How to Successfully Travel Alone

Travelling the world is one of the best things you can do, and if you’re got the time to spare than what better way to use it! Most people travel with a friend or even with family members, however if you’re thinking of travelling alone this summer, there are plenty of things you should watch out for.

Traveling along means that you have to be on the ball all the time, and you can’t rely on other people to make decisions for you. Where you go is entirely up to you, and you must be responsible enough to manage your money, and save enough for emergency situations too.

Travelling solo can be one hell of an experience, but only if you follow a few simple tips – let’s take a look at some of them.

Traveling Alone

Planning & Saving

Get a plan in place for saving money monthly – cut down on buying lunches, coffees, cut down on transport where you can, switch bank accounts where you’re offered a cash  incentive to do so. Simple things like this can help you save money to prepare for your trip.

Remember to get several photocopies of all your travel documents, in case you need to present them anywhere and if you lose them you’re only losing a photocopy of your passport & not the real thing.

When booking your trip, shop around for round the world flight tickets – you can often find great offers with stopovers in several countries at a reduced rate compared to if you book your flights separately.

Research The Local Language

Before jetting off to a foreign country to begin your around the world tour alone, don’t rely on the locals to speak your language. There’s no need to be fluent, but it will help to get a grasp of the basics jus to tie you over until you can speak English. Additionally, bring phrase books for every country you intend to visit too.

Know Your Religions

If you consider the numbers, the majority of the world follows the Muslim religion, however that doesn’t mean that that’s all there is to see. Most of the time, religion won’t mater, and you’ll be able to go about your travels without being pestered about what your beliefs are. But you should still keep track of other people’s beliefs, and how to approach them in a respectful way about the subject.

Gestures are also very important when travelling, and you must ensure you get them spot on so not to offend anyone. For example, placing your hands in the prayer position on your forehead and bowing slightly is a respectful way to say thank you in Thailand, and you must also take off your shoes when entering a person’s home or a shop.

In some countries, it’s frowned upon to talk to the opposite sex without their husband or wife being present, and although you mean no disrespect, it can cause some problems. Furthermore, in places like Dubai, showing off too much skin is also frowned upon, and you’re not allow to hold hands or kiss in public. The punishment for this can be severe.

Trust Your Gut

Above all other things, always trust your instincts when travelling alone. If something is too good to be true, that means it probably is, and no matter where you travel, remember that every local or business is trying to make a quick buck out of you. Don’t get sucked into the trap!

Social Media

To keep your parents’ worries at bay, use social media of smart phone applications to ‘check in’ at places on your travels. Facebook allows you to pinpoint your location and tell friends and family where you are, and there are also applications for the iPhone that will allow your family to track you wherever you go!

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