Bed and breakfast in Paris France

Visiting Paris is a dream come true to everyone aside from being the land of fashion it is also the city of love, romance. If you want to visit Paris in the future accommodation is just easy to find, Hotel Paris for example is a great choice where you can book a reservation online without a booking fee. It is booking directory for travelers around the world who is looking for best accommodation.

Bed and breakfast France also offers feel at home accommodation and a food that you will enjoy in affordable prices. You can also book your accommodations through Channel Manager; it is a booking engine that you can add in your own site. By using this engine you can also compare prices. So giddiyap prepare your backpack and book now!

Holiday Package

There’s a lot of countries I want to visit but my husband already went there and I can’t go to those countries anymore unless I spend my own money.   He doesn’t like the idea of spending money in a country he already saw and visited,  so my dream to see the Pyramids are too far from reality.

Egypt is just one of the countries he visited when we still don’t know that each of us exist on this world.  Well if someone will hand me a holiday package for free I might grab the opportunity to visit more countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and more.

I guess I should start joining contest with winning prize of  holiday package or travel to a certain country. Who knows my luck!

Travel to Arizona

Traveling in the US is a dream come true among other people, if you are planning to spend time and  tour in the US consider doing it in Arizona, its capital and largest city is Phoenix.

On visiting to Arizona you can have a day tour in Grand Canyon  from Phoenix, it is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It dominates the Northern Arizona landscape. Stretching 277 miles across the high plateaus and plunging up to 6,000 feet into the arid plateau, the canyon was shaped and carved by the constant motion of the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon features three or four eras of geological time as well several layers of fossil records, several variety rock types, numerous caves and several major ecosystems.

Aside from day tour and exploring the grand Canyon, you can also spend time visiting national monuments,  national parks and forest, the Arizona State Parks also offer an array of options for outdoor enthusiasts.

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