Best 10 Holiday Activities in Hurghada

Hurghada is a city with a lot of diversity, and tourists won’t find themselves lacking in things to do. Beaches, deserts, and theme parks offer a little something for everyone. Here are the ten best things to do in Hurghada.

1. Diving in the Red Sea

Diving in the Red Sea

This experience is the reason that tourists come to Hurghada. The marine life in the red sea is abundant and colourful, and the waters are crystal clear. Several outfits in the area can rent you the appropriate gear, or get you certified in diving if you have never dived before.

2. Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert

With the Sahara desert so close, it would be a shame not to visit. Excursions into the desert could be as short as a day or as long as a few weeks. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to see an impressive landscape and a lifestyles that starkly different from your own. Check with local tour guides to see the latest prices and departure dates.

3. Mahmaya Island

Mahmaya Island

Mahmaya is one of the nicest beach areas in Hurghada, and it’s a great place to spend time with the family. You can rent your own small beach hut, made from palm tree leaves. The beach is not too crowded, and it’s easy to get to from any hotel in Hurghada. Make sure you wear enough sunscreen; the Egyptian sun is unforgiving.

4. New Marina

New Marina

This area boasts trendy cafes and bars, and it’s a great place to take a stroll at night. Perfect for a nice dinner on the town.

5. Horseback Riding

Horse Ride

Guests to Hurghada can go on guided horseback rides through the desert. The guides will show you how to mount and ride a horse if you’ve never done it before. The experience of galloping through the sand dunes is no to be missed!

6. Careless Reef


This is an excellent place to go snorkelling. The waters are somewhat sheltered, making for a calm and clear place to see the corals and fish below.

7. Dolphin Dancers


Kids will love a stop at Dolphin Dancers. This live show happens everyday, and it involves upbeat music and dolphin tricks in a spectator pool.

8. El Dahar market

El Dahar Market

For a bit of culture, visit El Dahar market. This local area is an open air market where you can buy many local products, as well as authentic souvenirs. Be prepared to haggle with the prices.

9. Makadi World

Makadi World

This water park boasts colourful water slides, a pool, and many other water attractions for small children. A day at Makadi world Water Park would be a welcome break for the whole family.

10. Sharm el Naga Beach

Sharm el Naga Beach is perfect for a day of relaxation once you finish seeing all of the amazing places above.

Sharm el Naga Beach

Finally, endless amounts of time can be spent simply discovering the streets of Hurghada. Meeting some of the locals and seeing the areas of daily life is a fun activity in any new place. No matter how long you’re planning to stay in Hurghada, there is always something new to explore in this city.

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7 Reasons to Book a Lanzarote Holiday

Are you looking for somewhere to book for your next holiday, and have you considered a stay in Lanzarote? More than 1.5 million people visit Lanzarote each year, though it’s only been a popular holiday destination since the mid-1980s. Usually there are more tourists than locals on the island, with visitors generally booking to stay in a hotel or a villa.

What makes Lanzarote so popular? These are seven of the best reasons to visit:

The Weather

Year-round good weather is guaranteed to appeal to British holiday-makers, and tourists from other parts of Europe. Temperatures are typically around 20°c in the winter months and 30°c through the summer, which means that even a winter holiday can include visits to some of the island’s best outdoor attractions.


[Image from]

The Beaches

Whilst you’re thinking about outdoor attractions, take a minute to consider Lanzarote’s beaches. There are white sand beaches across the island, along with occasional black sand beaches which are a magical sight if you’ve never seen them before. Water sports are popular, and you can go diving off the coast.

The Vineyards

Given Lanzarote’s dry and dusty landscape, you might be surprised that its vineyards thrive. Fortunately they do, which means that vineyard tours and wine-tasting sessions can be included on your itinerary. Plan a visit to a vineyard early on, so that you can purchase high quality wine for the rest of your holiday.

The Volcanoes

Lanzarote is a volcanic island. It’s been a long time since the last eruption, but ash and dust still cover the landscape as there’s been very little rain to wash it all away. Tours can take you up to the volcano area where guides will visually demonstrate how hot the ground can be. You can dine on food cooked over a volcanic crater, or enjoy a camel ride through the mountain landscape.

The Food

Lanzarote restaurants are incredibly varied, and usually of a very high quality. You can enjoy authentic Spanish dishes and Canary Island specialities or visit a Chinese, Indian or Italian restaurant. There are also Irish pubs, mostly around the Costa Teguise area, where you’ll find comforting pub meals like the ones served in your local.

The Wildlife

Haria lizards are abundant on the island, but you’ll also see other wild animals on land and in the water. Boat trips will take you out to see the dolphins, though you might be even more impressed by the flying fish that dart alongside your boat. Egrets are another common sight on land and over the water.

The Water Parks

Lanzarote water parks are amongst the best attractions to visit, and are guaranteed to tempt you. Temperatures are consistently high on the island, and so you’ll find water parks within the grounds of some of the island’s most popular hotels. Aquapark in Costa Teguise is the only stand-alone water park, but with on-site shops and restaurants it’s somewhere that you can easily spend an entire day.

Do you agree with this list? Do you have any reasons to add? Comment, and let us know why you love to visit Lanzarote.

This post was written by Sarah Lee, a travel fanatic!

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Public Transport in London

What makes a city “Alpha++?” For GaWC, the influential think tank out of Loughborough University in the East Midlands of England that cobbles together the annual global city hierarchy, the data that determines whether a city is Gamma (ex. Rotterdam), Beta (ex. Auckland) or Alpha (ex. Mumbai) is all about the global economic system. How a city relates to and impacts it, in other words. For Alpha + capitals like Paris, Singapore and Tokyo, the answer is a big, fat, equivocal “quite a lot.” For the likes of Basel, Haifa and Minsk, however, the answer is patently “not so much.”

And then you have the ultra-exclusive Alpha ++ club. As in plus, plus. Think of the category as a members-only black card for world capitals that make the global economic system stand up and take notice.

This most restrictive of clubs has only ever had two members: New York and London. No need to pile on superlatives to explain why, presumably. But what gets lost in all the hubbub over the Big Apple’s and the Big Smoke’s financial bona fides is that without relative logistical competence, that Alpha ++ designation gets a downgrade – and fast.

One needs to get around efficiently in a city like London, in other words, because time, after all, is money. And for the flagship capital of the United Kingdom, a vast transport network is very much intertwined with the city’s economic fortunes (hence all the incessant gripes over London Heathrow’s lapses).

Happily, London is a metropolis that rewards first-time and frequent visitors with myriad ways to get from point A to point B. Here’s a big picture look at it all:


Heathrow – for better or worse – looms large over all other hubs in metro London. The international airport is the terminal of record for most passengers in the United Kingdom, let alone London, and serves over 70 million people per annum. Only one or two airports in the world top it on that score.

London Heathrow Airport

Gatwick Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe, mostly on the strength of low-cost carriers to the continent and the Caribbean. The hub serves over 34 million passengers a year.

Stansted and Luton airports serve as hubs for multiple low-cost airlines like Ryanair and easyJet, while the Docklands/Canary Wharf adjacent City Airport provides convenient business travel access to boutique hotels in London.

London Subway


The London Tube, the world’s first underground railway, celebrates 150 years of service in 2013. Every bit of the underground system is iconic, from Paddington to Harry Beck’s now-ubiquitous stations map. Other than your own two feet, this is how to navigate the city. And with 11 lines and 270 stations, visitors can cover a lot of ground.

London Public Buses


The traditional Routemaster buses, alas, are for the most part no more but London’s buses make over 5 million trips every weekday. Commuters and tourists are spoilt for choice, with 700 different routes to choose from. Procure yourself an Oyster card and you can hop on and off at your leisure.


London taxi chauffeurs are rightly regarded as the best in the world (in one memorable U.S. news magazine television sequence, they made counterparts in Manhattan look absolutely foolish). Black cabs (not always black) are duly iconic but minicabs do the job in a pinch as well.


On the heels of a successful cycle hire scheme in Montreal, London got Barclays Cycle Hire (or ‘Boris Bikes’, after populist mayor Boris Johnson) in 2010. The network has a prolific 570 stations and hit a record 47,105 rides on one busy Summer Olympic Games day in 2012.

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5 of America’s Best Attractions for Local Residents

Some of the best places to live in America are close to world-famous attractions. The same cities that make great places to raise a family attract millions of tourists with their beaches, theme parks and museums. Fortunately, living near a popular attraction is also the easiest and cheapest way to take advantage of it. Here are five top American attractions that residents can enjoy in a way that no tourist ever could:

Disney World, Florida

A standard Disney World seven-day ticket can set you back a jaw-dropping $450. A Premium Annual Pass, on the other hand, costs less than $800 per year. For that you get unlimited access to all four Florida theme parks, and to Disney World’s two water parks. You also get free parking, discounts in shops and restaurants and access to Disney golf courses.

Disney World

[Image source Wikipedia]

Denali National Park, Alaska

It costs $10 per person to get into the Denali National Park, which is located in Alaska and includes Mt. McKinley. Visitors can see caribou, wolves, grizzly bears and other wild animals roaming a snowy wilderness landscape. If you live in the area, you can take advantage of a $40 annual pass. The pass doesn’t just provide year-round access for one person; it provides year-round access for an additional three adults. Permanent US residents aged 62 or over can get a lifetime Senior Pass for the price of a standard ticket.

Denali National Park, Alaska

[Image source Wikipedia]

Universal Studios Hollywood, California

A single-day ticket for Universal Studios Hollywood costs more than $80. Locals can purchase a 12-month Premium Star Pass for around $160, complete with free parking and in-park food and merchandise discounts. You need only spend two days in the theme park to make your purchase worthwhile, though if you live in the local area it’s likely that you’ll want to go much more often.

Universal Studios Hollywood, California

[Image source Wikipedia]

SeaWorld San Diego, California

Also in California, SeaWorld San Diego is another attraction that offers a great deal for local residents. Pass-holders get discounts and free parking, as well as cut-price tickets for other SeaWorld attractions including Aquatica water parks and Discovery Cove. A single SeaWorld ticket costs more than $80, and a two-year Platinum Pass costs just a little under $400 though there are a range of cheaper annual memberships starting at $145. Meanwhile, residents can also purchase the SeaWorld Fun Card which comes without in-park discounts but gives a year of unlimited entry for the price of one standard ticket.

SeaWorld San Diego, California

[Image source Wikipedia]

The American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, New York

As one of America’s biggest and best museums, the American Museum of Natural History has plenty for residents to see. General museum tickets cost a little over $20, and additional exhibitions cost extra, whilst annual memberships start at $105 and include an extensive list of benefits. Family memberships reduce costs even further for families living in New York.

The American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, New York

[Image source obsidianportal]

If you’re looking for places to live in America, then you might not want to base your decision on which attractions you’ll find nearby, though there are probably thousands of Disney fans that would love to spend every day in one of the Disney parks. Still, it’s nice to know that big attractions can provide great deals for residents that live in tourist hot spots.

Why not comment below, and tell us about your favourite American attractions? Do you live close to a popular theme park, or a museum that sells season passes? Would you move house to be closer to your favourite tourist attraction?

David Wilson writes for AreaVibes, the specialists in the best places to live in the USA.

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Best Conference Venues and Resorts

Companies with large number of employees always hold team buildings because these activities develop teamwork and encourage growth. Careful planning is essential to make your team building a success. A beautiful venue that will encourage camaraderie is one of the things that a business event planner should take into consideration. There are many business-friendly resorts around the world that has all the facilities and amenities and allow companies to customize each facet of conference planning.

Fasano Boa Vista

[Image not Mine]

Among the world’s best conference resort is Fasano Boa Vista in Porto Feliz, Brazil. This ranch encompasses lakes, gardens, stables, and polo grounds. It has golf courses and offers world class cuisine. Another one is Aspen Meadows Resort in Aspen, Colorado which is a Bauhaus style resort with a modern art gallery, aspen groves, Kaleidoscreen, Marble Garden, and Doerr-Hosier Center. People can likewise go for long walks and go skiing.

Another destination is the wine country resort of Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley, California. It has a 2,300-square foot events center with three rooms, Cedar Room, and Vista rooms. It would also be lovely to spend time with your colleagues at St. Regis Bal Harbour, Miami Beach, Florida. The resort has an immaculate white sand beach, a 7,800-square foot, black marble and monochrome Astor Ballroom, four boardrooms, and a restaurant among other facilities. Last but not the least is the Four Seasons Resort Lana’i Lodge at Koele in Lanai, Hawaii. It is a private island with an outdoor pagoda, up-country library, two golf courses etc.

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How to Choose an Airport Taxi Transport Service Provider

When you are visiting a city for the first time it is advisable to hire a taxi from the airport to your destination, other than being convenient it is also the best thing to do,  to avoid being scammed or charged with more money than the usual rate, this is what my husband learned from travelling to different destinations.


[Image from Wikipedia]

That’s right the idea of getting  a good rate from local taxi outside the airport is not good idea after all, they are the one who ask higher rates, plus there is a chance too that they don’t know the exact location of a hotel/hostel that you are booked at, so the time you can relax inside the taxi after the tiring flight is impossible when you are worried where would be the driver will take you.

With this, we booked airport taxi pick-up in advance it is usually offered to the hotel you are booked at.  So when you are traveling in a city for the first time asked the hotel if they offer airport pick-up and drop off. If they don’t you can ask for referral or searched for good reviews online about trusted airport taxi service provider.

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Royal Gorge Rafting – Helpful Guide on your Rafting Adventure

Royal Gorge is found in the Arkansas River near the Canon City. The Royal Gorge provides some of the best rafting in the United States and the Colorado. It is also known as the “Grand Canyon of the Arkansas”. It has 1,100 feet of granite cliffs and twelve miles of class IV/V rafting via unforgettable rapids. This feature is sure to thrill even stun even the most experienced whitewater rafters.

The background of Royal Gorge

The Rocky Mountains were starting to rise from the plains around about three million years ago. The river of Arkansas, which was a very tiny stream, then started to wear away at the stone that it flowed across. This stream grew big and immensely over the years and in the process cut a deep channel for itself past the granite.

As you raft through the Royal Gorge expect fast-moving water, big drops and waves crashing. Also, don’t put too much of your focus on breathtaking scenery and granite cliffs as the roller-coaster rapids will require all your attention so as to navigate effectively and successfully. However, rafting the twelve mile part can be easily accomplished with the help of rafting companies in Colorado. Most of these companies offer a half a day adventure and if time allows, a full day rafting trip is something you would not imagine missing.

Royal Gorge rafting

[Image credit]

Some of these rafting companies go an extra step and will provide you with both oar boats (the guide rows) and the paddle boats (everyone paddles) for their rafting trips. Most people recommend that the paddle boats are the best option for Royal Gorge rafting. This is because paddle boats give the guests to provide the boats power and have a chance to be part of the action while the guide steers the boat through different obstacles and rapids.

For those who would opt for an oar boat, riding through the canyon of Bighorn Sheep is a great way to combine the beautiful scenery of Colorado while getting the sweet taste of the white water at Colorado.

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Wilderness Adventures: How to Use Videos When You’re in the Middle of Nowhere

More than 25 million Americans choose to experience roughing it out in nature every year. Leaving the comfort of home and going into the wilderness to spend a couple of nights in a sleeping bag can be great for health. Camping gets you out of the city and to a place where the air is cleaner. It can improve your mental health by lowering stress and putting you back in touch with basic human skills like walking, running and climbing, too.

Many people love camping, simply for the way it forces them to learn basic life skills. You can’t go out into the wilderness without learning how to pitch a tent, build a fire and perform basic first aid.

YouTube to the rescue

In the past, learning these skills for the first time used to be a problem. You had to have someone show you the ropes. Today, YouTube has become the best teacher that anyone who needs to learn a life skill can hope for. YouTube brims with videos that teach every kind of life skill that you could ever need when you go out camping.


What if there’s no Internet out in the wild?

People often face a little area of practical difficulty learning from YouTube. While they do find videos that teach them all the skills they need, they are too inexperienced to be able to absorb what they see. They need their instructional videos with them, guiding them through each process when they are out there.

Fortunately, software exists today that allows you to download any copyright-free YouTube video (YouTube offers millions of them) to view without an Internet connection. You simply need to install software like YouTube Download, visit website resources that contain the videos you need and download them to your phone, iPad or anything else. Remember to respect IP.

You can go all out and build an off-line catalog that contains videos on every single survival skill you could ever want. If you happen to be out in the middle of the night, dealing with a strange insect bite, you can always look up a previously downloaded video on insect bites and learn what to do. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few of the useful survival skills that you can find amateur instructional videos on.

Finding a good campsite

Deciding on a good spot to pitch your tent requires experience. You need to be able to tell if it is a low-lying area that can get underwater if it rains, if there are dangerous insects nearby and so on. You can find good amateur videos on YouTube that teach you these skills.

Pitching a tent or building another kind of shelter

Since tents can be too heavy to carry around when you hike, you may need to simply build a shelter on your own sometimes. You need to find a dead tree, collect small dead branches and build a lean-to. Since hypothermia is a real danger out in the open, you must learn to insulate the floor of your shelter with dry leaves. Videos can teach you these complex skills.

Finding portable water

Not knowing how to identify contaminated water can be a killer when you are out in the wild. You need to be shown what kinds of water sources are safe and how to purify water when you can’t find a clean source. You even need to learn how to use a transpiration bag to harvest the water vapor that escapes from the plants around you.

Getting started building a personal catalog of useful videos

It can take some work learning to identify the most useful videos. Over time, though, you should have a winning collection that can see you through any crisis.

Paul Moss is an outdoorsman. He loves to write about how to thrive in the great outdoors on adventure blogs.

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Travel Around The World

World travel is a great thing. Many of us dream of travelling throughout the world before they die. There are various ways an individual can use to travel all over the world. There are very many possibilities which place to see first, where to start, what to see and for how long in the various places you travel to in this world. Just ensure that you have everything in place no matter what you decide and your world travel will be stress free and enjoyable.

World Travel

[Image credit]

At those different places that you visit, make sure you remember to do your homework. Ensure you are up to date with what is happening currently in that specific country you chose to visit. This way you will make sure that you don’t end up being stuck in a country that is having problems which can affect you.

It is also advisable to make sure you know about the weather conditions of that country for the time that you are planning to be in that country. World travel can be really rewarding if you plan well for it.

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Enjoy Exceptional Accommodations in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has long been a beloved vacation destination for people from around the globe. People travel from all over the world to explore the breathtaking beauty and marvel at the natural wonder that is Niagara Falls. If you truly want to experience the beauty of these falls, you are going to want to stay on the American side, as this side offers more opportunities to get up-close and personal with the falls. While there are several hotels that will provide you with comfortable accommodations, the Hampton Inn Niagara Falls USA is renowned for being one of the best in the area.

Reasons to Stay at the Hampton Inn

When it comes to choosing the perfect hotel that will provide the most comfortable and enjoyable accommodations, there are key features that you are going to look for: Amenities, rooms, services and dining options. On the American side of Niagara Falls, there is one hotel that stands above the rest in all of these areas; the Hampton Inn.

Accommodations: This hotel has received a 3 Diamond rating, which gives you a good idea of the type of accommodations that it offers. There are 100 exquisite guest rooms to choose from, including standard rooms and deluxe king whirlpool suites. All rooms are well-appointed and feature comfortable bedding, color television, microwaves and refrigerators.

Amenities: You’ll enjoy the wide range of amenities that the Hampton Inn offers, including:

  • Complimentary breakfast and beverages
  • Fitness room
  • Pool
  • Wireless Internet access
  • A business center
  • Event space

Dining Options: This hotel is located within close proximity to some of the best restaurants in the area, including:

  • Twist O’ the Mist
  • Donatello’s
  • Hard Rock Café
  • Buzzy’s Pizzeria

And many more.

If you are looking for comfortable accommodations on the American side of Niagara Falls, look no further than the Sheraton Inn.

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