Limerick Is the Best Irish City to Visit in 2014

Limerick, a city that lies on the River Shannon, is a major tourist destination mainly for its historical and architectural tourist attractions. This city is truly the best Irish city to visit next year, 2014. Why? That is the year that it takes the crown as the center of Irish culture and celebrates it City of Culture status.


Limerick is Ireland’s very first designated City of Culture. A series of events will be taking place in the city throughout that year. Of course, aside from the series of events, here are some activities to enjoy during that trip to Limerick.

Tourist Attractions

Upon entering the city, visitors will not fail to notice the beautiful architecture that a lot of buildings in the city possess. Some of those were built during the 12th century like King John’s Castle which dates back to 1212 and St. Mary’s Cathedral which was originally built in 1168.

The city proper is known for its Georgian core as a lot of buildings are of Georgian architecture. That’s because most of the city was developed in the middle of the 18th century. A stroll along O’Connell Street will give visitors a great view of those buildings.

People’s Park is yet another tourist attraction worth going to. The park has been open to the public since 1877. With its collection of trees, the park is a piece of heaven in the middle of Limerick’s busy city center. Arthur’s Quay Park is yet another

City of Culture

Limerick’s local government supports the arts. That’s why local visual or performing artists are fully supported with educational institutions and facilities that are more than enough to enhance their talent. There are so many visual art galleries and studios in this city as well as dance and theatre companies.

One of the best Irish museums, the Hunt Museum, is one of the best museums to visit in Ireland. It features 18th century architecture and houses around 2,000 important works of art. That includes an Antrim Cross from the 9th century, a sketch by Picasso, and a sculpture that was said to be designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

Limerick Fall

Irish pubs are also famous for being performing venues for local and international talents. Aside from good old Irish beer, the usual pub grub, and being a melting pot for locals and tourists, most pubs in the city feature live entertainment during the evening as well. That’s what the Irish craic is all about.

Nature Trips and Adventures

This isn’t just known for its architecture, history, culture, and the arts. Even those that enjoy outdoor adventures can find the sort of adventure they seek in Limerick. Cratloe Woods House is also a popular tourist attraction that has been around since the medieval times. However, the house that stands was built in 1730 and is open to the public during the summer season.

Cratloe Woods which surrounds the house features a trail that runs through the woodlands. The trail itself stretches throughout the whole area. Just wear shoes that are comfortable enough for all sorts of terrain and a 3 kilometer walk. More adventurous travelers can choose to take the obstacle course within the woodlands. Even families can enjoy picnics in this area as there are picnic sites all over the place.

The Shannon Region Trails run throughout County Limerick, Clare, and other neighboring areas. Not too far from the city, there are perfect trails for walking, cycling, boating, and even horseback riding. What’s more, Ireland’s Shannon Region is perfect for surfing, scuba diving, canoeing, and other outdoor activities. So, those who seek adventure can just head to that region and choose an activity or more to enjoy.

Limerick Winter

Why 2014?

This Irish city is already worth visiting regardless of the season for everything that it has to offer. Its events and festivals are always worth looking forward to as well. Come 2014, all of that gets even better as the city celebrates its City of Culture of status.

What is there to look forward to? Here are some of the events lined up. As early as January, a series of concerts will be taking place at the University Concert Hall. Wholesome shows for the family like Aladdin and Peter Pan will be featured during that month. Sports fans of Edinburgh and Munster should not miss the Heineken Cup games which will be held at the Thormond Park Stadium that month too.

There are so many other events in store throughout the year. The city’s official site provides the list of events that will take place in the city and county from January to December 2014.

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