Head Up Blackpool Tower for Thrills and Chills

Blackpool Tower is an iconic Northern UK landmark, and if you’ve never been up it then this is the year to be brave.

The school holidays are approaching fast, so why not check out Blackpool hotels and treat the kids to a fun few days away?

There’s so much to experience up Blackpool Tower that it’s a full day destination in itself. It’s especially great for kids, but there really is something for all ages. It’s a genuinely family friendly place to enjoy.


For the thrill-seekers among you, with extra brave offspring, the Blackpool Tower Eye is an amazing experience for those with a head for heights. Zoom to the top of the tower in the lift, then step out onto the SkyWalk for vertical drop views, as well as far reaching views across Blackpool.


If the Blackpool Tower Eye isn’t thrilling enough for you then why not brave the Blackpool Tower Dungeon as well? This scare attraction is gentle enough for over eights to enjoy, so you don’t need to worry about the kids not sleeping that night!

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[Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures/pixabay.com]

Speaking of sleeping, Travelodge has some great budget Blackpool hotels for you to choose from. Blackpool Central, Blackpool South Promenade and Blackpool South Shore are all in the heart of this busy seaside resort, and make a great base for any short Blackpool break.

All Travelodge Blackpool hotels offer family rooms for four, so you can all enjoy a comfortable night’s rest and relaxation after a day up the Tower.

If the Eye and the Dungeon aren’t enough to wear you out, Blackpool Tower also has its very own circus (check for show times, they will vary), as well as the huge (and hugely exciting for kids!) Jungle Jims indoor play area, and the world famous ballroom.

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Where To Find The Best Vacations

The list of things you’ll want to get from your holiday will probably be pretty substantial! If you want a tan, you’ll want to go somewhere with guaranteed sunshine. If you want to explore new museums and galleries, you’ll want somewhere with a bustling culture. If you want some peace and quiet, you might want an adults-only hotel or a private suite!

No matter your specific requirements and preference, most vacationers have one thing in common. They want a holiday that is good value. They want to get the most for the money. For some this might be a total bargain, where you can’t believe how cheap it was! Or if it is for a special occasion that you’ve been saving for, you’ll want to know that your money is going as far as it can. You’ll want to know that you’re not paying more for internal flights or day trips that you should be.

So how you can ensure that you get the best vacations on the market? Here are a handful of tips.

[Photo courtesy of Mighty Travels/pixabay.com]

Speak to friends

With such a wide range of vacation companies out there, it can be really tough to pick out the best companies. Chat to your friends and colleagues about their most recent holidays. They might tell you about an awesome hotel they went to for a bargain. Or they might warn you off certain hotel chains or accommodation. Hands-on experience from friends will give you a genuine insight. If they put together their own vacation, they might be able to furnish you with the number of the person who put their package together for them.

Scour online reviews

If you find what sounds like the perfect vacation, it can tempting to skim over any negative reviews you find online. After all, it’s the good ones you really want to read. Be sure you take these reviews in. Distinguish what is actually being said; is it a grumpy man making mountains out of molehills. Or is there an actual issue being mentioned; the closing of pools with no notice is inconsiderate on the management’s part. It can also put a real dampener on the holiday- especially if there is no beach nearby! This is just one example of things you need to be looking out for in online reviews. Also, check out whether or not the hotel or resort manager has replied. The nature and tone of their reply says a lot.

[Photo courtesy of HISHAM BINSUWAIF/pixabay.com]

Browse online

The fact is, the best deals are now online. This is because operators don’t have to pay for call centres and their advisors. As a result, you’ll often find that you can get special discounts and deals if you book online. Start by searching things like ‘cruise deals 2016’ or ‘honeymoon spots 2017.’. This will give you a good starting point. From here you can pick out the best deals.

[Photo courtesy of Phalinn Ooi/pixabay.com]

Be quick to move

Finally, it could be very important to make quick decisions. The best deals can sometimes appear online and then get snapped up super quick. So if you see something fantastic come available, be ready to book!

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7 Reasons Why you Should Visit Finland

Wild and beautiful, civilized and friendly. Ever since Eric Idle sang that it was ‘The country where I want to be”, Finland has held a place in the hearts of Monty Python fans. Finland is an amazing country to visit for many reasons. Here are seven of the best ones.

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[Photo courtesy of Veronika Galkina/shutterstock.com]

The Northern Lights

The most spectacular light show on Earth, the Aurora Borealis can be clearly seen from Finland. Never forgotten, this unearthly display of charged particles reacting with solar winds lights up the sky in greens, pinks, reds and other colours, all in amazing patterns unique to each occurrence. The Northern Lights appear regularly in Finland, though they cannot be predicted. The most common months to see them are April-September.

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[Photo courtesy of Pexels/pixabay.com]

Christmas in Finland

The Christmas season in Finland is a magical time, with a wealth of traditions that appeal to the nostalgia of visitors. Helsinki hosts the Santa Lucia Festival, which predates Christmas, being based on a pagan fertility celebration all mixed up with celebrating the life of a Christian saint. The St. Thomas Christmas Market is a wonder to behold, with its lovely Christmas lights and stalls selling all the gifts, food and drinks you could possibly want for the festive season. Best of all, the Santa Claus village is open all year round, with the chance to meet St. Nick himself, as well as his reindeer and helpers.


Finland is a land of opposites. It has gorgeous hot summers with an average 23 degrees Celsius, perfect for making the most of the stunning scenery and walks, followed by a lovely sauna. Winters are crisp and snowy in the north, with winter sports aplenty. The temperature regularly reaches -20 degrees. Above the Arctic Circle there’s a night called ‘the polar night’ when the sun doesn’t rise at all and the opposite is true, of course, in the summer. Whatever type of holiday you’re looking for, from sunbathing to hiking or skiing or snuggling up with a hot chocolate in front of an open fire, Finland can supply it.

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[Photo courtesy of Waldo93/pixabay.com]

Outdoors all year round

This variation in the weather with four distinct seasons makes it an ideal holiday spot all year round. Check out the 15 Best Places to Visit in Finland for some ideas on where to spend your vacation on any season. In the summer there are nature trails, saunas, hiking, cycling and any other kind of outdoor activity you fancy. In the winter there is skiing, dog sleigh rides, snowshoeing and snowboarding amongst other activities. There is never a reason to sit indoors, unless you want to!


Finland has some fascinating wildlife due to its seasonal climate and geographic position. You can see much of it on nature trails, from fish to birds of prey. In the vast forests you can hire a guide to seek out that which interests you the most, or you can choose to sit comfortably in a specially set up hide to see if some of the country’s more timid inhabitants might make an appearance. Brown bears, wolves and elk roam freely, alongside 248 species of bird and many others.

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[Photo courtesy of jackmac34/pixabay.com]

Finnish cuisine

You should always try new foods if you can and in Finland the sheer variety of meats and fish available means there’s certain to be several that you discover you love, unexpectedly sometimes! Finland serves up reindeer, horse and other meats that are more commonly found outside the UK and they’re delicious!


Finland is English speaking, so although you’re surrounded by a fascinating and very different culture you’ll have no problems getting across your needs, asking for directions or ordering another mulled wine.

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