On Visiting Myanmar

We arrived from our two weeks vacation in Myanmar few days ago. It was tiring and exhausting which is should be expected by a traveler. We saw a lot of temples and pagodas on different sizes, architecture and history.

At first I thought our vacation would not materialized because my husband went home to Canada for my nephew in-law’s funeral. Yeah right it was the saddest Christmas of our lives.  My husband says the trip cannot be postponed I didn’t opposed anymore I just thought it is better to be busy traveling rather than locking ourselves in four walls of our apartment and be sad all day. Probably my nephew in-law will not be happy about it too, we need to unwind and move on with our lives.

As expected I am mistaken as Burmese, every people we met keep talking to me on Burmese. My husband and I has agreement that I should talk my local language so they will know I am not their local but I don’t want to fool around so I just simply says English which mean to talk to me in English seconded by my husband telling the people I am not Burmese. To be mistaken was not a big deal for me it was thing to be proud of, isn’t it?

My husband suggested that I should wear a shirt printed “I am not Burmese”, wearing a printed shirt with ” I am not a local”  is our butt of jokes every time we traveled in South East Asia because this is not the first time that I am mistaken to be a local we visited Bangladesh every body thought I am a Bangladeshi, visited India I was mistaken to be Indian same thing on Sri Lanka, China, Mongolia, Thailand and other South East Asia countries. What I cannot forget is when we are in India and someone thought I am a Japanese, calling me Japanese while trying to sell postcards to me which I think too much. Well I think I am person with many races and I am proud of it! Haha!

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