Mistakes Travellers Make When Choosing Accommodation

Planning a summer vacation usually starts by choosing an appealing destination. We can all spend hours looking online or in brochures for inspiration on where we should visit. We then go on to spend more time choosing our mode of transportation and buying travel tickets. But one thing that many people take little time to consider is where they are going to stay while they are there. Hotels and rentals are often chosen because they are cheap or in an excellent location. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right choice for you. To choose the best accommodation possible, here are some common mistakes you should avoid.

Not checking the amenities

All accommodation types have amenities of some kind. These can range from wifi connection to kitchen facilities and will vary from place to place. Not checking what these amenities are before you book, could be a recipe for disaster. You might need to pay extra for towels or wifi each day, which you didn’t budget for. Or there might not be a safe where you can keep your valuables, leaving them vulnerable. You could also have paid for multiple amenities upfront that you don’t require. While these seem like minor issues, they can have a large impact on your stay. Ring up potential accommodations or visit their websites. You may find that another option might have more suitable amenities or give you more for your money.

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Sticking to what they know

While it’s comforting to stay somewhere familiar, you could be missing out on staying somewhere even more perfect for you. Some accommodation styles can enhance your trip, rather than just being a place to stay each night. You could experience the pool villa in Malaysia, rather than renting an apartment. Or instead of staying in a UK bed and breakfast, why not try a treehouse instead. With more choices of accommodation than ever before, this is the best opportunity to try something new. Look for inspiring places to stay in your ideal destination; that suit your needs and interests perfectly. You may be surprised just how many options are available.

Paying more than they need to

Some travelers will find an accommodation that they like and pay there and then. While there is nothing wrong with doing this, shopping around first could save you money. Travel comparison sites are extremely useful for finding cheaper deals at the same hotel or resort. You may find that the same room is being offered for less if you book through a different site. Booking your trip mid-week and in advance can also save you money, on both your accommodation and your flights. Contacting potential hotels and accommodation directly could also get you discounts and additional perks. There is no need to pay more than you need to when there are plenty of ways you can save.

If you make these mistakes, it’s likely your vacation won’t be as enjoyable as it could be. We all have differing tastes, and it’s vital that you always choose an accommodation that suits. Otherwise, it can put you off from returning to a destination in future.

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Delicious Dining in Sydney

The sheer scope of Sydney cuisine reflects the city’s culturally diverse reputation. The offerings range from local samplings to Mediterranean, Japanese, Italian and so much more.

For tourists who would like to enjoy a traditional Australian dish, Harry’s Cafe de Wheels offers the finest meat pies the city has to offer. Select venues also offer the bush-tucker, featuring original aboriginal cuisine including kangaroo meat. Although it was only 1993 when kangaroo meat could legally be served in restaurants, bush-tucker meals have quickly become a popular choice among tourists.

Seafood is commonly served, of course, with Sydney being a harbour city. A number of the town’s leading restaurants offer it exclusively such as Five Dick Seafoods Cafe and Fishface. Sydney Fish Market is close by, ensuring that there is a constant supply of octopus, calamari, prawns, mussels, snapper and barramundi. The Doyles Hotel is the town’s oldest seafood restaurant and is also regarded as the best. Enhancing the dining experience, it offers a wonderful view of Watsons Bay.

Italian cuisine is popular the world over and there are some wonderful choices in Sydney with Mezzaluna and Gelbison at the top of the list. Little Italy, also known as the Leichhardt inner city, is located on Norton Street with some of the best pasta in Sydney. The more fashionable cafés bear a strong Italian influence including those residing along Bondi Beach.

There is a further European influence on Sydney cuisine which can seen in French restaurants Sel et Poivre and Bistro Moncur, both high in the popularity stakes.

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[Photo courtesy of neshom/pixabay.com]

There are some wonderful Asian restaurants that serve up some fine cuisine from Iran, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. Among the excellent choices are Blue Elephant, Lebanon & Beyond, Chinta Ria and The Malaya.

You can taste the delight of Turkey in their specially prepared juicy and sweet kebabs. The best kebabs in Sydney can be found in Auburn. Chinatown, most enjoyable at night, offers Sichuan and Cantonese fare. There are so many countries represented in Australia when it comes to cuisine and fine dining and by sampling as many as possible, you are truly sampling Sydney itself.

If you rank cuisine highly when visiting a new country, you will likely be spoilt for choice on your visit to Australia. Like so many other aspects to the country, it is impossible to experience even a fraction of what it has to offer in just a couple of weeks. You will likely wish to stay for an extended period, or even longer. Homesales is a fantastic resource for anyone seeking to stay long-term or even emigrate to Australia. It may not be a prospect that has occurred to you before but once you take some time to think about it and explore the properties for sale, you may find that your Australian holiday plans may just develop into a far more permanent alternative.

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3 Places To Find Incredible Travel Inspiration

Travel inspiration is something all of us need from time to time. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or going on a solo trip around the world, there are endless place you could visit. But how can you possibly choose one place out of so many? If you have six months or more, the world is your oyster. But if you only have a couple of weeks, you’ll be eager to make the right choice. Just because you are limited on time, doesn’t mean you can’t discover new and exciting locations. Here are three places you can find bags full of travel inspiration that will fill your heart with adventure.

[Photo courtesy of pinterest.com]


If you have never heard of Pinterest before, it’s a site that lets you create an online noticeboard. It’s an alternative to creating a travel scrapbook. You can view thousands of travel images and pin the ones you like onto your board. You can have a board for beach locations, unique places to stay or specific countries that appeal to you. You have the choice to make as many boards as you wish and you can easily access it from an app or laptop. You can also look at other people’s travel boards and photographs for further inspiration and ideas. If Pinterest doesn’t make you want to hop on a plane and travel, nothing else will. Download the app onto your phone and start pinning straight away


Believe it or not, Instagram has become a brilliant place to find unique holiday destinations. You can discover and start following travel bloggers such as @youngadventuress or @theplanetd. You’ll find stunning imagery from their travels as well as advice and guidance on places to visit. Alternatively, you can use the hashtag capability to learn more about a possible destination. For instance, you could search for #Aspen to see what the slopes are like and what other activities are available besides skiing. Download the Instagram app onto your phone and use it gain more knowledge and excitement about travelling.

[Photo courtesy of Jay Kaye/flickr.com]

An old-fashioned map

Nothing can unleash your sense of exploration and adventure than an old-fashioned map. You can stick this up on your wall and mark the places you’ve travelled to before with pins. You will then know which places you are yet to discover. This will also improve your geography skills by showing you exactly how far destinations are from where you live. As well as showing you what cities and attractions are located there. It can also open your eyes to remote places you’ve never heard of before. You can buy a large wall map online, just make sure it is up to date. Or you can use Google Maps for a more detailed and modern approach.

These are just a few places where you can find travel inspiration. But there are plenty more. While the internet is an incredible tool, don’t overlook travel guides and magazine either. With so many sources of inspiration, it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect destination for you to visit.

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