Headphones for Travelling – What to Look For

As we are all now privy to a greater amount of portable devices that can play our favourite music, many of us prefer to employ this technology to make a journey pleasant and to help pass the time. Whether taking the metro for our daily work commute or instead wish to enjoy a countryside excursion during the summer months, it is important to choose the correct headphones that are both durable and provide quality sound. So, let us look at some of the features highlight for when purchasing a pair that is intended for travel.


We mustn’t forget that headphones for use around the home or office tend to be much more fragile than those intended for travel. Therefore, it is essential that travelling headphones are durable and preferably include a manufacturer’s warranty. Avoid those that appear flimsy in design or that have delicate parts which could be easily damaged. Also, these headphones should allow for the option to be packed away in a suitcase or handbag without risking damage. Many headphones designed for travel will have the option to be folded up and stored safely.

Skullcandy Headphones


Headphones designed for travelling need to fit snugly around the head without feeling bulky or uncomfortable. This is especially important during longer journeys when they may be worn for hours at a time. The speakers on either side should contain an ample amount of cushioning and the overhead strap should not cause discomfort. Also, the more modern and lightweight devices are much less bulky, which is a genuine concern in confined spaces such as cars or airplanes. A good source of information regarding some of the best choices can be found here.


Unlike around the home or office, a great deal of ambient noise can abound when travelling. The best headphones will also boast the ability to cancel out most background sounds. This is actually a rather new feature and thus, only the more high-end models tend to offer this amenity. It is nonetheless well worth the money to enjoy a truly relaxing musical experience, particularly for the frequent traveller.

Audio Quality

While this may be an obvious benefit, we must remember that the digital age has now allowed us to experience music with a robustness and a clarity that was previously unheard of. Likewise, a good pair of travelling headphones should also provide the highest quality sound. An effective way to determine this is to ask to try out a floor model of the headphones desired and turn the volume up to near-maximum. Listen to the sound from a few inches away and determine if there appears to be any distortion. For the highest fidelity, it is always advised to stick with the more recognised brand names.

These few simple guidelines can help find the best headphones that will be ideally suited for a variety of travels. These modern devices can help make any trip more relaxing and enjoyable.

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