4 Affordable Countries To Buy A Tropical Sea View

Post-holiday blues are the worst. After returning from some fantastical, tropical paradise, home can seem dull and dreary by comparison. If only you could stay on holiday forever… well, why don’t you? Believe it or not, owning your own slice of tropical paradise might be more affordable than you think. Here’s some inspiration for affordable luxury that you can call your own!



Image credit: Hickatee

The Caribbean Sea makes for quite an oceanic view, and with the world’s second longest barrier reef running along the coast, Belize is a fantastic choice. You’ll probably want to make the most of that gorgeous seascape, but the tropical jungle and Mayan ruins are sure to draw you away – for a little while, at least.

For further information on real estate in Belize, visit www.buybelize.com/index.html



Image credit: Movetopanamaproperties.com

Much more than just somewhere to hang your hat, Panama is an excellent country to choose for your tropical home. That sea view could be either the Pacific Ocean or Caribbean Sea – your choice – and there’s plenty of white sand to go around, too. To add to the affordability, there are certain products and services that will cost you next to nothing, too, such as housekeeping, cinema tickets and beer.

For further information on real estate in Panama, visit www.movetopanamaproperties.com

Koh Samui


Image credit: samuiholiday.com

Thailand’s third biggest island was a well hidden secret until the last 100 years or so, and we can see why the Thai people wanted to keep the place to themselves. The gorgeous golden sands and incredibly vibrant colours of the flora and fauna make this place hard to beat, and luckily the islanders are thoroughly welcoming and happy to share.

Technically you’re not allowed to own land as a foreigner in Thailand, but you are allowed to own a house. And with views such as they are, that would be fine with us.

For a great guide to moving to Koh Samui, visit www.samuiholiday.com/livingonsamui.html


Located in the South Pacific close to Australia and Fiji, this series of islands is utterly irresistible, especially if you’re looking for a tax haven. Foreigners have only been able to buy real estate since 2005, and though it has become a popular destination for expats, property prices have remained low – leaving you with more cash to enjoy the incredible local cuisine and vibrant nightlife.

For further information on moving to Vanuatu, visit www.escapeartist.com/Live_In_Vanuatu/ or if you want more information about investing in property overseas here is a helpful article from NBC.

A Bit About Me

My name is Joshuah Marshall. I work for Quintessentially Estates in London. We offer concierge and lifestyle property services, so my job involves spending a lot of time reading up on the best locations around the world to buy or rent luxurious properties. Good look with your property hunt!

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Colorful Character: London

London is one multicultural, exciting, and vibrant city of the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. The city is a capital of the United Kingdom, among the largest in Europe which is situated in the famous river Thames. The beauty of London is known throughout the globe with its many landmarks standing high and tall.

The city of London is one sought after destination in the country, with colorful personalities such as the royal family being visible in the city, is a chance of a lifetime. The elegance and beauty vested in the city create one festive and joyous trip, so come now and see the wonders of the city. Travelling to London will let one see first the grandeur of the Heathrow Airport especially when one is flying a jet charter.


The magnificent structures in London is an iconic landmark. London houses the seat of the parliament, and the official residence of the queen. The Buckingham Palace is a masterpiece for art and architecture with a grandeur no other work is alike, and a chance of meeting a member of the royal family will be like a fantasy. The coronation site of the Westminster Abbey is one gathering that anyone wants to bear witness.

The Palace of Westminster is a place for political purposes for the British that anyone can see, and observe the men and women of British politics work. The famous Big Ben Clock Tower is one iconic structure for several decades, and when the clock rings during New Year, it is one joyous moment. And to view the entire city is to try riding on the London Eye observation wheel and be mesmerized by the beauty of the city.


London offers many enjoyable activities that can be done in the city. The many museums and parks and garden are worthy to visit, each one of them. Every museum offers different and unique theme that can bewilder anyone who steps into the magical realm of different museums. Museum of Natural History is a good place to start exploring the many other sites.

The parks and gardens are wonderful place with colorful flora surrounding the area is one magical place. The picturesque beauty of trees along lake or river bank is so gorgeous that it can be liked by anyone. Hyde Park and Regent’s Park has an elegance so adorable that it can let one replenish his tired body.


There are many events held in London each year that make anyone come back to the city for more. Live music events will be a jump packed and crowd pleasing activity for good music. London offers many types of music genre as it is one of the staging for alternative music.

The theatres of London particularly in West End is one of the best in the world. Having to watch stage shows will be great in London as they have many world class facilities. A great place for watching many blockbuster movies will be a sure fire hit.


The British has some of the best origins in sports, and has the best sports league and venues. In London the sporting spectacles involve the world’s played sport football and one of the grand slam tennis events of Wimbledon. London has about 15 football teams that are famous worldwide such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, and West Ham United to name a few and hear the crowds roar.

Wimbledon offers a thrill of excitement annually for the best tennis players to play to the one of the grandest stage of them all. Doing player spotting such as the likes of Serena Williams and Roger Federer is one good thing to do.

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Top 5 European Metal Festivals

Summer is rife with festivals, dotted all over the UK. Whatever your music genre of choice, you can be guaranteed to find a weekend that suits. When it comes to festivals offering heavier sounds for the headbangers amongst you, there’s several on English soil that continually prove to be popular.

Next year, instead of staying close to home, how about planning a holiday around a festival abroad? You can find a myriad of festivals all over Europe to suit your requirements, many of which aren’t too far from a beach club holiday to enjoy after the music is over. Head further towards Eastern Europe and you can enjoy group activity holidays with your friends when you’re all moshed out.

1. Metalcamp

Set in the picturesque mountains of Slovenia, Metalcamp is one for the die hard rockers who also enjoy the outdoors. From 2013, the festival will be known as MetalDays but will still retain its attractive setting. When the music fades, explore the mountains, float down the crystal clear river or explore the Tolmin Gorges and a huge number of other thrilling activities.

Top 5 European Metal Festivals

[Image source en.wikipedia.org]

2. Wacken

An annual music festival in the town of Wacken, Germany, Wacken Open Air showcases metal music across most genres to some of the most avid music fans in Europe. Often selling out months before the festival kicks off, Wacken is only an hour from the principal city of Hamburg which makes an ideal stop off to make your visit to Germany that little bit longer.

3. Graspop

This fantastic festival in Belgium is well worth a trip. Reasonably affordable, easy to get to and a surefire way to appreciate great music next summer

4. Hellfest

The only problem with this festival in recent years is there’s literally too many bands to choose from. Make sure you make time for yourself at this French festival else you’ll be too tired to walk back to your car.

5. Rock am Ring

Taking place at the Nurburgring racetrack in Germany, Rock am Ring (and the linked Rock im Park) are the largest music festivals in Germany. Offering rock music as well as metal, it’s a great festival as an introduction to what Europe has to offer.

Book a chill-out beach holiday to recover after your European festival experience or, if you’ve still got a thirst for adventure, a group activity holiday with friends is sure to be a blast.

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Find Enjoyment in Budget Travel

Traveling abroad or even for a short distance trip has to be planned ahead or else you will end up calling your friends and loved ones to save you from embarrassment of not paying your hotel bill. Money is the barometer if you want to enjoy your vacation away from home.

Budget travel includes figuring out how much money you will need for the transportation, food, hotel accommodation and shopping. Although you can shop for cheap buys from flea markets, always bring extra cash and credit cards to get you out of trouble when you run out of budget.

Budget Travel

[Image source gaebler.com]

Buy plane ticket when the airline company offers a promo. Research the place that you are going to visit and find out where to avail of low room rates and delectable meals at low prices.

Include in your budget travel where to find a cheap travel agency to process the visa. Travel insurance is needed so don’t forget to include it when you travel abroad to free yourself from financial burden when something bad will happen during your trip.

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A Guide to the Freedom Of The Seas

Like every other vessel in the Royal Caribbean range, the Freedom of the Seas is a mightily impressive ship and it delivers top-quality cruise holidays throughout the year. The idea behind the Freedom and the class of ships that carries its name is to offer holidaymakers enough choice of activities and entertainments so that no-one can possibly go home feeling short changed in any way. All of which means there is quite simply an immense amount for passengers to enjoy while travelling on-board the Freedom.

For energetic adults and teenagers there are a number of outstandingly innovative features like the flowRider that gives you the chance to learn to surf or brush up on your skills if you already know your way around a surf board. Beyond that there’s an outdoor climbing wall on which you can challenge your grip, or your kids in a race to the top. Meanwhile the aptly named H2O Zone is a mini adventure water-world that children of all ages are bound to absolutely love and that can keeps some of the more enthusiastic adults on-board entertained as well.

Freedom of the Seas

[Image source seawardtravels.wordpress.com]

There are other activity options but those are some of the headlines. Although, if that all sounds rather more energetic than what you have in mind for your next cruise holiday then you’ll be glad to know as well that there are certain areas of the Freedom designed to offer a real sense of sanctuary for adults only. So you can pamper yourself to your heart’s content if that is what cruise holidays are all about for you. But whatever you get up to during your days on-board there will come a time when you start getting a little peckish and there again, when it comes to dining options, you will be spoil for choice on any Freedom Class ship and nowhere more so than on the Freedom of the Seas.

Thomas Cook cruise deals offer the most reliable value and the company’s website is replete year-round with bargains and cut-price packages.

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6 Reasons to Hit the Slopes This Year

 Imagine touring Aspen’s quaint stores, and then rushing down snow-filled slopes.  Aspen is just one mountain town featuring atmosphere and challenging slopes.  Good skiing and great social opportunities are two reasons to find a snowcapped ski destination this year.

Varied Routine

Those who stay fit make it a lifestyle.  Any person in good health knows you can’t gain a great body through marketing gimmicks found on late-night television.  Those who are avid about fitness keep bodies guessing, varying workout routines.  For example, surfers supplement aquatic exercises, trading surfboards for snowboards in the winter.

Mold to the Cold

Skiing and hockey are inspired by external conditions.  Due to cold temperatures, lakes freeze over, inviting hockey players to strap on skates.  Snow encapsulates entire mountain areas; those who would otherwise stay indoors, robbed of outdoor pleasure, embrace external conditions, rushing down snow-capped slopes on their skis.  Healthy people don’t abandon; they mold pastimes to the cold temperatures.

Korean Snow

Family Time

Family gatherings create a sense of anxiety; once the family is together, what’s there to do?  The family needs a plan, and taking days or an entire week off to spend skiing on a mountain, dining indoors, and enjoying hot tubs is a great plan.  Make a reason to look forward to the winter season this year; search for a number of family destination ski spots, accommodating experts, novices, and those not interested in skiing at all.

See the World

Aspen in mentioned in the intro, but as stated, it’s only one of many places to getaway skiing on a short or long-term vacation.  See the world, targeting one destination per year.  Make it a solo effort or include friends and family members in your ‘ski the world’ club.  Some destinations offer great deals during certain weeks in and out of season.  Check local listings as well as vacation sites.

New Hobby

How many hobbies do you presently have?  Being bored is never a problem for those who host multiple hobbies.  Make skiing this year’s newest interest.  Start subscribing to magazines, viewing online videos, and visiting popular ski destinations.  Prepare your body for upcoming trips through proper diet and exercise.  Learn all you can before actively engaging in any new hobby for optimal health.  Visit sportpursuit.com to find hobby and sport apparel.


Visit ski towns for the atmosphere.  Those who are not avid skiers, still have a great time in locales that offer quaint shops, great restaurants, and fun bars and clubs.  Ski areas host scores of people, those who constantly rove the immediate area, coming on and off the slopes, looking to meet new people and have a good time away from mainstream society.  Mountain towns and ski slopes serve as mini societies, creating unique and unforgettable memories for visitors.

Why wait to book your next ski vacation.  After reading down this far, you’re suited with more than enough reason to seek the slopes.  It’s varied exercise, family oriented, fun, another hobby to learn, etc.  Conduct further research regarding specific destinations.  Plan well ahead, getting passports, buying apparel, and finding the best travel and lodging deals.

John Larson loves winter sports. He often blogs about techniques and benefits to cold weather activities.

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Choosing The Best Summer Family Vacation Resorts

Going on a family vacation can be one of the most expensive events people can create. There is the price of travel, resort stay, food and entertainment on the trip. These things all add up. Despite the high costs of travel, people still want a family vacation that they can remember for a lifetime. Becoming a  Bluegreen Vacation Club owner helps you to save on some of these high costs while giving you and your family a peaceful place to retreat year after year.

The opportunity is designed to give you discounts on room rates that are not typically for the public. These hidden savings help you to store your money for other activities throughout the stay. Unlike other hotels and resorts, Bluegreen doesn’t offer cheap accommodations to their Vacation Club members. Instead, they offer them the same luxurious rooms that are standard in the resort. Families will have plenty of space to bond in the spacious living area and fully-equipped kitchen. Larger villas that reach 1,157 square feet are also available, giving you opportunities to bond with extended family as well.

Bluegreen Resort

[Image source]

The resorts all have a different hometown feel, but they come with great amenities aside from the luxurious rooms. Outdoor heated pools, fitness rooms, hot tubs, laundry facilities and valet parking are standard. Some resorts will even have more exclusive accommodations, featuring private beaches, game rooms and volleyball courts. Vacation planning services can help you to choose between the resorts or look up the plentiful kid’s activities available.

Each Bluegreen Resort location is chosen because of its proximity to family-friendly fun. Inside the resorts, you will find plenty to do, but it is important to explore the location around you as well. Enjoy sunny beaches, theme parks, shopping centers and fine dining experiences nestled in beautiful scenery before retreating to your cozy resort hotel room.

One of the best advantages of becoming a Bluegreen Vacation Club owner is that you do not necessarily have to visit the same place year after year. While many people love making their home away from home the Wisconsin Dells or Orlando, Fl, having a membership can help you see other popular destinations as well. Several Bluegreen Resorts are located throughout Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Charleston, Boyne, Peoria, Savanna, Williamsburg, and more. Those destined for the Sunshine State can choose from locations in Miami, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Marathon and Orlando. This gives your family plenty of opportunity to explore the world one resort at a time.

Bluegreen Resorts friends have a unique opportunity to make their vacation exactly what they want it to be while saving time and money. Taking advantage of this offer will help you to plan not only this upcoming vacation, but your family trip year after year. Friendly service and high-class accommodations are only the beginning of what these resorts can offer you and your family. Visit Bluegreen Resorts online and get started planning the vacation of a lifetime or your newest family tradition.

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Free Online SMS while Travelling

Traveling to a new place can be a shocking experience or a wonderful experience. It can expand our view of the world and let us appreciate more of ourselves; we also develop connections with other people and cultures as we visit other places.

Well, while you are traveling you might have come across an SMS that you receive on your mobile phone with a different name. Well that SMS has been sent to you online. There are various online sites that offer you the opportunity to send free text messages without paying any cash for the service. This can be of great benefit especially when you run out of airtime.

Traveler with Phone

But it is important that you do a little research which will help you in getting hold of the website that provides the best service. Usually, the process of registration takes about two minutes which is in fact very simple to do. There are even other sites that offer a good number of various services that can help you enjoy the maximum facilities without spending a single of your coin.

In case you were travelling and became short of credit for your phone, free SMS can be very helpful. You are going to be able to continue being in touch with your dear ones and friends which can make them feel quite special. When you try to find for the ultimate site that will help send unlimited SMS in Philippines, then you can also get many other added benefits. An example of these types of websites is http://www.askimoi.com.

Some of the benefits of using free SMS online when you run out of load are:

  • You will be able to send unlimited free messages to your colleagues and pals from coast to coast.
  • These sites also offer movie reviews, news updates and the like which you really need as you travel.
  • Offers an interface which is highly effective and friendly to the user. You need not to be a tech-savvy to know how the site works.
  • An SMS that is sent via an online site is always delivered faster than the one sent using the mobile phone.
  • Their services are available 24/7.

Travel obliges us to leave our comfort zone and progress into the unknown, allowing us to be receptive towards exploration and, ultimately, discovery.

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3 Top French Ski Resorts

With its large collection of high-altitude upscale resorts, France is the doyenne of the European ski arena. France is home to over 300 ski resorts, but there are three that are legendary for some powder-plaster fun and vibrant mountain amenities let many people on solo or group ski holidays aim for.

Chamonix Ski Resort

Chamonix Mont-Blanc

[Image credit onthesnow.com]

With the shadow of Mont Blanc as the backdrop, the Chamonix ski resort is massive and has more skiable slopes than seems possible. Throughout the resort’s deep valley, there are slopes for the novice skier seeking a gentle run and slopes for those who want to conquer a black-diamond run. With the Chamonix Aiguilles dwarfing the town, the ski runs are breathtaking. Vertical elevations rise to over 6,000 feet, and skiing magnets can take an off-piste run on the famed Vallee Blanche.

For some après ski fun, the quaint village of Chamonix sports an abundance of bars, restaurants and chic boutiques. Le Choucas fires it up with live bands, pop, soul and DJ’s that play the tunes all night long. From lively dance clubs to cozy breweries and pubs, the nightlife entertainment in Chamonix holds something for everyone. There is also a wide variety of cafes that serve up delicious French fare with outdoor sunny terraces. Opening early and closing late, the cafes transform the downtown area into a popular après ski hotspot.

Courchevel Ski Resort

Ski enthusiasts can have some powder fun skiing the legendary Les 3 Vallees at the Courchevel ski resort. The Les 3 Vallees is the largest ski area in the world with over 300 runs. This ski resort was designed for both beginners and advanced skiers, so the runs are accessible to all levels of skiers. There are also adventurous runs for some dramatic off-piste skiing. The resort has state-of-the-art ski lifts, including cable cars, gondolas and high-speed chair lifts. Renowned for its exceptional lifts, there’s more time for skiing and less time waiting.

For some off-the mountain fun, the resort features a wide array of lounges, restaurants and shopping. The La Suite Bar and Lounge is chic and elegant with a great wine list and an innovative menu. The Au Rond Point Des Pistes serves up French gastronomical cuisine with a stunning view of the mountain.

Val d’Isere Ski Resort

Close to the Italian border and at Haute Tarentaise Valley, the Val d’Isere ski resort has more than 1,000 hectares of varying ski runs and an amazing 10,000 hectares of off-piste skiing. It is one of the world’s finest ski resorts and also one of the most expensive in the Alps. Designed mostly for strong skiers, there are only 16 green runs for the novice. The two core mountainsides of Solaise and Bellevarde offer adrenaline-pumping runs with 1,000 meters of vertical drops. The ski resort also has some great mountaintop restaurants, including La Fruitiere and L’Elelweiss. All of the mountaintop restaurants sport spectacular vistas of the mountains.

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The Best Island Spa Destinations

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, but with so many luxurious destinations available, do you go for a spa break or a romantic island retreat? Well, we have some fantastic news for you! Now you don’t need to choose! Enjoy the best of both worlds with our pick of the world’s best island spa destinations.


It might only measure 17 miles by 9 miles, but the tiny island of Malta is a real gem of the Mediterranean and basks in a daily average of ten hours of sunshine during the summer months, as well as six hours in the winter months. Plus, its tiny size means you’ll never find yourself very far away from the beach!

There’s plenty of history and culture on the island, but if you’d prefer to take it easy head to the resort of St Julian’s. Once a fishing village, the resort now boasts some of the island’s best spa hotels as well as a huge selection of restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs.


Known as the sunniest country in Europe, the picturesque island of Cyprus is perfect for anyone in need of some rest and relaxation. Most tourists flock to the beaches and the noisy tavernas of the main resorts, but if you’re searching for a tranquil retreat you’ll love the Troodos Mountains. Here you’ll find the luxurious Casale Panayiotis where you can enjoy facilities such as saunas and steam baths.

And if you ever get bored of the peace and quiet, the livelier resorts are within easy reach too!

Croatia Spa Destinations

[Free Wallpapers Croatia Image credit pointernet.pds.hu]


Croatia has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination over the last few years and since it was welcomed into the EU in 2013 it’s set to attract even more holidaymakers. The country has done a very good job of shaking the war-torn image that plagues it during the 1990s, and its numerous islands offer the perfect place to take a dip in the Adriatic’s dazzling blue waters and soak up the summer sunshine.

The glamorous island of Hvar is a regular in glossy magazine, is a favourite with celebrities and offers some truly luxurious spa resorts. At hotels such as the Adriana, you can enjoy relaxing in one of the world’s elading spas after a busy day of exploring the cobbled streets and charming old buildings in Hvar’s old town.


Luxury spa breaks don’t come better than Bermuda! It’s might be a little further away from the other destinations we’ve listed, but it’s well worth the flight to reach these 150 islands. Offering 365 beaches and stretches of glorious pink sands, these stunning islands are encircled by secret coves and inlets and the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean lap at the shores. Bermudians like to take life easy, and as you stroll through the streets past pastel painted houses and white rooftops, you could easily convince yourself that you were back in 1950s Britain… with an American accent that is!

And if that wasn’t relaxing enough, Bermuda is packed full of luxurious spa resorts including the prestigious Elbow Beach.

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