Miami Beach

Miami is a major center and a leader in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, culture, the arts and international trade but Miami can offer more than that,  it is also popular with its beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife and historical attractions.

So start planning your summer vacation in Miami  because it offers the perfect combination of luxury, relaxation and recreation one of the place you should visit in Miami Beach is the artificial Island, Star Island which is home to few celebrities like Will Smith,  Madonna,  Gloria Estefan, Shaquille O’Neal and many more, the houses are  gated but the architecture is worth looking for.

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Miami’s  Art Deco district is also must see , it is  a place where you can see historical Art Deco condos and  known for buildings with intricate architectural details and bold pastel colors . It is also home to some of Miami’s best dining , shopping and nightlife hotspots.

If you are into Museums a visit to Frost Art Museum, Lowe Art Museum and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is just right for you. Frost Art Museum has a large variety of  pre-Columbian artifacts and 1960’s and 1970’s American photographywhile Lowe Art Museum has many collections of ceramics, pottery,  antique art and sculptures ranging from Greco-Roman times, and so on as well as ancient potteries.

Boutique Hotels

There’s a lot of options where to stay while you are traveling or in vacation and one of those is  Boutique hotels  which often contain luxury facilities with full service accommodations.   Typically boutique hotels are stylish and in desirable manner,  can offer a  comfortable and world class service so it is not possible to see them along with large hotels.

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Luxury Boutique hotels are generally designed to have lesser number of rooms  and one of the many facilities available for its guests is swimming pool where you can take a dip to relax yourself after a tiring day of sight seeing.  They also have transportation and WiFi services,  bar, meeting and conference halls, gym, spa, dining halls, restaurants and other facilities that a luxury hotel has.

So if you are planning an exhausting travel consider booking reservation in any boutique hotels online which can provide  you every facility available.

Travel to San Diego

If you have been to Orlando and want to plan another family getaway you should consider traveling to San Diego, which is known for its ideal climate and miles of beaches.  It is also well known for its part in the wildlife conservation movement, being home to a SeaWorld theme park and the “world-famous” San Diego Zoo and Safari Park.

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San Diego is a top choice destination for a fun filled  family vacation because aside from adventure in the wild you will also have chance to enjoy the beach and visit  many wonderful places. Visiting San Diego is an  excellent combination of  adventure, enjoyment and combined historical and cultural contents because if you don’t know yet San Diego is not that far from the location of the Mexican border which is right across from Tijuana. That made San Diego remarkable due to its legacies from the times of Mexican wars until present days.

Few of the places you can visit is Balboa Park were you’ll find an expansive campus of museums, gardens, parks, the beautiful beautiful clock tower and you can also see  the neoclassical Spanish architecture.  San Diego Zoo is also located in Balboa Park with over 100 acres of display and habitats.

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