How to Choose an Airport Taxi Transport Service Provider

When you are visiting a city for the first time it is advisable to hire a taxi from the airport to your destination, other than being convenient it is also the best thing to do,  to avoid being scammed or charged with more money than the usual rate, this is what my husband learned from travelling to different destinations.


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That’s right the idea of getting  a good rate from local taxi outside the airport is not good idea after all, they are the one who ask higher rates, plus there is a chance too that they don’t know the exact location of a hotel/hostel that you are booked at, so the time you can relax inside the taxi after the tiring flight is impossible when you are worried where would be the driver will take you.

With this, we booked airport taxi pick-up in advance it is usually offered to the hotel you are booked at.  So when you are traveling in a city for the first time asked the hotel if they offer airport pick-up and drop off. If they don’t you can ask for referral or searched for good reviews online about trusted airport taxi service provider.

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