Hot Trends in Wedding Party Venues

There are so many new and unique places to have your wedding now. From rustic barns to high class ballrooms, anything goes when planning your special day! There are a few trendy venues that seem to be popping up over and over, setting the bar higher when it comes to creativity and these are a few of the hot spots that brides are liking more and more.

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It’s all about location when you are planning your event. Whether it is outdoors in a California vineyard or one of the popular Atlanta wedding venues – the location of your celebration sets the theme and tone of your entire wedding. Keep in mind the time of day and time of year (snow, rain and heat are vital factors for those held outdoors!) Plan ahead so there aren’t any “surprises” on your wedding day!

First Impressions

Incorporating popular trends into your reception such as chandeliers, tents, lounge areas and more give guests an impression and sets their expectations as to what type of wedding you are having. Be specific in your invitations and give as many details as possible – this will have your guests ready for a good time without worrying about what they are wearing, what to bring, etc.

Sweet Memories

Most brides think they know exactly what they want when selecting a venue, but look around and have somewhat of an open mind. If you are thinking about a beach wedding or wedding in the mountains, ask other brides who have had their wedding in these locations – they will be able to give you firsthand advice on the do’s and don’t’s of your dream wedding

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