Singles Holidays

If you are single and  planning an ultimate holiday getaway  in Caribbean destinations without spending too much on paying travel agents who often charged people with hefty sum of money you should consider finding a team with specialized on single holidays, and  give time to relax, forget about home and make adventures. Most of this companies can offer you a  4 and 5-star resorts, apartments and cruises that are well-suited to solo holidays, each handpicked for their different approach to well being.

So if you love white sandy beaches, fitness classes and afternoons at the spa. Plan your holiday now because  Planning a holiday for yourself has never been more rewarding and you will be in paradise before you know it.

Back from Jeju

Our short vacation from Jeju ended yesterday. It was very tiring and exhausting, we visited a lot of places, museums, folk villages and we even hike in the tallest mountain in South Korea despite the enormous snow covering the terrain and trails. We have stumble and slide many times descending from Mt. Halla, we don’t have clamps in our shoes unlike the other hikers that are all gear up with complete set of clothes, sticks, shoes and clamps.

Travel Planner

Are you gearing up for your next holiday destination, you want it to be planned and organized?  Unknown to most travelers, you can plan and organized your travel by using online tool that enables users to plan, map and manage all details of their trips including maps, itineraries and reservations.

Trips can also be shared between users or published for anyone to see. If you want to create a map for each location on your trip, use a travel planner tool  to search for Hotels, Restaurants or other Points of Interest and add them to your map, use

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