arranged to complement your capabilities, enabling you to truly enjoy your excursion.

Explore the region casually; enjoy walks into the nearby centres as well as visits to the area’s world famous olive groves.

Globetrotting in groups is about exploring the world, experiencing its differing cultures and making the most of the breath-taking settings it has to offer. Grasp these opportunities with both hands and make Lake Garda holidays or group snowboarding holidays your choice of trip for 2012.

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