Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – Perfect Maritime Getaway

Looking for a nice relaxing family vacation on the water? How about a romantic delicious seafood dining experience for two? Even if you’re wanting to venture out and take an independent vacation on your own, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada contains opportunities for all this and more and is worth definite consideration the next time you’re planning a holiday.

Whether you’re on a budget, or ready treat yourself for a out on the town, you’ll never have trouble finding a variety of fresh and delicious seafood dining locals. Nova Scotia lobster is world famous, and is definitely worth a try. The Halifax Waterfront and Downtown area is home to hundreds of pubs and restaurants, and if beer drinking is strikes your fancy, why not do a tour of the Alexander Keith’s brewery? For the wine connoisseur out there, the Annapolis Valley is an hour drive from Halifax and is famous for its vineyards and wineries.

Summer time is the perfect time to visit Halifax while its maritime climate is at its finest. Also, it’s the best time to find direct flights from a multitude of international locations to Halifax’s own international airport. Here is a good starting place to find deals on flights.   During the summer months, usually several weeks in July or August, the Busker’s Festival rolls onto the Halifax Waterfront boardwalk and world famous street performers dazzle their audiences with their daring feats, and impressive illusions. Summer is also the best time to visit the horticultural heaven that is the Halifax Public Gardens when it is in full bloom, and which sponsors a summer concert series.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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For the history buffs amongst you, Halifax has no shortage of interesting sites to visit. There are many tours around the city identifying the relevant locations in reference to the 1917 Halifax Explosion, which was the world’s largest man-made blast until the atomic bomb. One of Halifax’s iconic attractions is Fort George, perched atop the Citadel Hill. This star-shaped fortified summit is especially great for visiting with you children, while period dressed re-enactors are there to recount the history in a thrilling way. Three of Halifax’s graveyards hold the remains of those lost in the tragedy of the RMS Titanic. Finally Pier 21, a former ocean liner terminal, and now a historical site and museum, was where hundreds of thousands of immigrants entered North America between 1928-1971.

What’s a maritime vacation without water? There are many Harbour tours of diverse themes for the vistors’ different tastes. Whale watching? Check. Party Cruise? Yup. A tour aboard the beloved Canadian TV Icon Theodore the Tug Boat? Of course. What about a giant bus that looks like a frog, that is able to drive out on the water too? Believe it or not, yes; the Harbour Hopper is a favourite amongst tourists, as well as Haligonians (natives to the city) as well.

Well, don’t take my word for it! Find all this and more when you come explore Halifax yourself!!

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