Post Cards from Texas

I received a parcel today from a friend in Texas, my husband handed it to me when he checked the mailbox before going to school. I am surprised at first because we are not expecting something but when I look at where it came from I am too excited to open it.

What is inside are set of post cards from ate Dhemz  of Explore Minded with Licorice Twist (Sour Cherry) and a souvenir coin from Jamaica.  I started collecting post card since one online friend send one to me last year, just too bad I was not able to send back yet because of  unexpected circumstances.

When my husband arrived from school I kept asking him if when we are going to Seoul, I told him I am already so ashamed from my friends on not sending stuff when I asked their addresses, going to Seoul was been long delayed trip already. I want to go to Seoul so I can buy post cards to send to my friends and as well as souvenirs. This things are not around here in our city because it is not really a foreigner hub and it seems post cards are not that popular here.

Thanks a lot ate Dhemz! The cards are so lovely!

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