Honeymooning In Canada

Choosing Canada as a honeymoon destination can be the perfect blend of romance, discovery and delight. The cosmopolitan mix of upscale restaurants, unique shopping and lively entertainment within the major Canadian cities is a draw for couples honeymooning from around the world, while the breathtaking gorgeous and diverse landscapes is perfect for a romantic getaway. While it is almost impossible to pinpoint the best Canadian destination for lovers, below are some regions worth considering as you plan your dreamy vacation.

Whistler, BC.

Whistler, British Columbia offers a harmonious blend of majestic views from atop its mountain peaks, and luxurious accommodations in their peaceful, yet bustling village. A short distance from Vancouver, this upscale community offers plenty of shopping, eateries and evening entertainment options, and provides top notch outdoor activities year round, whether it is skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer.

Honeymoon in Quebec City

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Quebec City, QC.

As soon as one enters the region of Quebec, the difference is noticeable. Being the only province with French as its first language, the culture changes significantly from the rest of Canada, offering a unique flavor and ‘joie du vie’ (joy of life). Quebec City is a historic gem with its beautiful, colorful architecture and old-world charm. Exceptional food, lovely attractions and a nightlife scene that pulses with excitement will entice honeymooners as they venture forth into the province’s capital; a horse drawn carriage ride through the starlit streets is sure to set the mood.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Venture away from the iconic Niagara Falls and discover an intimate community with superior shops, restaurants, wineries, nature and theater. The famous Shaw Festival is held here annually, attracting top thespians to this lovely town to delight locals and travelers alike with sweeping performances. This laidback, picturesque setting is the perfect locale for newlyweds looking to unwind from stresses in luxury spas and boutique accommodations.

Prince Edward Island

Connected to the mainland by way of a bridge that is an engineered masterpiece, Prince Edward Island is a remote national treasure that few take advantage of. With its kind hearted, welcoming people and the ocean playground to entertain visitors and native dwellers, couples can easily feel quite at home. Fresh seafood, particularly the lobster, makes them famous, along with their farmers markets and intimate bed-and-breakfasts. Couples can bike and relax along the beaches of red clay and white sands, as well as the high grassy cliffs that overlook blue ocean waves. The many fishing villages will provide quaint magnetism that will make you feel miles away from the anxieties of planning a wedding.

There are many things about Canada that make it unique in its appeal to honeymooners. One thing to be certain of though – a honeymoon in “The Great White North” is sure to create unique and wonderful memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

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