Protect Your Vision: Health Warnings for Travel Weary Contact Lens Wearers

Every person who is handed his first pair of contact lenses sits through an instruction session with the eye care professional in which he learns the importance of meticulous hygiene when handling lenses. The first time you hear the routine, it can seem easy enough. You’re supposed to find a clean workspace next to the sink. When you finish washing your hands, you need to turn the tap off with your elbow, dry your hands on a clean towel, take one lens out at a time, clean it with a little contact lens solution in the palm of your hand and then put it in a clean lens case filled with fresh solution.

In practice, though, these rules can seem very demanding. Practically no one follows all the rules (a study published in Optometry and Vision Science puts the number of people taking lens care shortcuts at 98%). They reuse lens solution, clean their lenses with saliva at times and use their disposable lenses for far longer than they are rated for. In short, people don’t take the advice they receive seriously.

Medieval Caves in Vardzia Cave Monastery

[Medieval Caves in Vardzia Cave Monastery, Georgia]

While the temptation to take shortcuts is always strong, it can be overwhelming when you travel – when you are too tired or too busy to pay attention to fussy rules. When you travel, you may not have all the resources and conveniences necessary, either. Here’s what can go wrong.

You forget to pack your supply of disposable lenses

When you don’t have a supply of lenses with you, it can be easy to tell yourself that it’s okay to keep using the pair you have. The fact that you save money in the process can feel good, too. The problem with using lenses for longer than intended is that they begin to biodegrade. They begin to shed material that mixes with your tears and forms a sort of mucus. Warm mucus can be a very attractive growing place for bacteria. If your travel takes you to far-off places, you may be exposed to disease-causing bacteria that you don’t even have the resistance for.

You need to make sure that you pack the proper supply of lenses. Shopping at outlets like the Lenstore website, you’re likely to find very competitive prices. If you do forget to bring a supply convoy, you should shop for new supplies when you reach your destination.

You decide to reuse your contact lens solution because your current supply won’t last you until you get back home

If you don’t have enough contact lens solution with you, it can be tempting to simply reuse what’s in the case or to top it off with a few drops of fresh solution. After the chemical cleaning agents in lens solution are spent with one use, though, the solution can begin to grow microorganisms. When you drop your lenses into a case filled with stale contact lens solution, you’re only getting your lenses properly saturated with bacteria. When you put these lenses on, the bacteria can get into your cornea and give you a serious eye infection.

It’s important to travel with a generous supply of contact lens solution and cases. Most travel mistakes involving contact lenses are easily avoided with a generous supply of daily disposable contact lenses, though.

You use saliva or tap water to clean your lenses

If you’re tired or out of contact lens solution, you may be tempted to simply clean your lenses out with saliva or run them under the tap. Saliva is always a bad idea, whether you’re traveling or not. Your mouth is full of bacteria. Tap water is a bad idea, too. As this kind of practice can be risky at home, it can be doubly so when you’re traveling to a place with microorganisms that you have no resistance against. It can be especially dangerous to take a shower or go swimming with your lenses on. The news is full of stories of travelers who take a dip in the hotel pool with their lenses on and get infections so serious that they risk losing their sight.

All of these mistakes are easy to make. It can be hard to understand how it can be all that dangerous to take shortcuts with your lenses when they don’t cause you any pain at the moment. You need to remember, though, that these problems don’t show up the very first time you bend a few rules. When you run out of luck one day, the consequences can be terrible.

Jon Carson constantly deals with the realities of travel. He frequently blogs about his practical experiences of traveling, dealing with hygiene, mental health, and planning.

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Beginner’s Camping 101: Doing It Like A Hardened Pro

Camping is exciting, fun, and affordable all at the same time. Sleeping out under the stars, sitting around a campfire late into the night, and simply getting away from the pressures of modern life are all reasons why so many people love camping so much. A night or weekend camping can help you to reconnect with nature and can be a rejuvenating experience. Best of all, it’s a very affordable activity.

If you are planning your first big camping trip, what do you need to know to do it like a pro? Preparing for it may seem like a lot of hassle, but it’s actually very easy to do. Here’s a guide to all you need to know.

Choose Your Destination

Don’t know where you can go camping in your area? Then start looking! Even if you live in the middle of a city, you can still find somewhere to go. Start by searching online. Visit the websites of the nearest national parks, check out the maps, or visit a forum for outdoor pursuits. If you still can’t find somewhere suitable, go to your nearest camping or outdoors store and ask there.

The truth is, you will probably have a large choice of places to go camping, and the difficulty will be choosing between them. The campsite you should choose will depend in part upon how much comfort you want to enjoy. Whereas some will have showers, hot water, and electricity, others will be far more basic.

Also think about what you will want to do when you arrive. Do you want to spend some time hiking, fishing, or kayaking, for example? Will you be travelling with kids? If so, is it kid friendly?

Mongolia Trekking

Once you find somewhere suitable, make sure you reserve your campsite, especially during the summer months. You may need to do this well in advance for particularly popular campsites.

What to Pack

You can take as much as you can carry when you go camping, but often you don’t need much more than the basics. Some of the most common items on the checklist include:

  •  Tent
  • Blow-up mattress
  • Sleeping bag
  • Flashlight
  • Insect repellent
  • Food and water
  • Emergency supplies
  • Good first aid kit
  • Phone for emergencies
  • Pocketknife
  • Folding chairs
  • A spade

Make sure you also pack suitable outdoor clothing. This should include something warmer for the evening, a hat to keep the sun off, sunglasses, swimming gear if you plan to take a dip, and any specialist hiking equipment like hiking boots and a wind-resistant jacket.

Tsenkher Jiguur, Tsenkher Hot Springs

[Tsenkher Jiguur, Tsenkher Hot Springs, Mongolia]

Keep Busy with Activities

There are plenty of outdoor activities available at many campsites in Canada, so it really depends upon what you want to do. Hiking is a very popular activity, but if you stay in a national park, there may be many other activities to enjoy like fishing, cycling, kayaking, or rafting.

Alternatively, you may just want to make your own fun. If you’re camping with kids, make sure you take some games with you, a pack of cards, a ball and rackets, and anything else you can think of to keep everyone happy.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

There are few activities that are as affordable and as fun as camping. Follow the above steps for your first big camping trip, and you’ll realize just how easy it is. You’ll probably find that you want to start planning your next camping trip as soon as you return home.

Dan Howell is an avid camper. He often writes about the basics of camping methods and safety on outdoor and camping blogs.

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Choosing an Airport Taxi Transport Service Provider

When you are planning your travels, an airport taxi transport service can prove to be very convenient. These services can pick you up at home and take you directly to the airport, so you won’t not need to worry about parking your car or keeping it somewhere during your holiday. Also, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of public transport and lugging your heavy bags around on trains or buses. All in all, the airport taxi option is probably the easiest, most convenient and most comfortable way to travel.

When it comes to booking your airport taxi, there are many different options at your disposal. Which taxi company you should book with? Take the time to do your research in advance before you make your decision, so that you can select the taxi service that suits your needs the best.

If you are choosing an airport minicab transport service, here are some tips to keep in mind which will help you select the service that is right for you:

Airport Taxi

Use Technology to Your Advantage

The internet has really changed the way we travel and has made booking so much easier than it has ever been before. You will be able to find several options online with the click of a button and peruse them from the comfort of your own home. Also, you will be able to compare prices, so that you can find an airport taxi service that works for your budget.

Another way that you can use the internet to your advantage when you are booking your airport taxi is to read review websites. This will give you the opportunity to see how other passengers have rated the company that you are considering booking with and whether they have had a positive experience.

Look for Experience
When you are choosing an airport taxi transport service provider, look for a company that has had many years in the business. They will obviously offer great service in order to have been around for a long time and they will have professional and experienced drivers who know what they are doing.

Ask About Special Requirements

Do you need to be able to bring a car seat in the airport taxi for your baby, or do you need to have extra luggage space to carry more bags? These are important things to ask about in advance when you are choosing your airport taxi transport service provider. These considerations might affect which company you hire, based on who can best accommodate you.

Don’t Always Choose the Cheapest

When you are looking at the different options for hiring an airport taxi service, you might be tempted to choose the cheapest option in order to save yourself the most money on your travels. However, the cheapest option isn’t always the best choice. Sometimes the very budget airport taxi services don’t offer much in the way of customer service and they might not be reliable. Instead, it is better to think about value. You want to find a price that you can afford, but you also want to be getting the right value for your money.

Ask Plenty of Questions

When you have narrowed down your search and have found an airport taxi service provider that you think will work for you, call them to find out more about what they have to offer. Don’t be afraid to ask them lots of questions – such as asking for a quote, asking what payment methods they have available, whether you are paying on the meter or a flat rate and even asking if they can offer you a discount. It never hurts to ask and you never know what you might get!

Once you have the satisfactory answer to all of your questions you can book your airport taxi and be one step closer to your holiday! You will be able to enjoy the convenience of being picked up directly at your home and taken to your departure gate, so that you can relax and think about more important things – such as whether you want to go shopping or hit the pool first when you arrive!

Author Bio

Max Wheeler is a blogger and freelance travel writer. He loves to go on beach holidays and his favourite destination is the Algarve in Portugal.

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How Modern Families are ruining their Treasured Holidays by spending too long checking their Social Accounts!

It’s no longer a matter of speculation that social media has completely taken over human relationships, but it’s a matter of fact. Addiction to social media is the reason people have no manners, it’s responsible for motor vehicle accidents and it’s replaced the physical affection and relationships that humans should have with each other, but thanks to social media those relationship have eroded. It’s bad enough that the development of technology and access to social media has invaded our homes, schools and work place, but this ‘virus’ has penetrated vacations. People go on vacation, but minimal attention is afforded the vacation because a person is too busy twitting, updating their status on Facebook or posting their pictures on Instagram.

Bill McAgee is a regular contributor to USA today, and he tells of how he has a friend who posts every meal he ate on Instagram and Facebook while on vacation. Bill tells the story of how a father missed his daughter’s wedding because he was too busy capturing the wedding on video. Point? We have become a society obsessed with documenting moments instead of engaging ourselves with the experience of our vacations. did a study in April of 2012 that showed that about 80% of tablet and smart phone owners take them on vacation every time they go on vacation. The best excuse given of course for the over use of social media while one is on vacation is that a vacation is the one occasion that one should share with their friends, and on top of sharing their vacation with another person, vacations are also shared to boast to your list of friends about where you and your family are vacationing.

You go on vacation to relax, unwind, switch off and ultimately re-charge and rejuvenate yourself. The constant presence on your twitter account, your Facebook text messaging and your Instagram takes away from the moment in front of you. Think about how many social media sites there are, and some people are subscribed to ALL of them, and you post your pic on the beach on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and your BBM. Now picture that on all 5 social platforms that you have posted your picture on, someone responds, and every time a response comes through, your phone beeps to alert you of the new message, how much time do you think will be spent on responding back and forth to each social platform, to each conversation? EXACTLY.

When you go on vacation, try vacationing in places where there won’t be network for you to connect to your social platforms. If you do go to a place where you can be on social media, set a specific time aside to post your pics and socialize, but when that time lapses make a concerted effort to turn your phone off, and actually enjoy the holiday and be present in the moment. Not only will you realize that you don’t die just because you have spent time away from social networking, but you will realize that you had a meaningful holiday.

This article was provided by social media experts,– the leading site enabling you to grow your social following by purchasing followers.

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5 Reasons to Love Corfu

While Athens is the star attraction of holidays to Greece, it’s the islands which lure travellers back time and time again – and there are many of them. Crete, the largest of the islands, is always a favourite amongst tourists while the picturesque Santorini is ideal for romantic holidays with stunning views. Often overlooked, Corfu has a little bit of everything making it a flexible holiday destination whether you’re a couple or family. Here are five reasons to love the island of Corfu.

The Old Town

If you live in a busy city and you’re looking for an idyllic and quiet retreat, you’re in luck – Corfu offers the complete opposite to city life. The Old Town in particular never fails to bring a smile to visitor’s faces with its beautiful mix of architecture, narrow cobbled streets, squares and cafes to watch the world/The Old Town go by. Must see sights include both the new and old fortresses and the city’s cathedral.


If you were looking to relax on soft sandy shores in glorious sunshine you’ve come to the right place – the island has 35 Blue Flag beaches. For your own little slice of beach heaven, head to the North East of Corfu where you’ll find Agios Spyridon. Here you’ll find lush green hillside with a charming bay of sand, seas and rocks. There are also tavernas serving authentic Greek dishes. Swimming in the sea is a delight with temperatures reaching the mid twenties in the summer months.


The variety of Greek cuisine is endless so visitors are bound to find something that they like. You could just walk around the streets and let your nose choose the restaurant, or you could look out for these authentic delectable delights. Mousaka is a staple in Greek cuisine consisting of potatoes, eggplant and cream. Full of distinctive flavours, Corfu also excels in their own grown produce such as cheese and Sofrito (veal cooked in a wine sauce and garlic) to delight the taste buds.

The Views

There’s no denying the natural landscape of Corfu is breathtaking. Whether you look inland at the beautiful verdant hills or look out at the Ionian Sea, you can’t help stop and take a picture. For those fit enough, the Corfu Trail offers stunning views as a reward for walking the 220km trail. You’ll explore a coastline and see sights many tourists miss. You can take a guided tour or buy the comprehensive guide to the trail.

Day Trips/Excursions

If you ever feel like getting away from the island (I can’t imagine why you would) then mainland Greece is just an hour by ferry or an hour to Athens by plane. This means you can visit the must sees sights in Athens such as the Acropolis of Athens and Parthenon. It also means you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of this great city but return to the peaceful and lush green surroundings of Corfu. An alternative day trip is Albania; Corfu to Saranda is only 30 minutes by Hydrofoil. A little further afield is Italy, 60 miles of Corfu.

Inspired to visit the island of Corfu? Book a holiday to Corfu with Sovereign.

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Online and On Time: How to Plan Your Next Vacation Via the Internet

Booking a holiday online is easier than ever these days. There are so many travel websites to choose from that allow you to compare companies and find cheaper and better deals, and all from the comfort of your own home. However, you may also be concerned about how to find and book your holiday destination safely and securely without having to face any unexpected problems later on. If so, here are some tips to follow when planning your next holiday.

Use Legitimate Companies

You don’t have to stick with the large well-known travel companies, but if you know of the company and know that it has a good reputation, it can certainly give you more reassurance when booking your holiday.

However, smaller companies can provide some great deals and often have better customer service, so don’t discount them. If you don’t know much about a company but it is offering a good deal, look for signs that it is legitimate. This could include analyzing social media activity and followers, reading the information on its website, looking at the design and ease of use of the website, and finding out whether the company has an address and telephone number.

Guangzhou International Airport

[Guangzhou International Airport]

Read Online Reviews

Another good idea if you want to find out more about a travel company before booking is to find some reviews from previous customers. For example, before booking accommodation using a site like HouseTrip, you may be asking is HouseTrip safe? Read some reviews from previous customers to find out before you make your order, and this can give you more confidence that you will receive a good service.

Read the Small Print

It’s important to know exactly what you are getting before you make your booking, so make sure you read the small print. Find out about all the hidden costs involved so that you can budget properly, and if you are unsure of anything in the terms and conditions, always ask.

Book Securely

Many travel companies will allow you to book and pay for the service online, so if you decide to pay in this way just make sure that there is a secure server. Look for ‘https’ in the URL rather than ‘http’, and also look for the padlock symbol. If you have doubts about the security of the payment system, don’t use it.

Cancellation Policies

Things can go wrong when you book a holiday, and sometimes you may have to cancel it. Always find out what will happen to your booking in the event that you cancel it so that you know where you stand. If you cannot find the details, email or call the company to find out.

Book Your Holiday Securely

These are some of the things that you can do to ensure that you book your holiday online securely. One final tip is to always purchase travel insurance. It may be another expense to consider, but it can provide you with financial protection if something goes wrong and you have to cancel your holiday, so never leave home without it.

Andrew Matthews has traveled around the world for most of his life. He greatly enjoys sharing his adventures and tips with other travelers.

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Upcycled Travel Items Every Wanderlust Would Love To Have

These days, upcycling has become a big trend in various industries. It has become so big that it is now starting to invade the fashion as well as the travel industry.

For people who are not aware about what upcycling is, this is a process in which you reuse an object in a way that you would be able to create a product that has a higher value or quality than that of the original item. With this new trend, everyone is given the chance to not only reuse old items but to find better use for them.

Nowadays, things are starting to be upcycled into travel items that you can most certainly find a use for. Here are some of them:

Upcycled travel pouches  and bags

There is now a company that recreates rubber rubbish into travel gears such as bags and pouches. Surprisingly, such items are considered not only functional but tough as well. This helps people not only to be environmentally aware but fashionable as well.

Woman Traveling

Upcycled travel game boards

DVD and CD cases are now becoming a lot more useful as well. Some upcycling experts have figured out a way on how to turn such useless items into travelling checkers or chess, coloring kit and even travel mazes. With these useful and handy items, you will surely not going to be bored on your trip! You can also try making the most out of your old CDs and DVDs by selling them online.

Upcycled Travel Condiment Tubes

People have also found a way to turn straws into travel sized condiment tubes where you can store your toothpaste, shampoo, lotion and conditioner.

Have fun traveling with your up cycled travel items!

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Top 3 Family Experiences in Majorca

What makes a truly memorable family holiday? A combination of great weather, beautiful beaches and crystal clear water? If this is your idea of the perfect family holiday then look no further than Majorca in the Balearic Islands. A great winter sun destination in Europe, Majorca continues to be a popular choice for family holidays and it’s easy to see why. But the island offers more than just a great beach holiday. Here are the top 3 activities for families to do in Majorca.

Palma Aquarium

If you only have time to do one thing as a family in Majorca, make sure it’s a visit to the Palma Aquarium. There’s plenty to see and do here with 55 aquariums to explore, not to mention spending time at the touch pools, while visiting at feeding time is a must. Discover both the Mediterranean and tropical waters and see an incredible array of colourful creatures. The Palma Aquarium is also home to the greatest collection of live coral and deepest shark tank in Europe – those brave enough can swim with the sharks! There are more than just the aquariums to enjoy here too. Walk through authentic jungle surroundings and tropical forests complete with cascading waterfalls and piranhas to reach one of the largest rooftop gardens in Europe where the family can relax in the sun.

Katmandu Park

For a great variety of entertainment all in one place, Katmandu Park has something for everyone. There’s a fantastic selection of rides and attractions to choose from like The House, a mix of weird and fun experiments with a huge focus on interactivity like the ‘aquarium’ – just watch out for shark attacks… 3D is so last year; have a unique experience in 4D! Sit back in your moving chair and immerse yourself and your senses into five fun worlds full of mystery and wonder. Step back into the Wild West in Desperados and win back the town in a saloon stand-off or battle against Zombies at XD Dark Ride. After all that fun, head to Tequila Ville which serves a variety of cuisines from around the world.

Jungle Parc

Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine at Jungle Parc. This adventure park covers an impressive nine hectares of forest to create a thrilling circuit amongst the tree tops. If you’re scared of heights, don’t fret, there are two levels of difficulty with 40 exercises so you can still have plenty of fun at a lower height off the ground. For the daredevils in the group, the Extremo course will challenge your bravery. The Piratas course is specifically designed for younger members of the family aged 4 to 11. There are 40 exercises to choose from with seven difficulty levels. If your children can’t get enough of tree life, the park also offers tree house building services!

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Confusion Control: Top Tips for Renting a Villa in Italy

To live in a villa in Italy is one of those fond hopes that many people carry around in their hearts their entire lives. In the past, you had to have considerable resources to be able to even rent a home in an Italian town like Tuscany or Naples. Today, though, the short-term villa rental concept puts a luxury villa within everyone’s reach. It isn’t difficult to find something that suits your tastes and your budget. Here are a few answers to questions that you may have about villa rentals in Italy.

Is a villa rental in Italy the right idea for you?

A villa rental is a good idea when the visit you plan lasts at least a week. If you are traveling in the slow season – say, in the middle of winter – you can sometimes find villas being rented out for 3 or 4 days at a time. If you wish to rent a villa for stays shorter than 3 days, you need to forgo the convenience of booking your villa before leaving home. You need to try your luck when you actually get to your destination. You may find a bed-and-breakfast villa or an agritourism deal where your stay at a villa is part of a farm experience package.

 Solaria di Santa Maddalena 14

Villas offer luxury and are expensive to rent. You can make a rental affordable, though, if you go in as part of a group. When you share the cost of your rental with many people, the cost per person can work out to be cheaper than what comparable facilities at a hotel would cost.

Alternatively, you might consider renting an apartment rather than an entire villa. Apartment rental companies usually accept apartment bookings for visits as short as a day.

How much do rentals cost?

The villa rentals business is not an organized one. When you shop around for a deal, you’ll find that the prices you are quoted are all over the map. As with any hotel, the prices you are quoted depend on the location and the quality of the property you choose. In general, villa rentals cost anywhere between $250 and $1000 a day.

Some villa rental prices are quoted complete with all taxes and fees for utilities. Others are quoted without these add-ons. In addition to your actual rental, you’ll need to pay an additional cleaning fee worth about $50 (to have cleaning staff come in and clean up the villa after you leave) and also a security deposit worth about 25% of your entire rental bill.

 Villa Le Fonti 16

What kind of experience can you expect at a rental villa?

A rental villa is just a luxury property with a few staff members to help take care of your needs. The service, though, isn’t as involved as what you find at a hotel. For instance, villa attendants usually change the bed linen once a week and cleaning staff usually only comes in twice a week.

Should you use a rental agency or look for a rental yourself?

Contacting a villa owner directly to arrange for a rental works the same way as looking up a home to rent in your own town. You need to check out newspapers and other publications that run classified ads. You’ll find many villas in Tuscany, Italy, and other destinations.

When you see a promising lead, you need to directly email the manager to arrange a deal. Since you skip the middleman by doing all the hard work yourself, you get to save on the commission.

The DIY approach works reasonably well when you try to rent a home in your own town. You deal with someone who understands your language. You also get to sue him if he takes your money, but doesn’t give you a house to stay in. If a landlord in Italy takes your money and doesn’t hold up his end of the deal, there’s little you can do.

When you deal with a rental agency, you have the assurance that you’re dealing with a professional service. You can pay with your credit card and file a complaint with the credit card company if the rental isn’t what you were promised. While an agency costs a bit more, it works out to be a much safer bet overall.

Kaylee Cowling visits Italy at least once a year. When she’s not visiting the country, she’s writing about it on the Web.

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Essential Steps to Planning a Round the World Trip

There is so much to see out there, but a multi stop flight around the world is an excellent way to take a lot of it in. If you’ve got more than 80 days to spare you’ll get to see a lot, but whatever your timeframe there are several things you should consider when booking your round the world trip.


Where are you going to start? Do you go to your furthest destination and make your way back or just keep going until you land somewhere familiar? Whichever you choose, a ’round the world’ ticket is a really good option. Of course the more stops you want to make the more expensive it becomes. The way it works is you start and end at the same airport, you then choose a certain number of destinations, and you can change the dates of the flights in between, as long as you still return by your original final date and you stick to the same airports. This type of ticket actually allows quite a lot of flexibility during your trip provided you don’t change your mind about destinations. It’s best to use a travel agent to organise this sort of ticket as it can get a bit complicated and they can usually make some helpful suggestions.

Around the World Travel


It’s so tempting to take all your favourite clothes, something nice to wear for evenings out, high heels and a 3 piece suit but just don’t. Take as little clothing as possible and definitely don’t take anything which you’re going to be really upset about losing. You’re going to buy loads of things while you’re travelling and you just don’t need that many clothes, they’re washable. Trust me, I thought my fashion sense would be horribly wounded by wearing the same 3 t-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts for 6 weeks, but it didn’t, I survived.


With a round the world ticket you’ll need a precise start and end date. You can of course not bother with any of that, buy a ticket to one location and then make your mind up later about where you’d like to go next. However, as wonderful as that freedom is, it could end up being very expensive, not just in travel costs but also because it’s important to budget for how long you intend to be travelling. If a year turns into two you might find yourself in a bit of a financial pickle. One thing which could be very valuable to you is doing a TEOFL course before you go. Simply by virtue of being a native English speaker you are highly employable in many other countries. Having a TEOFL qualification to teach English as a foreign language could give your finances a much needed top-up in another country. Before you leave, don’t forget to budget for things like travel insurance, visas, vaccinations and travel supplies (sun block is surprisingly pricey!) The most important thing you can do for your budget when you’re travelling is to be vigilant. As dirty as your clothes might be and as tanned as you may have become you’re still highly distinguishable as a ‘Wealthy Westerner’ and therefore perfect prey for the pickpocket. Don’t live your life in fear but do take sensible precautions.



Number one rule of travel: have fun! You’re going to see some spectacular sights, meet some wonderful people and just generally have a fantastic time. Take some photos to make everyone back home jealous of your exciting adventure.

 Fiona Wright is a freelance travel writer and rambler.

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