How To Prepare For Your Volunteering Adventure

If you’ve planned a volunteering adventure or it’s something you really want to do, then you must be so excited! An adventure like this one will not only change the lives of others, it’ll change yours too. To have the best time, it only makes sense to go prepared. Here’s how to prepare for your volunteering adventure:

Read Up On The Place

Before you head off on your volunteering adventure, read up on the place you’re volunteering with. They will help you if you need any advice, and you can learn a lot by reading about other people’s experiences. However, you can’t guarantee that yours will go the same way, so don’t treat them as gospel.

Learn All About Local Culture

You should have an idea of where you’re going to go, so learn all about the local culture. Learning about the local culture will give you some sort of idea on what to expect. You’ll also learn how not to offend people, as this can be a big problem when travelling to foreign countries. Even if you volunteer with Orangutans, you’ll need to interact with local people! Something that is innocent enough in your home country might be considered extremely rude in another culture. Respecting cultures and traditions is important, even while volunteering.

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Make A List Of Things To Take With You

Make a list of things to take with you so you don’t feel like you’ve forgotten anything. You should be able to find lists online, but it’ll probably vary depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing. As with any adventure like this, it’s probably a good idea to pack as light as you can.

Save As Much As You Can

Volunteering isn’t free, so you should save as much as you can to live comfortably while you’re out there. The money you save will help you to purchase food, souvenirs, phone cards to stay in touch with family, and of course any other adventures you want to have while you’re away. You’ll always wish you had more money, so make sure you save as much as you can!


Take Safety Precautions

Taking safety precautions will ensure that you have peace of mind on your travels, and stay safe. You should do things like note down important numbers, and keep things like your passport in a safe place. If you plan on going exploring in your free time, let people know where you’re going and when you expect to be back.

Book A Doctor’s Appointment

No matter where you’re going, booking a doctor’s appointment is essential. You’ll be checked over to make sure you’re good to go, and you’ll also have any vaccinations you might need to keep you healthy on your trip.

Your volunteering adventure will likely be the best thing you ever do. Just make sure you prepare for it properly, and you’ll have the most incredible experience. Just think of the stories you’ll be able to tell when you arrive home! Do you have tips for preparing for an adventure such as this? Leave a comment!

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