How Modern Families are ruining their Treasured Holidays by spending too long checking their Social Accounts!

It’s no longer a matter of speculation that social media has completely taken over human relationships, but it’s a matter of fact. Addiction to social media is the reason people have no manners, it’s responsible for motor vehicle accidents and it’s replaced the physical affection and relationships that humans should have with each other, but thanks to social media those relationship have eroded. It’s bad enough that the development of technology and access to social media has invaded our homes, schools and work place, but this ‘virus’ has penetrated vacations. People go on vacation, but minimal attention is afforded the vacation because a person is too busy twitting, updating their status on Facebook or posting their pictures on Instagram.

Bill McAgee is a regular contributor to USA today, and he tells of how he has a friend who posts every meal he ate on Instagram and Facebook while on vacation. Bill tells the story of how a father missed his daughter’s wedding because he was too busy capturing the wedding on video. Point? We have become a society obsessed with documenting moments instead of engaging ourselves with the experience of our vacations. did a study in April of 2012 that showed that about 80% of tablet and smart phone owners take them on vacation every time they go on vacation. The best excuse given of course for the over use of social media while one is on vacation is that a vacation is the one occasion that one should share with their friends, and on top of sharing their vacation with another person, vacations are also shared to boast to your list of friends about where you and your family are vacationing.

You go on vacation to relax, unwind, switch off and ultimately re-charge and rejuvenate yourself. The constant presence on your twitter account, your Facebook text messaging and your Instagram takes away from the moment in front of you. Think about how many social media sites there are, and some people are subscribed to ALL of them, and you post your pic on the beach on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and your BBM. Now picture that on all 5 social platforms that you have posted your picture on, someone responds, and every time a response comes through, your phone beeps to alert you of the new message, how much time do you think will be spent on responding back and forth to each social platform, to each conversation? EXACTLY.

When you go on vacation, try vacationing in places where there won’t be network for you to connect to your social platforms. If you do go to a place where you can be on social media, set a specific time aside to post your pics and socialize, but when that time lapses make a concerted effort to turn your phone off, and actually enjoy the holiday and be present in the moment. Not only will you realize that you don’t die just because you have spent time away from social networking, but you will realize that you had a meaningful holiday.

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