Make the Most of Family Holidays in Barbados

The Caribbean islands make for an idyllic holiday spot and as one of the most developed islands but conversely, one of the most naturally beautiful, Barbados is popular amongst all ages.

Home to a lush interior and a coastline full of unique marine life, there’s a substantial choice of family-friendly activities on holidays to Barbados: visit the vast plantation homes that dot the island, relax on golden beaches, surf, hike, dive and splash around in the gentle waters of the southern and western coasts. So what are the highlights of a family trip to this welcoming, sunny isle?

Those who are keen to snorkel can visit the Folkestone Marine Park & Museum, which features an artificial reef that was created by the sinking of the Stavronikita ship after it was destroyed by fire. While this is open to experienced divers only, there is a recreational zone with an inshore reef for novices.


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Here, you can treat the kids to an array of underwater plant life including corals, sea anemones and sea lilies. There is also a visitor center complete with aquarium, along with a children’s playground, basketball court, snack bar and picnic benches.

Another excellent day trip in Barbados can be found at the Animal Flower Cave, which is located at the island’s most northerly point. It is named after the ‘animal flowers’ or sea anemones that line its pools. The walls of the cave are a striking mixture of green and brown thanks to the copper and iron that has been oxidized here.

The site also has a restaurant area where you can refuel and grownups can sample the rum punch on offer. Visitors can also take in impressive views of the northern coast of the island from the cliffs surrounding the cave.

In addition, vacationers can grab the full underwater experience on an Atlantis Submarines Tour. The company, which is based in Bridgetown, offers adventures in a real submarine. For families, the Day Dive is probably best; a fully-narrated undersea voyage that ventures to a shipwreck 130 feet beneath the waves.

Families can enjoy one of the safest and friendliest atmospheres in the Caribbean on this jewel of an island. Most resorts are welcoming to kids of all ages and there are endless aquatic, wildlife and safari-style activities to keep everyone entertained. And don’t forget to check out the Bajan folk dances and shows featuring stilt-walkers and fire-eaters, as the evening draws in…

Davinia Trommel is a travel writer who specializes in finding top vacation spots for families.

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